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Lisa asks…

Does it matter what college you go to?

Will that really affect who hires you?

Calm down before you answer, I don’t mean community colleges! I mean state schools vs. the Ivies, like Texas-Austin vs. Harvard, so on and so on…

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Well, anyone who tells you that it doesn’t matter what school you go to is obviously delusional. How about the fact that some of the best companies, such as Goldman Sachs and Bain & Company, only recruit at the most prestigious colleges. If you don’t go to a really prestigious school, you’ll have a hard time not just landing a job, but even landing an interview at some of the most prestigious finance and consulting companies.

From my experiences, going to a top school will land you an interview, but it won’t land you a job. Basically, the more prestigious the college, the more interviews/opportunities you’ll get. Employers want smart and hard-working employees. Admissions to colleges is basically a screening process, where (theoretically) only the best, brightest and hardest working are accepted. In general, the more prestigious the college–>the stricter the admissions standards–>the better the student quality.

As for your example, a UT degree will hold its own against Harvard in Texas. Heck, it might even be more desirable, depending on the employer and their pro-UT bias. But, outside of Texas, the Harvard degree is more prestigious and will (probably) land more interviews. UT, along with UCLA, UVA, Berkeley, Michigan and a few other schools are very prestigious schools that have comparable prestige to some of the best schools in the nation, such as Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt. If one goes to one of those schools, they’ll have roughly as many opportunities as if they went to a prestigious private school. Most state schools though, such as University of Houston or University of Arkansas, aren’t nearly as prestigious as UT and they won’t see as many opportunities as if they had gone to a prestigious private school.

Sharon asks…

University of Texas-Austin Masters in Acc program vs. 60K sony job?

I got a job offer for 60K/yr as a logistics analyst in Pitman, NJ. I had been terminated 6 mos. back from my last consulting job for a tiny company after barely 2 mos, but after looking for work for a while I kinda gave up and got myself admitted into the Masters in Accounting program at UT Austin, rated #1 in USA. Now after 1 month into my new program one of the companies I had interviewed 40 days back and they finally offerred me 60K for a job. I feel that if I was in a finance/ accounting to begin with I wouldnt have to wait for so long to get another job. SO what do you all think…should I continue in the accounting masters or take up the job? I have substantial scholarships for the MAcc program . On the other hand the salary is 60K. WHich would be better in the long run?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

That’s a tough one. Heather_c raises some very good points. Let me add a few more.

1- What do you WANT to do more right now: more school or take this particular job?

2- What can you expect after you graduate from UTA? Talk to the placement office (or whatever they call it there), some recent grads (easier if you belong to a fraternity with a UTA chapter), and some employers. In the long term, you will probably earn more by having the MBA, but not necessarily.

3- Can you pursue your degree while working for Sony? Maybe they have a tuition program like many large companies do?

Good luck. This is what you call a high quality problem.

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