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Charles asks…

What is the best way to obtain business partners and customers?

I am a consultant for a nationally know cosmetics company. Its the “party plan” kind of business. I am looking for ways to grow my business with new, loyal customers and business partners. Any suggestions? P.S. Please don’t regard this as spam since I have not included the company name or any further contact information. Thanks!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I won’t repeat the excellent answer you’ve already been given above, but I’ve been a speaker at large meetings for consultants of several major party plan companies who offer cosmetics – so I totally understand the challenges you face.

The reason why IMHO many women keep looking for new, new, new ways to grow their business and get customers and partners is because they’re uncomfortable with what they’ve been told by their upline they need to do. Why are they uncomfortable? Because “getting out there” and approaching people feels totally foreign and uncomfortable to many women who were raised to wait for people to come to them. The result is that we wait for customers to call us the same way we waited for the cute boy in high school History class to call us for a date. So, if the thought of marketing and selling in your business practically drives you to chocolate – read on.

The truth is in your business there are many ways you can meet new customers in your day to day life – but none of them will work if you just feel too uncomfortable. Or you love meeting and talking with people about your products and your opportunity – but you hate asking them for anything – a sale, to have a party at their home, etc.

Marketing and selling is never about us – it’s about doing something that will appeal to our customers so that they will take the next step and buy from us. So if you keep looking for ways to market and sell that are comfortable to you – you are making it about you. It’s not. It’s about the customer. The minute we try to make it about us – it fails.

I’m the author of a popular myth-shattering book that’s all about the Mars-Venus reasons why women have so many challenges when it comes to marketing and selling now that we are starting businesses at double the rate of men. It all boils down to making different conscious choices and coming out of your comfort zone – because your business growth won’t happen any faster than your personal growth.

What does this mean? It means that every time you say, “Ooh, I couldn’t do THAT,” you are slowing down the potential growth of your business. My experience after mentoring over 1,200 women and men in marketing is that women keep looking for new ways to get customers – not because the way they were told didn’t work but because it made them uncomfortable. (I’m not suggesting anything out of integrity here – for many women just walking up and initiating a conversation is mortifying to them.)

When I get a new client for my marketing mentoring practise I ask my prospective clients about their business and what they want to achieve. I also answer all their questions about what the process of marketing mentoring is like, my fees, etc. Towards the end of the conversation I ask them five questions. They are always the same five questions. And those five questions result in a “yes” and a new client about 80 percent of the time. That’s an 80% closing rate – which anyone experienced in sales will tell you is amazingly good. Especially for an expensive service.

Because those five questions are so effective – I’ve never changed them. Do I like those questions? The first three I like – I love hearing people’s answers. I’ve grown a little bored with the questions – but it’s not about me. My client hasn’t heard those questions before – and that’s all that matters.

The last two questions I have to take a deep breath and pull up my courage a bit before I ask – because I’m asking for a yes. I know I have about an 80% probability of a “yes” but still a 20% possibility of a “no.” And nobody wants to hear a “no.” So does it make me a little uncomfortable? Sure. Would my business practise go down in the number of clients and hence revenues if I didn’t ask those last two questions? You bet.

So, increasing your confidence level, especially as a woman, is one of the very best ways to increase your number of customers because all the things you’ve been told to do will work, become effortless and you start saying, “Wow – this really works! It was just me who wasn’t working it.”

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, “Testosterone-Free Marketing”
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Laura asks…

How business supervisors can help us?

I’ve heard that business supervisors can help us in buying a business, is that true? So how can they help us?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

By Business Supervisor, I think you mean Business Consultant.
Yes, They play a major role in the new/existing business acquisitions, since they possess great ability to analyse the business & to predict its future growth.

They help you pick such potential business, these picks are purely based on their judgement, analysis, previous balance sheets & other financial facts/figures.

Hope this helps!

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