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Carol asks…

Do you think a small headphone niche business could work?

I opened a new little headphone store recently ( , but sales haven’t really taken off, people have been going to the site in November alone 200 site visits alone but sales haven’t taken off, if possible could you check out the site and give some constructive criticism and also say if you think it could succeed if no, please state why not, if yes please state why :)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Apparently, getting an online sales ‘conversion rate’ of only 1 per cent is an achievement.

As mentioned by one of your answerers you need to learn to “follow up” and also to “upsell”.

Also, experts do advise first try selling on the auction sites EBay and Amazon Marketplace et al. The reason being the brand (their’s) plus the payments and distribution are taken care of almost perfectly. In other words they have a proven infrastructure.

Then, if there is sufficient demand consider either a ‘CMS’ (Content Management System) or a fully bespoke ‘e-Commerce’ website. A very good all-rounder CMS is the blogger WordPress with various commerce plug-ins.

Whatever, a free template site like yours is very ineffective. Firstly the designs are quite plain (they look more like ‘Web 1′ level). Secondly, the search engines hardly recognise them. And thirdly, if you do suddenly do well, the provider (Moonfruit) might restrict (legally) your expansion etc.

However, you are on a hosted site, so might as well make it work better.

First thing, I think, is to amend your About Us (the grammar could be better and you claim you’re the “leader”!). Is this true?

Secondly, have a look at Google’s free analysing tools ‘Google Insights’ and ‘AdWords Keyword Tool’. These will show you what you can do to attract more visitors and even buyers.

Thirdly, consider using AdWords for ‘sponsored links’, though be cautious, as it’s ‘PPC’ (Payment Per Click) means you could pay Google more than you receive in sales.

Fourthly, definitely use your Twitter blog more and with #hashtags on *every* tweet. I have noticed you address individuals directly, which I feel is rather too pushy. Instead use those generic hashtags and preceded by the country (#Britain; #UK). This will much widen your consumer range.

Fifthly, if/when you find your business doing quite well (TBH very few indeed do very well or even just well!) then choose a WordPress CMS or bespoke e-Commerce website. And at the same time replace that Gmail webmail account to your own ‘’.

Lastly, learn about ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimisation) and consider getting a consultant to word your website for optimum consumer traffic.

Good luck…

Laura asks…

What are your reasons for fighting against Obama?

I’m curious to hear everyones reasons why they are opposing and fighting against Obama.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Because these are his friends

Van Jones: (CZAR) Black Nationalist, Communist.
Carol Browner: (CZAR) Socialist, member Socialist International. Her name was mysteriously removed from the list when she was made Czar.
Marilyn Katz: SDS, Socialist, Consultant Public Relations to Obama.
Carl Davidson: SDS, Marxist Socialist, Professor, Small school workshop.
Mike Klonsky: SDS, Maoist Communist, co-founder Progressives for Obama. Had his own blog site on Obama`s campaign web page.
William Ayers: SDS, Weatherman, Communist, Professor of teachers, has worked toward a Communist America for 40 years, Small schools workshop.
Bernadine Dohrn: SDS, Weatherman, Communist, Professor.
Mark Rudd: SDS, Weatherman Socialist, Professor.
Tom Hayden: SDS, Weatherman Socialist, Professor, Co-Founder of Progressives for Obama.
Rev. Wright: Black Liberation (Socialist) Racist Church, Pastor.
Rashidi Kalidi: PLO, Jew hater, friend.
Tony Rezko: Mobster, business associate, friend.
Frank Marshall Davis: Communist, CPUSA, mentor for Obama as a teenager.
Raila Odinga: ODM Communist, Obama campaigned for him in Kenya.
Richard Falk: IADL Communist, Professor, friend.
Vivek Kundra: (CZAR), confessed thief, his associates are under investigation.
John Holdren :( CZAR), Co author with Paul Ehrlich of,
“Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment”, They advocate totalitarian world order and secret mass sterilization of population.
Gregory Craig: ACLU, Specializes in representing Communists. His clients among others include Castro and the Sandinistas. Obama`s White House Council.
Cass Sunstein: (CZAR) Progressive Constitionalist (Socialist) Professor, friend. Wants legal ‘rights’ for livestock, wildlife with PETA and ACLU as their lawyers.
Anita Dunn: Socialist/Communist, Obama`s Communications Director. She finds Chairman Mao, who murdered 70 million people, to be her Philosophical mentor

They want to change America. Guess what into.

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