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Robert asks…

Are any construction companies hiring around Austin, Texas?

My husband has been working out of town for the last several months and is wanting to get back closer to home. We live east of Austin. He can do all types of construction work and run all types of equipment…dozers, backhoes, blades, loaders, you name it. He has experience as a supervisor and project manager as well. He can read blue prints, lay pipe, almost anything you can ask. So I was wondering if anyone knows any construction companies hiring for any position. Thanks!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Search ‘construction jobs’ on and – enter in Austin, Tx as your location.

I just searched both of these and a few dozen listings appeared.

Mary asks…

Moving to a new city (Houston, TX). Find a job first or an apartment?

I am relocating to Houston with one child. Lately I’ve been looking for apartments. But which is best to do as far as looking first…a job or an apartment?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I’d strongly recommend finding a job first, then relocating ASAP. Houston is huge–fourth largest city in the US, best economy among largest cities (in terms of job growth), relatively low cost-of-living. But public transportation is extemely limited, and almost everyone relies on a personal vehicle to get around. Depending on what sort of job you land, you could be working downtown, the Galleria area, the ‘burbs, NASA, etc., and you don’t want to have to drive from one end of Houston to the other if you can help it during rush hour (and dealing with day care or schools, depending on the age of your child). Also, the sort of job you land will relate directly to what you can afford for housing, utilities, etc. Check out the Houston Chronicle online ( for job listings, apartment rentals, and other news.

For the record, Austin is a great city but extremely expensive, compared to just about anywhere else in Texas, and traffic is a nightmare. Dallas is ok, but like Houston you might have great distances to travel to get from one place to another. Good luck with the move–you’ll find Houstonians friendly and willing to help you get settled.

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