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Donna asks…

please predict about my career?

hi please help me out choosing right career
MY DOB: 31/01/1984
Place: mumbai
Please be advised that my marce and saturn are sitting in third house in libra. Please advise if should do a job or start my business. also tell me will be a success in sales?

Please help as my career is in gr8 mess.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Dear one,
You are a person of considerable action. You are never still. You are always making plans and the thing you can least tolerate is inactivity. You have much self will, and the spirit of independence is firmly planted in you. You resent the interference of others, perhaps more than you should, and freedom is a quality you prize very highly- freedom not only of action but also of thought. You think out things that are original in character. These may take widely diverse forms. You might invent some new method. Whatever it is, the world will be taken a step forward on your account. There is no doubt that you set great score on honesty, using the term in its widest sense. You require your friends to be honest in purpose, honest in speech, as well as in money affairs. You are sympathetic, hard-working, generous and friendly but are quick to be aroused. When you become angry, you lose all control and make assertions for which you will be sorry later on. So, try to have better self-control.
You will often meet with disappointments and expect more, for you tend to worry so much that the very things you are afraid of usually happen. Very shy, you have great difficulty in communicating feelings and emotions. If you will clear your head of all worldly matters for a small period each day and sit in meditation, you will feel much peace and realise that things are not as bad as they seem.
Your inherent push and go are very useful requirements. Whilst others are debating, you are acting, and it is the early bird that gets the worm. You should cast away all thought of taking up a profession or occupation that requires polish and gentleness. You are far too practical to bother about surface qualities. They irritate you. You are a person of action and prefer rough and ready efficiency to anything else. You could play the part of an explorer admirably, both in real life and on the films. You would be far better as a surgeon than as finance consultant. At any job where skill in making things was needed, you would succeed. Engineering may be cited as such a job. There are many occupations at sea which would suit you extraordinarily well. As an aviator, you would display the requisite pluck and daring. There are endless fields for your energies in work connected with land. Not only would you make an excellent farmer, but you would do equally well as a surveyor, a mining engineer and a prospector.
You will have great ability in making money in all forms of industry, business organisation or in the employment of others. You will always see a way out of any difficulty and be self-reliant and determined in whatever course of action you may decide to follow. You will be a speculator on a large scale in all you undertake. You will treat life more as a game than from a serious standpoint. As a general rule, luck will favour you during the greater part of your life. In relation to finance you need have nothing to fear. Once the early part of your life is over, you will begin to reap forward for the foundation you have laid and from that point you are likely to accumulate wealth and position.

Chris asks…

what r various the types of consultant jobs available?

i am interested in consultation and want to pursue it seriuosly.but i want to know what r the various consultant jobs available in todays job market and what is the type of work.please give me details of all of them.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

There are consultants who specialize in strategic planning, sales, marketing, IT, HR, productivity and efficiency improvement, corporate and investment finance, mergers and acquisitions, operations, and virtually every other profession you can think of.
So its upto you which field you want to specialize in..

The following link will show you the top consulting firms :

Also pls note that today in IT , ERP consultants are in huge demand…Good IT companies like Accenture , Infosys , TCS, Wipro etc are paying well….

Hope this info helps…

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