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James asks…

What percent of taxes are taken out of a pay check in texas? austin?

i live in austin and if i got a job with earning minimum wage every hour ($7.25 per hour) and im a teen what percent of my check will be taxed off? for example

if i earn 1044 per month, how much money would be taxed off of it? what percent?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If you are referring to your state tax withholding, then you do not have any taxes taken out for state. But, if you want to know about your federal taxes and how much to withhold, then it depends on a number of factors.
Are you single, married?
IF married, do you want to withhold at the married rate or single rate?
How many exemptions are you going to be withholding on your W4?
Are you planning on having any additional taxes withheld from your checks each pay period?

All of these questions will need to be answered to give you a good idea on what to withhold. I advise you to go and sit down with a tax professional to help answer these questions and it’s possible depending on your situation that they may have more questions to ask you.

Genevieve F. –HR Block — Tax Advisor I

Chris asks…

Best cities in Texas to raise a family ?

Sorry for the long question but with California falling apart we are strongly considering moving to Texas. Which major cities and it’s suburbs are the best to raise a family – assuming we will have job security. Coming from the Los Angeles area anyplace else looks like an improvement! High taxes (with more to kick in next year), high housing costs, marginal schools – unless you want to pay for private. We’re fed up ! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Ok, my friends just did that exact same thing, and they are miserable. They moved to Austin, and definately miss their friends and family. With Austin culture being the most like Ca, most diverse, most liberal, etc, Texas is about as different than Ca as you can get. Does it have to be texas?? If it does, i would chose a suburb of dallas or fort worth. It is booming, tons of things to do, dallas cowboys, race track, fort worth zoo, etc, and excting night life. It is very kinda yuppy/young professional feel. If you want to talk to me more, you are more than happy to email me. I lived in texas with my husband when we were first together and have been all over.

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