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William asks…

I am about to take up my specialization subject in my MBA course and i am confused between FINANCE & RETAIL?

can you help me in deciding for which subj i should go, i am a B.COM graduate.
Please tell me the scope of both the subjects.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:


Retail has been one of the industries that offer encompassing career opportunities in various domains of retailing. The present scenario depicts that there will be very high demand for talented manpower in the retail business. It is predicted that retail employers in India will need more than 8 lacks skilled people in various specialized areas for retail across the country. Retail is challenging, engrossing and dynamic. Quality education is required to advance and succeed in the Retail industry today and there is ample opportunities for the qualified students.

The growth in retail has been phenomenal and it will continue to witness substantial growth in the future. However the aspirants will have to hone their skills and prepare themselves to deal with the challenges presented by the industry before endorsing retail careers. The career opportunities are in the areas of Store Operations, Retail Marketing, Visual Merchandising, Buying & Merchandising, Brand Management, Store Location & Design, MIS in Retail, Human Resource Management, E-Tailing and Digital Retailing.


An MBA in finance allows one to gain comprehensive knowledge on all facets of trade and business practices, along with in depth knowledge on the procedure and documentation related to financial services. A finance management degree therefore covers all skills related with finance as a part of business administration. An MBA degree with specialization in finance opens up opportunities not only for various sectors but also for investment banks, corporations, and securities firms that have become very good paymasters in the recent past. Finance graduates are often absorbed as controllers, cash managers and treasurers. Some other positions available for finance graduates include credit managers, investment associates, risk managers, management consultants and CFOs.

Although this subject is about nail-biting accounts, it is a preferred option for MBA students because of the prospects it has in the corporate world. Last year educomp MAPS saw great summer placements with financial firms like Nomura, HDFC etc coming to campus. A finance degree allows one to gain the skill set required to undertake financial strategy for any company. The primary job of a finance person is to create financial analysis and reports that can be used to take important business decisions. By making changes to a company’s finance management, a manager can make a tremendous difference to the profitability of a company.

BEST IS RETAIL BCOZ very few people know this management ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

John asks…

What kind of jobs can you get with a MBA entrepreneurship degree?

and also with an MBA International Business degree..
And what universiites in india offer MBA IB??

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

MBA in Entrepreneurship. Many people think of entrepreneurship as solely the establishment of new businesses, but there ís much more to it than knowing how to start up a new company. Entrepreneurship can be extended to already established businesses as well, that need assistance in keeping sales going, finding new markets, advertising and generally staying successful in todayís highly competitive markets. For this reason, an MBA in entrepreneurship is a valuable asset not only for those looking for education on how to start their own businesses but those who want to work within existing businesses as well.

Courses for an MBA in entrepreneurship will give students the strong foundation they need in business administration, financial management, marketing and much more. Additionally, students will receive an education in the skills theyíll need to start and maintain successful businesses through courses in financing, organizational structure, strategy, developing viable business plans and much more. As they go through their courses, students will gain the foresight and expertise to take advantage of business opportunities, streamline the entrepreneurial process and ultimately build and sustain a viable business either of their own design or at the request of an employer. .

Job prospects for those graduating from an MBA program in entrepreneurship are generally pretty good. New businesses are always working to get started and old businesses sometimes need a little help to keep going, so there may be a number of opportunities available to those in the field depending on their individual skills and experience. Some graduates may choose to use their new skills to found their own businesses while others may find work as consultants, managers, executives or business strategists. Itís virtually impossible to say what the salary range for a graduate of this program may be, as the gap between those owning their own businesses and those working for a company may be quite large at times. In general, however, students will see a significant rise in their annual salaries that can grow with additional experience in the field.

MBA International Business Degree:

The demand for international business education is expected to rise as the global economy continues to expand. With the globalization of the world’s markets, more and more American companies will be looking to hire experienced business professionals who are able to conduct business internationally. For this sort of work, an advanced, universally-respected degree is often essential as foreign companies tend to place great emphasis on official accreditation. To succeed in this field, it can be important to earn a degree as well as practical experience and the “soft skills” that are so important in American business. Typical education paths start with a Bachelor of International Business Degree, two to five years of on-the-job experience, then an MBA in International Business, usually specializing in one particular industry. An international business degree holder should be open to the possibility of relocating overseas, but not expect the opportunity to do so as companies often send only high-level executives along with their families to work internationally.

For the established professional with an international business degree, salary is typically on the high side of the scale. Median starting International Business Degree Salaries are around $55,000, increasing after five to nine years to around $75,000. Of course, for anyone with an international business degree, salary will vary depending on the specific industry in which one works.

International business and international marketing is taught as part of the MBA curriculum at B-Schools across the country.A number of universities also offer a Masters In International Business(MIB) to train you for a career in International Business and Foreign Trade.

List of Training Institutions In India(Few)

1. Aligarh Muslim University , Aligarh – 202002
2. Banaras Hindu University – Varanasi – 221 005
3. Fore School of Management – New Delhi – 110 016 Website :
4. Indian Institue Of Foreign Trade (IIFT) – New Delhi – 110 016 Website :
5. Kurukshetra university – Kurukshetra – 136 119
6. Punjab University – Chandigarh – 160 014
7. Symbiosis Institute Of Foreign trade(SIFT) – Pune – 411 016 Website :
8. University of Delhi, Delhi – 110 007
9. Vellore Institute Of Technology, Vellore , Tamil Nadu Website :
10. Wigan & Leigh College , New Delhi , 86-A Central Avenue, Sainik Farms, Tel: 011-26858849-51 , Website : Email :

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