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Michael asks…

Are you a ‘geek mum’….?

A growing number of mothers are forming social communities online.

At the recent SXSW Festival in the American city of Austin, Texas, one of the discussions centred on the surge in growth in “geek moms” – mothers who spend a large amount of time online.

Women clearly power a large segment of the technology market. In 2007 they spent $90 billion on gadgets, and influenced 61% of all consumer electronics purchases.

According to Ms Blecherman, “Moms are natural communicators, and they are taking that natural, savvy communication online and building communities,” she said.

“Those powerful communities are influencing mums’ purchasing decisions. So I thought this was a really important conversation to have.”

She said that stuck at home with the children is something that many mothers had found led to feelings of loneliness – but that they were now able to find support and friendship online.

Often, these virtual networks then become friendships in the real world.

Well it’s offical…..I’m a ‘geek mum’ lol

..Are YOU??

lol Haz…these boots could do serious damage to sensitive parts!!
Oporus lol………oooh you dare devil you!!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

No but I communicate with a few, lol,
I have an evil sense of humor and get philosophical after a few tipples,
I used to put people in funny brackets,
older woman, divorced couple of kids, will cook a meal for cans,
that type of thing, no expensive night out, just happy for the company,
now, well,
Older woman, internet, online predator lol,
it is fun though isn’t it,
and yes those friendships can cross to the real world, wink.

Joseph asks…

What should be do about the Kerplakistan cyber spies?

Kerplakistan is a small European nation, formally part of the Soviet Union. The Kerplakistan Goverment has commisioned a large team of cyber spies in order to engage in cyber warfare.

They are currently active on the Internet hacking into people’s computers to insert subliminal messages.

And what are those messages? They are advertisements for the official soft drink of the Kerplakistan Government, called “Kerplak Kola”. Your computer has most likely been affected.

In order to save their ailing economy, Kerplakistan is attempting to launch Kerplak Kola into the world market and has an ambitious plan for Kerplak Kola to become the word’s best selling soft drink replacing Coca Cola in this position, and thus save the Kerplakistan economy. This bold plan includes the initial launch of Kerplak Kola, the release of Kerplak Kalorieless (a low calorie version of Kerplak Kola) in November, and providing things go well the Kerplakistan will launch Klear Cherry Kerplak next March. There are even plans to launch their own alternative to Red Bull, known as Kickstart Kerplak.

So in order to brainwash us into buying their drinks, Kerplakistan cyber-spies are highjacking computers and inserting subliminal messages.The makers of Coke, The Coca Cola Bottlers is working on a anti-trojan software package to remove these messages. More information about their software will be released by Coca Cola Bottlers soon and will be available on their website.

However until the anti-Trojan software is available we are all vulnerable to the cyber attacks of the Kerplakistan Goverment. What should we do in the meantime to protect ourselves?
Well spotted. I watched Austin Powers last and that’s why I thought of this.


And I don’t really like Marmite, it’s a bit too sweet.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You’ve been eating too much vegemite – Kerplakistan is a made-up name that was used in an Austin Powers movie. Stick to Marmite from across the Tasman, much better for you.

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