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Mary asks…

Shouldnt Liberals crowd the Republican poll stations to watch over them for fraud, The way theyre doing poor?

@Then why is Romney training poll watchers for Democratic voters?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

A lot of it is happening in the voting machines themselves.

This traces right back to Romney:

‘RNC Official’ Arrested for Trashing Voter Registrations in VA Worked for Romney Consultant, ‘Fired’ GOP Operative Nathan Sproul

Limiting the franchise was a key tactic for Apartheid South Africa’s government under Boetha, which was run as a capitalist dictatorship on behalf of the white Cape Town business classes.
Top Five Signs of Capitalist Dictatorship in the Romney Campaign

The man arrested today was 23-year old Colin Small of Phoenixville, PA. As it turns out, he does not only work for the VA Republican Party. According to an online profile, he appears to be working for the Republican National Committee and, prior to that, served as an Intern for Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) in the U.S. House of Representatives.

He was first hired, says Tanfani, by Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm owned by the disgraced GOP operative and paid Mitt Romney political consultant, Nathan Sproul.


Mark asks…

Where can we find strong Sales Executives?

What is the best way to recruit top sales people? I have a small consulting firm with about 30 people and we are looking to grow our sales team with experienced sales executives that can grow our business. Our customer base is made up of Pharmaceutical and Financial firms in the Mid-Atlantic area.

We have tried the typical advertising venues like Monster, Dice, Carreer Builder, etc. with very limited success. We are also pushing our professional network but haven’t really turned up anyone.

We are looking for a couple people that can break us in to new accounts.

Any thoughts?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1. Hire someone from a competitor or business similar to yours.

2. Identify your best current salesman, use the book, “Now Discover your Strengths” to find his work strengths, then hire people with similar profile.

3. I can tell you from 25 years of business experience that this is the most difficult hire to make successfully.

Good Luck,
Dana B.

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