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Paul asks…

I love Texas, it’s great, and I’m moving there…?

I’m looking into one of two major metro areas: Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin. I’m also looking into Bryan-College Station. The biggest draw for me to Texas is its friendly people; Texans are MUCH friendlier than Kentucky people, who I can’t stand. I like proximity to good universities, a good job market, sports teams, recreational areas and activities, and nice weather. I really couldn’t care less about shopping and the arts, but then again, I’m a guy. Which area(s) would be best for me, and why?

The three areas I mentioned are my top picks, but I’m open to almost anywhere in the state. Lubbock, San Antonio, Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Amarillo, San Angelo, and Abilene are all nice areas, but I don’t really have any reason to move there.
By the way, I do, in fact, live in Kentucky now, just outside Lexington.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I’ll give you my opinion. I’ve lived in Texas all my life. I’ve also been to all the major cities several times and have an opinion on all of them. Here you..

Dallas. Great city. Good jobs. Good pay. Low cost of living. Lots of beautiful girls. Good sport venues and teams. Good nightlife scene. Very Hot. Typically has to water ration in summer. Has some dangerous areas you’ll want to avoid. Six Flags, Wet n Wild waterpark. Deep Ellum. The West End. Texas State Fair.

Houston. Good city. This is an oil town. Close to the beach. Good pay. Cost of living is good. Good sport venues and teams. Decent nightlife. Very Hot, Very humid. Hurricanes possible. Little bit disorderly town with codes and ordinaces. Makes the city odd. I wouldn’t live there unless I had too. Then in the suburbs.

San Antonio. Cultural city. Reasonable pay. Cost of living alittle higher than Dallas. Good sports teams but only one, Spurs. Good hill country atmosphere. Hot. Winter doesn’t happen here very often. Good nightlife. Growing city, lots of construction. Sea World & Fiesta Texas. Beautiful Riverwalk.

Austin. College town. University of Texas. Cost of living is higher here. Higher than SA. Good nightlife. Lots of beautiful women and college girls. No major sports teams. Good hill country atmosphere. Great downtown with 6th street party atmosphere. Cnetrally located within driving distance to other major cities. Great city. I’d live here.

Lubbock. Pass. College town and thats about it. Texas Tech University. You don’t want to live here. I went to college here and its fine for that. It flat, windy, and cold in the winter. Try another city.

El Paso. I don’t think so. You don’t want to live here either.

Corpus Christi. Small coastal city. Probably too small. Mostly a travel destination.

Harlingen/South Padre. Spring Break destination. Small beach town on the Mexico border.

Waco. Small college town. Baylor University. Not much there.

Bryan/College Station. College town. Texas A&M. Thats about it. Good college town and small business.

Hope this helps alittle. Visit.

Daniel asks…

Ideal places to live?

My husband and I are talking about relocating, but we’re not sure where to start. We’re from WNY and really want to get out of this state. We love the four seasons, forests, and lakes. We want to live in a small town/rural area that’s family oriented. Ideally, we’re looking at Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, even possibly somewhere more in the West (Montana, Colorado, Wyoming).

Any recommendations of places like this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I would recommend looking into Indianapolis. Heres 10 reasons why

#1 Indy has the lowest cost of living of ANY major US city.
#2 Indy has the nations most affordable housing market. Average home price in Indianapolis: 100k
#3 Indianapolis is the fastest growing city/metro in the Midwest and is a leader in the Midwest for job creation. 2nd only to the Twin Cities.
#4 Indy is a very family friendly city and Indy was also ranked as the 4th happiest city for young professionals. Cities With Happiest Young Professionals – Business Insider
#5 Indianapolis offers many unique and wonderful amenities for a city of 2M people. Attractions include Downtown Indianapolis which has over 200 unique restaurants. 85% locally owned. 300+ unique shops and Circle Centre Mall and the 2nd highest concentration of monuments in a city. *2nd only to Washington D.C* Oh and don’t forget the WORLDS LARGEST Children’s Museum.
#6 Indianapolis has low traffic for a city its size. Drive through Chicago/Charlotte/Washington D.C/Atlanta/Austin Texas and you’ll see a major difference in traffic backups.
#7 Indy is famous for its sports and hosting large events. The Worlds Largest sporting event the Indy 500 is held here every may and the city turns to Party Town USA for the month of may. Super Bowl 46 was also held here and our city received such rave reviews Indy will be bidding for a Super Bowl either in 2018 or 2019. The Super Bowl Village turned Indianapolis into the worlds party capital for 10 days.
#8 Indianapolis has a strong life sciences/biotech industry and a big High Tech industry. Eli Lily has its worlds headquarters in Indy and employs thousands of people. Dow Agrosciences is also located here. Along with IT companies like Angie’s list/ExactTarget.
#9 Indianapolis is within a days drive to 80% of the US population. This is a major factor in the high amount of distribution jobs in Indy. A 4 hour drive or less will put you in these cities: Chicago/Milwaukee or south side of it/Detroit/Cincy/Louisville/St Louis/Fort Wayne/Columbus Ohio/Dayton.
#10 Indianapolis has very open minded/friendly people. Visitors for Super Bowl 46 raved about how nice and kind everyone was and how awesome Hoosier Hospitality was. People are down to earth and will go out of their way to help you. Also people are tolerant of other races/cultures. Indy is the most racially integrated city in the north. 25% of blacks and whites live on the same block.

If you want additional recreational activites the Hoosier National forest is only an hour south of Indy and there are some decent sized lakes like Monroe lake there too. In addition to the Eagle Creek lake on the northwest side and the Geist area.
Lake Michigan is 3 hours away too and the Monon/Indianapolis Cultural trail are world class urban trails to bike and walk on.

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