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Sharon asks…

What places would hire a 15-16 year old in Texas?

I am looking to get a job this summer. I am currently 15 but will be 16 in June. What places would hire me in austin Texas?
I was thinking about jambs juice, Starbucks, rue21, marshals or Claire’s .

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Here are teen jobs in the state for you. Http://www.snagajob.com/jobs?t=teen&s=texas

Laura asks…

Does anyone know of a good college internship site?

I’m trying to get an internship for the summer in either San antonio or Austin, Texas. I go to school in Virginia and as such they don’t really have access to internships in Texas where I’ll be over summer. I’ve tried using my schools online system, which is linked to Monster, but have had no real results. Right now I’m just emailing or calling different businesses back home and it’s tedious.

I’m a first year, so this will be my first summer home, so I’m looking for more general internships rather than specific ones that are for Juniors and Seniors.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Try FastWeb. They have listings for jobs and internships in addition to scholarships. Also, use your friends back at home as a resource and them them to keep an eye out for you. Emailing businesses is a good bet. I also tend to check Craigslist for the job listings, sometimes they want interns on there and there is a section to list your resume. If someone is looking to hire someone for a position, you could try to contact them to see if they would let you work as an intern. Lastly, if you know someone who works in the field you would like to enter, contact them. Often it’s not what you know, but who you know. Good luck.

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