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Sandra asks…

How much is a one way flight from San Antonio to Austin Texas?

How much is a one way flight from San Antonio to Austin Texas?
Leaving on July 19 or 20.
For a 16 year old.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Please check:
a- use flexible dates
b- use alternative airports…

Lizzie asks…

How long would it take to ship a package from Austin,Texas to Bangkok,Thailand through air cargo/freight?

Hello I’m outside of the US right now and gonna settle in Bangkok, Thailand in 3 days. My old laptop sucks so I got a new one and it was ship to my Dad in Austin, Texas since I am traveling. I feel safer sending the laptop through Air Cargo or Air Freight. Idk what’s it called. It’s like this. My Dad sends the package through an airline to where I am, asically like a luggage bag but a little different. Then I go pick it up in the airport. I assume its faster than FedEx and maybe cheaper I have no clue. So my question is how much would like say a 15lb parcel cost and how long would it take to ship from Austin, Texas to Bangkok, Thailand. I don’t know much so any info would be great :) he probably will use American Airlines.

*need more info?? I can edit this question and add the info. Thanks! :)
@:Rat@Ratchaburi: I have already asked my Dad. He says around next week he will talk to them, but I am kinda impatient and wonder the time it will take. I am guessing it will take 2 days since its like hopping in an airplane. I don’t think price matters to me, but the time it will take to arrive bothers me. Yes I have common sense and use it :P just saying :)

@: trailblazer: I have asked my Dad and he will contact them, but not now. Next week he said so i just came here to ask so I can find out sooner :)

I guess my question lacked info oops.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Damn, the simple solution to this question is to ask your Dad. He’s the one who shipping it so he will know the cost and when it should arrive in Thailand. I mean that is just common sense. Try using it sometime.

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