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Linda asks…

What kind of job can I get with an International Business major/Latin American Studies Minor? ?

am currently a sophomore, but looking for summer internships

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It’s good that you’re looking now. Most large companies hire in Jan/Feb for the summer, so definitely apply soon.

You could look into internships at:

— financial services firms
— multinational corporations (particularly with operations in Latin America), e.g. Manufacturers, oil, etc.
— management consulting firms
— government and supranational programs, e.g. World Bank, CIA, embassies in Washington, DC, etc.
— some not for profits, although they might not pay a salary

Some large firms will take sophomores into summer programs, and others focus exclusively on juniors. If you can’t get a job this year, try smaller firms first, and then reapply the following year.

Good luck!

George asks…

International Relations??

At university I want to study international relations/international business? Please tell me what career opportunities I can gain from doing this course at university. Thanks.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I have an MS in Foreign Service, which is the name that my school had for international affairs. You can check with the career center at your school for future job placement opportunities. In my experience, people can get into the following fields:

— Government jobs, especially in the Foreign Service. The govt has an exam to pass, and you specialize in a track like politics or economics. You can work at US embassies and consulates abroad or in Washington, DC.
— Not for profits — many people like to work in microlending, or organizations like Doctors without Borders, etc
— Business — people from my class went to work on Wall St for global firms, for international power companies, for consulting firms, etc.

Not a full list, but though I’d get you started… This is a useful degree in just about any field, as the global economy is always relevant, and teams usually consist of people with all different background. The economics training is also useful in most jobs.

Good luck!

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