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Donald asks…

whre do I find a mentor for my small business in pharmaceutical consulting services?

I have started a small business which provides consulting services to pharmaceutical companies and I want to be able to secure independent contracts with these companies and to employ other consultants. I would like to get in touch with a mentor who can help guide me on the right path.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1. Start with your contacts in the pharmaceutical industry. Do you know of anyone enjoying a top position in the pharmaceutical business who is willing to guide you and open doors for you? The more clout your business mentor has, the better for you.

2. Now is the time to network aggressively. Is there an organization you can join where players in your field are present as well? Participate actively, contribute to committee work and just basically talk to others in the group and you might find someone to mentor you.

3. Check out SCORE which is an organization of mostly retired business people and entrepreneurs. Their main work is to provide advice, and you might just be able to find someone knowledgeable of your industry

Jenny asks…

How do I declare business income recieved from an individual?

A person hired my business to provide consulting services and he is not issuing a 1099. The business is an LLC and I am using schedule C as part of my personal tax returns. I am not sure the correct location to identify that I have generated close to 10k in income from this individual?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It’s doubtful the Canadian answer would help you very much. You’ll get more relevant responses if you post to the correct category.

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