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Laura asks…

What would be a good name for my wedding planning business?

My name is Brittany, I am starting a bridal consultant/wedding planning/party planning business and I really need help coming up with a fun name. But I am drawing a blank. Any suggestions?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

How about “I do weddings” or “Bride’s Delight”?

Best of luck with your new business!

If you don’t mind another suggestion, you might want to think about starting a blog or a website to help advertise your business.

In fact, since you’re just starting out, I’ll just give you a free wedding articles site to help you get started.

If you decide to use it, I hope you’ll visit my site before you purchase your domain and hosting. My company offers the cheapest .com domain price on the internet right now, and hosting for as little as $4.95 per month.

The first site link below will take you to the page to download your free wedding site (you’re welcome to download any of the free software I have there that you like)

The second link will take you to my hosting company.

Best of luck on your new business!

Donna asks…

How would you PR a client whose services help businesses optimize their sales/employee performance?

Hello all,

Would really appreciate your input regarding this. I work in PR and am working with a client whose predominant skill sets lie in business performance enhancement. She has a forty year career in sales, and her techniques, observations and seminars claim to enhance the performance of a company’s workforce treble fold. Businesses have noticed radical performance improvements from their employees after hiring her as a consultant and she has forged a hugely successful career visiting different companies and advising them on how to break with useless conventions, introduce new techniques, reinvigorate a latent workforce – all with the objective to harness the very best from their employees. I’m trying to think of unique PR / publicity opportunities for her – aside from national and trade press, business TV and radio, etc. What inventive and imaginative PR opportunities do you think could be applied to her publicity strategy?

Thank you so much in advance, this has been eluding me.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

There are many business blogs that I think wouldn’t mind reviewing her, this can get her a lot of extra publicity, especially if she knows how to give out little bits of information that are interesting about what she does.

Also, if you have big budget, you could make a series of viral videos, I don’t know if you ever saw “WilI it Blend” videos on youtube but that done in a joking way, about improving speed of a business, could be a great viral idea that could drive many visitors to her website and to get to contact her.

You basically have to think like a business owner, put yourself int his mindset and think where would you be caught into employing a person like her.

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