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Ken asks…

How many brothers Mr Bush have? What companies they run? and what are their major achievements?

Marvin Bush? Neil Bush?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Well one brother (Jeb) is doing a pretty darn fine job of running Florida, while not a corporation it’s a mighty fine state.

Currently, Marvin Bush is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at the investment firm Winston Capital Management, located in McLean, VA. Mr. Bush has portfolio manager duties at Winston.

In 1999 Neil Bush co-founded Ignite! Learning, a business corporation to sell educational software. Bush has said he started Austin-based Ignite! Learning six years ago because of his learning difficulties in middle school and those of his son, Pierce Bush. Bush serves as co-chairman of a company called Crest Investment. Crest pays him $60,000 a year to provide “miscellaneous consulting services.” Bush frequently travels to the Middle East, Europe and Asia to negotiate deals and raise capital for various businesses. [Attempts to blame him for causing the S&L fiasco are ridiculous - he just happened to be one of many idiots doing dumb things with S&Ls during that time - many believe the Federal Government was actually responsible for the whole S&L mess. The only reason his name is even remembered in that whole mess is because his dad was VPotUS at the time.]

As for the idiot conspiratists, I wonder why they didn’t all glom onto this:

The Bush family and Hinckley family are related, both having descended from Thomas Hinckley (born 19 Mar 1619, Hawkhurst, Kent, England; died 25 Apr 1706, Barnstable, MA) who was Governor of Plymouth Colony from 1658-1681.

The point being, had John Hinckley succeeded George HW Bush would have become President sooner…

As for Bush’s sister, well, you didn’t ask about her.

Now I’m wondering since it took me, well, about 2 minutes to look all this up, why you didn’t just do it yourself?

Lizzie asks…

can anyone give me a book summary of the book “murphy” by samuel beckett?

i need to write a 10 page paper on it, i tried to read it but i couldnt get into it, can someone please help me

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The plot of Murphy follows an eponymous “seedy solipsist” who, urged to find a job by his lover Celia Kelly, begins work as a male nurse at the Magdalen Mental Mercyseat, and finds the insanity of the patients an appealing alternative to conscious existence.

Murphy is an example of Beckett’s fascination with the artistic and metaphorical possibilities of chess. Near the novel’s end, Murphy plays a game of chess with Mr. Endon, a patient who is “the most biddable little gaga in the entire institution”. But Murphy cannot replicate his opponent’s symmetrical and cyclical play, just as he is unable to will himself into a state of catatonic bliss. He resigns “with fool’s mate in his soul”, and dies shortly afterwards. Beckett relates the game in full English notation, complete with a comically arch commentary.

Moving between Ireland and England, the novel is caustically satirical at the expense of the Irish Free State, which had recently banned Beckett’s More Pricks Than Kicks: the astrologer consulted by Murphy is famous ‘throughout civilised world and Irish Free State’; ‘for an Irish girl’ Murphy’s admirer Miss Counihan was ‘quite exceptionally anthropoid’; and in the General Post Office, site of the 1916 Rising, Neary assaults the buttocks of Oliver Sheppard’s statue of mythic Irish hero Cúchulainn (the statue in fact possesses no buttocks). The novel also contains a scabrous portrait of poet Austin Clarke as the dipsomaniac Austin Ticklepenny, given to unreciprocated ‘manstruprations’ of Murphy under the table; against Oliver St. John Gogarty’s advice, Clarke declined to sue.

Murphy indeed cannot go insane to achieve freedom. What he turns to instead is nothingness, and his ashes are properly spread amidst the grime of a bar. Celia also discovers the beauty of nothingness, as she loses her love, Murphy, and her grandfather’s health declines. Beckett seamlessly converts comedy to terror of non-existence, as he does in his later work, Waiting for Godot.

Among the many thinkers to influence Murphy’s mind-body debate are Spinoza, Descartes, and the little-known Belgian Occasionalist Arnold Geulincx.

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