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Lisa asks…

How can a small IT services company leverage social media?

Looking for ideas on how a small IT services company with no “product” to market but rather their consulting and programming services can use social media to grow their business

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

One of most popular “business” related social media site is There are many ways to use social media. But ultimately, no matter what you use, you have to provide some content that people are willing to return for. Ie. If you find a very common network problems, discuss that on a blog and suggest how to fix it. I’m not saying you should give away your services for free but you have to establish yourself as an expert. There are plugin that’ll allow you to post your articles on facebook as you post on your blog or twitter. Once you’ve captured peoples’ attention and gained their trust, selling to them becomes much easier.

Sharon asks…

I am a small consulting service and am looking for samples of invoices and other forms to use?

I am a California based business who deals by contract only. On occassion billing is spread out or additional services are added to the orginal contract for services rendered outside the contract.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Free Microsoft Templates has a lot of form and template options. For programs, perhaps Quickbooks/Quicken.

If going to an accounting software program. Best to start off small. When your business grows, then upgrade to other products. No need to buy the biggest when you start.

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