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Helen asks…

What are some good public universities in Seattle?

I want to be a game designer and it has come to my attention that being in a city where there is a lot of game companies when in college and applying for a job as a game designer is very beneficial to get a job. So what are some good public universities in Seattle surrounded by game companies?
P.S. I’m not Ivy league material. But I plan to do advanced classes next year.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

University of Washington. Seattle University is also good, but it’s a private school.

You can check out these schools using the links on my web site


Best game design schools


I think Los Angeles (or Silicon Valley–San Francisco to San Jose) is as good or better than Seattle for game design jobs. Austin, TX has an up and coming game design industry.



Student reviews of U of Wash






Lisa asks…

What are those things called that micheael angelo batio uses on his guitar to mute the strings?

what are those things that he has installed on the neck of his guitar that u can flick down to mute the strings or flip up to pla open strings?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It’s called a string damper. Batio has his own version that he sells on his web site.

Jazz guitarist George Van Eps is generally credited for coming up with the idea and first design. However, it was GIT grad Jennifer Batten (who played with Michael Jackson in his heydey, as well as Jeff Beck) who used the device with her two-handed tapping technique and made it the “must-have” accessory for all the tapers back in the 80′s.

Greetings from Austin, TX


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