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Donald asks…

What degree would be best to be a Management Consultant?

I am looking to be a management consultant, and I was wondering what degree it would be best to get in order to achieve this wish. Also, which University (UK) would be best to get this degree? And finally, what A Levels should I take to get into the Uni, to get the degree?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It would depend entirely on which area of management you would like to specialise. Management Consultants are usually hired by businesses because the consultant has some type of specialist knowledge that cannot be found within the company.

A standard management degree would therefore not be the most helpful thing to have. Something along the lines of a HR specialism such as training and development or performance management could be a possibility. The biggest thing that most businesses are looking to buy from a consultant though is experience and coming straight out of Uni into a consulting job is very very difficult unless you work for one of the big firms.

I would suggest that you do the A Levels you feel that you could get the best grades in as this will affect which university you will be accepted at. I studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology and German and went on to do a BSc in International Management and an MSc in International HR Management.

John asks…

I need a contact for Raytheon Garland. A project manager in charge of a project who needs my firm?

We are a new consulting firm dealing with systems engineering looking for a foot in the door. I have been working on internet research but cannot find a name and contact number for anyone other than supplier diversity. I am not with a supplier but with a consulting firm. Please help

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Raytheon Garland
Thomas M. Culligan
Executive Vice President
Business Development
Raytheon Company,
Chief Executive Officer
Raytheon International, Inc.
Raytheon Company
1100 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia
22209 USA

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