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Richard asks…

Where can I find a decent Finance job in Austin?

I have a bachelors degree in Finance from an accredited business school. I graduated top of my class in Finance. I also hold a bachelors degree in Business Management. I have a decent gmat score. My wife is attending Univ of Texas for a PhD. We are moving to Austin in less than a month and I will be looking for a finance job, preferably something that will help me pursue my cfa and an mba. I prefer a financial analyst position. No sales.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

There are some really good employers in Austin: Whole Foods, Dell Computer, Motorola, Freescale, AMD, and others. Try their web sites, but also,, and craigslist.

David asks…

What kind of Degree should I aim for for a profession in Fitness, Yoga, and Nutrition?

I want to be a fitness/ Yoga instructor and a nutrition expert. But I dont know what kind of degrees I should aim for or what college in Texas has the right programs for me. any advice?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Well, I’m just browsing the website, but the University of Texas Austin has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health. Kinesiology is the study of movement (like exercise). From that degree, it has specialisations you can choose from: Applied Movement Science, Exercise Science, Health Promotion , Physical Culture & Sports, Sport Management
here is the degree and then a blurb abour each of the specialisations:
University of Texas Austin also has a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, which is related to that, and you could consider as well, it is at the bottom of that page I linked.

I’m not from Texas, but I know you guys have the University of Texas system, which is schools at a bunch of different campsuses in different cities. And University of Texas Austin is very well ranked according to the world rankings (ARWU/ Jiao Tong List), which it is ranked as #38 university in the world, so that is the obvious first choice to me if I was in your position. Usually the more reputable universities are the best in other aspects too such as providing scholarships, study abroad, location, teaching, connection with the world , link to job opportunities, etc. But consider the other University of Texas schools too, and the other public or private universities in your area.
First determine which one you like, and then go on their website and look under “Academic Programs” or “Undergraduate Degrees”, and make sure they have the program you are looking for before you get your heart set on the university.
Here’s a good list of other Texas colleges I found to help with that, it’s pretty organized:

Hope this helped! ^^

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