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Carol asks…

if you see this gime me the star! lol?

Spam is a canned precooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation. The labeled ingredients in the classic variety of Spam are chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch as a binder, and sodium nitrite to help keep its color. Spam’s gelatinous glaze, or aspic, forms from the cooling of meat stock.[1] The product has become part of many jokes and urban legends about mystery meat, which has made it part of pop culture and folklore.
Varieties of Spam vary by region and include Spam Classic, Spam Hot & Spicy, Spam Less Sodium, Spam Lite, Spam Oven Roasted Turkey, Hickory Smoked, and Spam Spread.[2]
Spam sold in North America, South America, and Australia is produced in Austin, Minnesota, (also known as Spam Town USA) and in Fremont, Nebraska. Spam for the UK market is produced in Denmark by Tulip under license from Hormel.[3] Spam is also made in the Philippines and in South Korea.[4] In 2007, the seven billionth can of Spam was sold.[5]
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2 Nutritional data
3 Varieties
4 International usage
4.1 United States and territories
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[edit]Name origin

Introduced on July 5, 1937, the name “Spam” was chosen when the product, whose original name was far less memorable (Hormel Spiced Ham), began to lose market share. The name was chosen from multiple entries in a naming contest. A Hormel official once stated that the original meaning of the name “Spam” was “Shoulder of Pork and Ham”.[6] According to writer Marguerite Patten in Spam – The Cookbook, the name was suggested by Kenneth Daigneau, an actor and the brother of a Hormel vice president, who was given a $100 prize for creating the name.[7] At one time, the official explanation was that the name was a portmanteau of “Spiced Ham”. According to the British documentary-reality show “1940′s House”, when SPAM was offered by the United States to those affected by World War II in the UK, SPAM stood for Specially Processed American Meats.
Many jocular backronyms have been devised, such as “Something Posing As Meat”, “Specially Processed Artificial Meat”, “Stuff, Pork and Ham”, “Spare Parts Animal Meat” and “Special Product of Austin Minnesota”.[8]
According to Hormel’s trademark guidelines, Spam should be spelled with all capital letters and treated as an adjective, as in the phrase “SPAM luncheon meat”.
[edit]Nutritional data

Spam is typically sold in cans with a net weight of 340 grams (12 ounces). A 56 gram (2 ounce) serving of original Spam provides seven grams of protein, two grams of carbohydrates, 15 grams of fat (23% US Daily Value) including 6 grams of saturated fat (28% U.S. Daily Value), and 170 calories. A serving also contains nearly a third of the recommended daily intake of sodium (salt). A 56 gram serving of Spam contains 767 mg of sodium, equivalent to approximately 2 grams of salt, indicating about 3.6% of Spam’s mass is salt. Spam provides very little in terms of vitamins and minerals (0% vitamin A, 1% vitamin C , 1% calcium, 3% iron). It has been listed as a food that is a poor choice for weight loss and optimum health and as a food that “is high in saturated fat and sodium”.[9]

There are several different flavors of Spam, including:[10]
Spam Classic — original flavor
Spam Hot & Spicy — with tabasco flavor
Spam Less Sodium — “25% less sodium”
Spam Lite — “33% less calories and 50% less fat”
Spam Oven Roasted Turkey
Spam Hickory Smoke flavor
Spam Spread — “if you’re a spreader, not a slicer … just like Spam Classic, but in a spreadable form”
Spam with Bacon
Spam with Cheese
Spam Garlic
Spam Golden Honey Grail — a limited-release special flavor made in honor of Monty Python’s SPAMALOT Broadway musical
Spam Mild
In addition to flavor, some of the tins come in smaller sizes than normal, many consumers, however, consider this to be beneficial. A more popular option is the 7 oz (200g) size can. Recently, “Spam Singles” have been produced: a single sandwich-sized slice of Spam (Classic or Lite), wrapped in plastic instead of a metal container.
[edit]International usage

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Spam has now moved into the Internet where it creates excessive amounts of advertising and trouble for the common PC. It can flood a PC to the point of freezing thereby reducing the amount of metal used to “can” the product.

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Sandy asks…

Would the method that Kerplakistan is using to rescue their economy work for the USA?

Kerplakistan is a small European nation, formally part of the Soviet Union. The Kerplakistan Goverment has commisioned a large team of cyber spies in order to engage in cyber warfare.

They are currently active on the Internet hacking into people’s computers to insert subliminal messages.

And what are those messages? They are advertisements for the official soft drink of the Kerplakistan Government, called “Kerplak Kola”. Your computer has most likely been affected.

In order to save their ailing economy, Kerplakistan is attempting to launch Kerplak Kola into the world market and has an ambitious plan for Kerplak Kola to become the word’s best selling soft drink replacing Coca Cola in this position, and thus save the Kerplakistan economy. This bold plan includes the initial launch of Kerplak Kola, the release of Kerplak Kalorieless (a low calorie version of Kerplak Kola) in November, and providing things go well then Kerplakistan will launch Klear Cherry Kerplak next March. There are even plans to launch their own alternative to Red Bull, known as Kickstart Kerplak.

So in order to brainwash us into buying their drinks, Kerplakistan cyber-spies are highjacking computers and inserting subliminal messages.The makers of Coke, The Coca Cola Bottlers is working on a anti-trojan software package to remove these messages. More information about their software will be released by Coca Cola Bottlers soon and will be available on their website.

However until the anti-Trojan software is available we are all vulnerable to the cyber attacks of the Kerplakistan Goverment. Should the Government of the USA release it’s own sweetened beverage and engage in cyber indoctrination to save the US economy?

Note, Wikipedia may be down at the moment as the link to Kerplakistan is not working.
Looks Iike @Rayhere did not even read what I wrote.

Or maybe he has been drinking too much Kerplak Kola.
That’s kind of the point. This was not ever meant to be taken seriously.
I watched the first Austin Powers on Saturday night, and in that Dr Evil stole a Nuclear Warhead from Kerplakistan. That’s what made me think of this, as it’s kind of a Austin Powers type plot.

I was hoping some would get the reference and make some Austin Lowers style answer.

I might try this again another time and call the country Getbackistan.
See if Beatles fans will get it (you know, Get Back)
Answer this pertinent question please;_ylt=Aq4pn7TRMbxknsWGuXLFF.Hg5gt.;_ylv=3?qid=20120909184654AAyPwVv

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You could have created your own scenario rather than pulling up a fictional name which is pretty well used quite commonly. Sorry not funny!

Hi, I understand you trying to create some humour. You gave an effort but if you could call the place with your own created name that would sound more interesting.

Austin Powers is one of my favourite movies. :) )) I like Mike Myers

YES, I love Beatles and the song. I love the new name of your recently founded country…I think Getbackistan might create a positive impact on people as well. Go for it!! :) I hope you get tons of replies. You are creative!

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