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George asks…

IT Major….What is the most profitable degree that I should enroll in?

I will soon become a IT Major. I enjoy working with computers no matter what, but I need to know which degree will be more profitable,,,,Information Application Specialist, Microcomputer Specialist, Networking Software, Web Page Development and Maintenance or Mainframe Programming. Thanks in advance for your help.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I am not trying to be smart or anything. A lot of computer related fields are profitable. It is a bit difficult to pick one out that is the most profitable. I am a web developer myself working in a health insurance company. I have just started my own business to do web development for others too. So, I do find that web development field is profitable.

Have said all that, there are a lot of dependencies that you need to consider:

1) Where do you plan on working? Certain kinds of computer-related jobs tend to be located in certain areas. For example, majority of the programming positions tend to be located in Austin, TX, San Francisco, CA, Houston, TX, NY city, NY, and many other places. I am not saying that you won’t be able to find any programming jobs anywhere else; I am just saying that you may have a hard time finding a programming job in some other places. Do you plan on staying at where you are? How do you like to work in the big cities?

2) Which school do you plan on attending? There are many aspects in computer related fields. While one school may have be strong in one aspect, the other school may be strong in some other subject. So, first, you need to know which aspect of computer related jobs do you want.

3) A field can be profitable but if you don’t like what you are doing, it is just a torture. When I was in university 10 years ago, I double majored in computer science and math. As a comptuer science majored student, I had to take both computer hardware classes and computer programming classes. I absolutely hated the hardware aspect of it and I didn’t like any of those hardware classes. I loved programming and I knew that I would be a programmer someday. I don’t know you and I think the key here is not so much which is the most profitable degree that you should enroll in; but it is which degree you are most interested in. If you are not sure, that’s alright; just take different kinds of computer classes (some programming, some theorectic classes, and some algorithm classes…etc.) and see what you like most.

1) One of my aunts works in IBM and she is the senior vice president in the research department. When I decided to major in computer science in my first year in university, she only gave me one advice. Because of how rapid things change in the computer field, for the rest of your professional life, you will need to read books, take classes, and do many other things just to keep up with the technology. Now that I am actually in the computer field, I know exactly what she was talking about. I read books every single day just to keep up with the technology. The computer field requires contant learning (for the rest of your professional life). So, the question is, yes, you enjoy working with computers; but do you have the motivation to keep with the technology for the rest of your professional life? Please don’t take me wrong, I am not in any way trying to discourage you.

2) Nowadays, lots of jobs in the US get out-sourced to other people around the world. So, when you are looking for jobs, the competition is not only with the people living in the US; but with people around the world. If you do decide to go into the computer related field, do the best that you can and if you do just that, I can almost assure you that you won’t have to worry about finding job and whatever you do will be profitable.

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