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George asks…

Can an online college student get in to cheap student housing?

I live in Austin, Texas. In my town there are a lot of apartment complexes that offer cheap rooms and apartments for college students only. Does anyone know if I can qualify to get in to any of those rooms or apartments?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You need to contact these places and ask them specifically. My guess would be that certain apartment complexes offer housing to students of certain schools (usually schools that are nearby and have an established relationship with the owners).

Schools will often subsidize housing at off-campus locations. This means that, for example, UT Austin will pay the owners of an apartment complex a certain amount of money to rent a certain amount of apartments to their students (effectively making housing more affordable for members of the university community). In cases like this, you wouldn’t qualify.

Mandy asks…

Relocating to Austin Texas apartment cost?

I am currently living in South Jersey and thinking about relocating to Austin Texas for jobs. What much do apartments go for in the Austin Texas area? What areas in Austin Texas should I stay away from when looking at apartments?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The price varies greatly on what apartments go for. Here is a map of all apartments in Austin and you can search by price

As far as areas…its tough to be specific without knowing more. Where would you be working (traffic can be bad), what you like to do and how much you can spend? Crime isn’t especially bad anywhere in town. You can check out specific addresses here

This map can help you even if you dont have a specific address

Also, this might help with getting a job here

Good luck.

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