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Sandra asks…

Which schools have more studio-based Masters programs in Graphic Design?

I’m looking for a Masters program in Graphic Design but am looking for a curriculum that focuses more on practice and studio than theory and research. I’d be grateful for any help!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

VCU in richmond, but it can be hard to get in. Texas@austin should, NYU as well. There are other schools like Creative Circus, Brainco, etc, Pick up some graphic design Mags and do some research. Make sure the school has a career placement counselor.
And do Internships. Also remember the more Web ready you are, the more job ready you are.

Mary asks…

What is the pay of a quantum physicist living in Texas?

Median, experienced, and starting please.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

There are lots of physicist in Texas. Quantum mechanics is a topic not a sub discipline. Geophysicist are the most common and are employed by the oil and gas industry. Other physicist work in industrial engineering, aerospace design. There are also academic pistons, University of Texas at Austin, Texas A and M University, University of Houston all have large research physics departments that research as well as teach. The range is $0.00 if your unemployed to @$200,000 if your in the private sector developing a new technology. The US Department of Commerce has a listing of salaries for various occupations on a web site some where.

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