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Carol asks…

What jobs can I get with this..?

A major in accounting with MBA?
And what could I do with a major in business management with MBA?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

A Master of Business Administration: Accounting is a very lucrative and marketable degree. It will prepare you to work in all sectors of the business world, including the obvious (public accounting) but will also prep you for working in internal auditing, managerial accounting and tax planning. With that said, career opportunities for MBA holders in accounting are pretty much endless. But just to give you a taste of what some popular positions are, here are some job titles you might want to pursue:

Financial Manager: they are responsible for prepping financial reports and developing innovative monetary strategies.

Actuary: they are responsible for utilizing their statistics skills so that they can assess risk in order to protect their client’s assets.

Budget Analyst: they are responsible for analyzing their employer’s budget and work to increase both the company’s efficiency and profitability.

For more potential job titles with an MBA in Accounting and to get a better understanding of salary, check out this article:

As far as earning a Master of Business Administration:Business Management, there are also many career opportunities there as well. Some job titles may include: Operations Manager, CEO or Vice President, Safety and Health Manager, Management Analyst, Management Consultant and Retail Sales Manager.

Paul asks…

horoscope,arul kumar,date of birth-30.06.1984,place-blore,time-11.35pm(night),i.d-littledevil_4u2002@yahoomail?

can i know which rashi and nakshatra is mine,career,education,marriage,future life

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Dear one,
You are a sensitive and emotional person. The hard knocks of this world have more effects on you than they have on most other people, and you lose some of the enjoyment of life in consequence. What other people say and think of you is taken by you to heart. Thus, there are a certain number of things which cause you unhappiness which, after all, are not worth troubling about. You possess considerable magnetic power and you can use it for good or for ill. How you do use it depends entirely on your own desires. Fortunately, you are usually able to control your actions for good and the result is that your magnetic power sheds a beneficial influence on others. Regarding money, you have peculiar views. At times you deny yourself legitimate necessaries and at others, you spend somewhat recklessly. You will always give in response to the call of charity. On some occasions, you put yourself to considerable trouble in order to save a few rupees on the price of an article you desire to purchase. In a measure you are too sensitive and often you hold back when you should go ahead. This unfits you for certain forms of leadership. You do not want your own way in many things. In fact, you are very amenable, taken all round.
You are brave and ambitious. Unafraid to take chances and enact their plans, you are extremely active individual who stimulates others into action. A busy person who is always doing something constructively, you rarely misuse energy. If what you are doing with your life is unfulfilling, you are unafraid to change it.
Your inherent push and go are very useful requirements. Whilst others are debating, you are acting, and it is the early bird that gets the worm. You should cast away all thought of taking up a profession or occupation that requires polish and gentleness. You are far too practical to bother about surface qualities. They irritate you. You are a person of action and prefer rough and ready efficiency to anything else. You could play the part of an explorer admirably, both in real life and on the films. You would be far better as a surgeon than as finance consultant. At any job where skill in making things was needed, you would succeed. Engineering may be cited as such a job. There are many occupations at sea which would suit you extraordinarily well. As an aviator, you would display the requisite pluck and daring. There are endless fields for your energies in work connected with land. Not only would you make an excellent farmer, but you would do equally well as a surveyor, a mining engineer and a prospector.
You will have great ability in making money in all forms of industry, business organisation or in the employment of others. You will always see a way out of any difficulty and be self-reliant and determined in whatever course of action you may decide to follow. You will be a speculator on a large scale in all you undertake. You will treat life more as a game than from a serious standpoint. As a general rule, luck will favour you during the greater part of your life. In relation to finance you need have nothing to fear. Once the early part of your life is over, you will begin to reap forward for the foundation you have laid and from that point you are likely to accumulate wealth and position.
You are not a person who ought to go through life in single blessedness and, as a matter of fact, the older you grow, the more you will need a partner to listen to your joys and your sorrows. You set much score on a home of your own, and marriage brings this into being in a manner which you consider more perfect than any other. Your home will be your God. If you are a woman, you will say, when there will be your children because you were never so completely happy until they came. You will marry for love, naturally, but as the years roll on, you will think more and more of your partner, until a time will come when you cannot bear to be separated even for a day or two.

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