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Ruth asks…

What colleges are within my reach?

I know this question is asked a million times but please bare with me. I want to know what colleges I should apply to (just a rough estimate, I understand nothing is confirmed and decision also depends on lots of other factors).

GPA: Unweighted 3.67 Weighted 4.34
ACT: 31 (33 Math best one) the first time. I’m taking it again in a week.

SAT: 1940 first time (not going to send to colleges, might retake)

Senior year course load: AP English Lit, AP Spanish Lit, AP Micro/Macro, AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, and Abstract Math/ Linear Algebra (I took Calc 3/ Diff EQs last year as a junior).
Ive taken 12 APs (senior year included) and two college courses (calc 3/ diff eqs and abstract math/ linear algebra)

Extra Curriculars:
Tennis 3 years as well as USTA this year.
Swimming 4 years and year round USA Swimming two years. Going to be captain this year.
FBLA: Went to Nationals this summer but did not place.
NHS: Member
Played the Clarinet since 4th Grade, not in school band anymore, only private lessons.
I play in Chess tournaments monthly and a state tournament once a year. I come within 1st-3rd in district level and around 8th in state level. I also play online tournaments and games daily.
I am a Youth Secretary for my Indian Cultural Committee here in Colorado and I raise awareness of the importance of my language to kids who grow up here.
I am trilingual.
I work at Kumon and a place called Simply Mathematics where I tutor little kids in math as it is the only thing I am good at.

I want to major in Petroleum Engineering or Nuclear Engineering or Engineering of some sort if I get into a good college that does not have either of those. I want to minor in Business.

Can someone give me an idea of what colleges I can have a good chance at with my stats? I”m looking into UT austin, Texas A&M already.

Thank you soo much

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Nuclear engineering is a challenging academic field, however, you seem to have the skills to do well in it. There aren’t many universities in the U.S. That offer nuclear engineering as an undergraduate degree, you are fortunate that Texas A&M is one of them and appears to be in your state. Be warned, though, nuclear engineering is not a particularly broad field. There are limited specific locations where it can be pursued such as nuclear power plants, federal laboratories or other sites. Unfortunately the South Texas Project near Bay City which was planned to add two new reactors has been cancelled. There are still two reactors there, so there are always options. Also, the Pantex nuclear weapons facility is near Amarillo and definitely needs nuclear engineers. Just over the western border into New Mexico, the National Enrichment Facility recently opened in Eunice and they might need nuclear engineers.

The good news is that you can make 60,000 per year with a four year degree, the bad news is that you might have to move out of state to land that job. Many of the places where nuclear degrees are most marketable are somewhat rural, so if you really like the big cities, you might want to consider something else.

You seem to have the skills and the right mind set to go into engineering. However, you need to decide what you want to do with your life before you select a college major. If your only concern is making a comfortable living, then any engineering field will allow that. If your concern is “helping mankind” then I don’t think nuclear is the way to go because mankind doesn’t like nuclear power, generally speaking.

Laura asks…

Where should I go first – University of texas or Airforce ???

I’m in a bit of a predicament here. You see I have everything to go to college, grades, gpa(4.25) , sat (1330 or 1990), but it’s the money that holds me back. I really want to pursue finance out-of-state in University of Texas at Austin, but I know that fin aid won’t cover everything and eventually i’ll be stuck with the debt. On the other hand Airforce seems to be the place where I can not just earn decent money while being fully covered, but also i can get an education, making most of my time over there, and later get my bachelor. So do u you think airforce would be a good start for me to later graduate from UT or I should go straight to UT? Also do u think the experience in finance that they promise in airforce is really worthwhile joining?
*Side question: Are the recruiters trustworthy about the benefits that airforce has or they significantly distort the reality?
Thank you and airforce veterans’ answers are welcome.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If I were you with the grades you have, I would go straight to UT.
I was with a guy that was in the airforce and it ended up changing him into a cold person because of the stress involved and the way the military treats you. I also have a few friends who have joined other military branches and so I will give you what I haev heard.
The recruiters are not trustworthy about the benifits, they say things and twist their words inorder to get you in and once they do the lies reveal themselves. My ex told me about all the lies that had luured him in and if he had a choice he would be out right now, but unfortunately once you are signed in you have to serve your 4 years.
You also will have to be deployed overseas for at least 4 months while you are in the airforce, which can be a dangerous experience especially with the War going on right now.
You won’t be able to start college until your 3rd year in the airforce which is a lot of wasted time plus you will be juggling a time/energy-consuming job while trying to make good grades in your classes.
Yes, you won’t have to pay for college and you could gain a lot of experience in terms of learning how to work under a lot of stress.
Joining any military branch is a real commitmemt that could affect your lifestyle, health and sanity. Everyone is different and it can look good on your resume especially if you also do college. But if I were you I would stick to college.

With y9our GPA and SAT scores try applying to other colleges some out of state colleges would also give you scholarships for your grades.
Also look into Financial Federal Aid, they could end up giving you money or grants.

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