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Mandy asks…

What are some jobs in the legal field besides Paralegal/Legal assistant and Lawyers?

I’ve been a paralegal for 2 yrs and i like it but i feel like im getting bored with it. i want to go back to school for something “in the law field” but im just now sure yet. Can anyone help me find some careers in the legal field.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Core Legal Careers

* Lawyer (also called Attorney, Counselor, Solicitor, Barrister, Advocate)]
* Paralegal (also called Legal Assistant)
* Legal Secretary (also called Adminstrative Assistant or Legal Assistant)
Careers in Legal & Administrative Support

o Legal Assistant
o File Clerk
o Court Messenger
o Copy Center Professional
o Mailroom Clerk
o Administrative Assistant
Careers in Litigation Support

o Litigation Support Professional
o Hybrid Paralegal
o E-Discovery Professional
o Practice Support Professional
o Document Coder
o Litigation Support Analyst
o Litigation Support Specialist
o Project Manager
o Litigation Support Manager or Director
Careers in the Courtroom

o Judge
o Magistrate
o Law Clerk
o Mediator (also called Arbitrator or Conciliator)
Careers in Court Reporting

o Court Reporter (also called Stenographer)
o Broadcast Captioner
o CART Provider (Communication Access Realtime Translation)
o Webcaster
Careers in Legal Consulting

o Legal Nurse Consultant
o Trial Technology Consultant
o Jury Consultant
o Trial Consultant
o EDD Consultant
o Computer Forensics Professional
o Legal Software Consultant
o Legal Marketing Consultant
o Forensic Scientist
o Legal Videographer
o Legal Investigator
o Accident Reconstructionist
o Legal Management Consultant
o Document Management Specialist
Careers in Legal Publishing

o Legal Publisher
o Legal Writer
o Legal Editor
o Legal Web Manager
Careers in Legal Administration

o Law Firm Administrator
o Contract Administrator
o Law Firm Marketer
o Practice Administrator
Careers in the Courthouse

o Courtroom Deputy
o Court Administrator
o Court Interpreter
o Courtroom Technology Specialist
o Court Clerk
o Prothonotary
Careers in Legal Education

o Law Professor
o Law School Dean
o Law School Admissions Officer
o Legal Career Counselor
o Paralegal Instructor
o Legal Researcher
Careers in Intellectual Property

o Patent Attorney
o IP Docketing Specialist
o Patent Designer & Illustrator
o Patent Agent
o Patent Clerk
Careers in the Political System

o Attorney General
o District Attorney
o Legislator
o Legislative Aide
o Legislative Staffer
o Legal Analyst
o Lobbyist
Miscellaneous Legal Careers

o Compliance Specialist
o Conflicts Analyst
o Legal Recruiter

Ruth asks…

How to settle for an assistant’s job?

I am over-educated, over-qualified, and over-40. I can only get interviews as an admin assistant, due to age bias. How can I not resent having to take this type of job while people younger, less experienced, less mature, and less educated are getting the better jobs? It’s been several months, and the writing is on the wall. It seems to be the only type of work I can get. I need to make peace with this and move on, but it’s really hard. I still have ambition.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

An administrative assistant job is not just being a secretary. You are assisting an administrator of some kind, with the idea that if you learn the job thoroughly, you’ll know his job and be able to step into his position if needed. So there’s a career path there for you. Also, once you’re on board at that company, you can apply for other positions from the inside, and once they know you, you won’t face the discrimination problem the way an outsider might.

That said, you have said nothing about your skills or experience. Yes, age discrimination may be there, but maybe there are things you can do to find a job that suits you better. Without knowing your background, there’s no way to suggest things you may not have thought to try. Here are a few general suggestions:

1. Get yourself in LinkedIn. Just put your past jobs on there, not the current admin job. Join groups realted to the career or industry you’re looking to be in. Set up a network of former co-workers and others, and let them know you’re looking. Recruiters will eventually find you by searching LinkedIn accounts for skills like yours. Very often, age is not a factor for these recruiters and their clients.

2. Appearance can help or break you, especially when you’re over 40. You may not be able to hide your age, but you can look professional and competent, rather than dowdy and apologetic.

3. Take the admin job and keep job hunting. You’re always more attractive to employers when you’re employed. You can refer to it as a bridge job if you’re asked why you took the job.

4. If you have great skills and experience, perhaps the younger people are getting the jobs you’re trying for because you’re seen as overqualified for them. Try to apply for jobs that are a step or two up the ladder, like management positions. Or look into being a consultant. (You can be a full-time employee of a consulting firm if you don’t want to work as a temp or on an independent basis.)

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