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Nancy asks…

Is getting a Finance degree a good idea?

I’m going to college soon and trying to find the right major for me. I want to become a Management Consultant when I grow up. However, from what I’ve heard, a bachelor’s in management is pretty useless, so I was thinking about getting my bachelor’s in Finance (to have a more stable, reliable education in case I can’t get a job in consulting) and then pursue my Masters in Consulting Management.
I’ve also heard that it’s practically impossible to go into consulting at a big firm unless you go to a top school. But I will be attending UT Austin which has one of the best business schools in the country. I hope to get accepted into their Business Honors program. I already have a lot of the skills needed to go into consulting; I’m a good communicator, work well in teams, and have great analytical skills.
So finally, am I on the right track? Should I go ahead with my Bachelor’s in Finance and Masters in Consulting Management at UT? Or should I go with a degree like Statistics and then pursue a masters in Consulting Management?
In the end, I just really want to go into consulting. I’d appreciate any opinions and advice, but please no negativity.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Yes. You are on the right track.

My aunt only got her bachelors in Finance from csulb and makes over 110,000 working for The City of L.A.

My uncle got his bachelors in poly sci from Berkeley and then his company paid for him to go back to school to get his masters in business mgmt. I know its not the same thing, but its a little similar. Your might even be able to work for a bit when you graduate then find a company to send you back and pay for your masters.

You should join a lot of clubs, organizations, and student chapters all four years at your school. You will be able to get a lot of networking done by being in clubs as well as get internships through the club. You said you want to work for the big companies, well you can network to do that.

I am personally not sure which is better. Finance or stats. Its not my area of expertise but both sound like smart options.

Your plan sounds great to me

John asks…

Opening an auto shop and sell car in dallas texas?

hey i wanna know what to do…im moving to texas and im wanna open a auto repair shop plus sell used car
-what are my first steps
-where do i go to ask
-and what kind of licenses do i need to get first

Thank You

im a first time running a shop and need help how to open and run a shop


AustinBusinessConsulting answers:


Write a business plan. A thorough business plan needs to include a description of the business, marketing, finances, and management. Dallas is a sprawling city with many businesses that will be in competition with you, so your business plan should include your strategies for competing and making your business stand out. Search for businesses similar to yours and study their successes and failures when building your business model.


Consult a Dallas attorney and accountant. Though Dallas enjoys liberal business laws, it is likely there are still legal and tax factors in forming your business that you are not aware of. Working with experienced professionals who know the business landscape can help you solve potential problems before they occur.


Choose the legal form of your business and file with the Texas Secretary of State. You can choose either a corporation, general partnership, sole proprietorship, limited partnership, or limited liability company. Your attorney and accountant can take you through the legal and tax implications that come with each formation option and help you make a choice. You can mail the forms to the office of the Texas Secretary of State or file in person for a faster turnaround. Dallas is nearly 200 miles from Austin, where in-person filing must occur.


Contact the Internal Revenue Service and apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Registering for federal taxes is a requirement of all U.S. Businesses, and must be done before you can begin conducting business in Dallas. The process may be completed online (see Resources below).


Register with the state of Texas for taxes. Like all other Texas businesses, your Dallas company must register with the state for tax purposes. The application may be completed online (see References below).


Obtain Dallas licenses and permits. Most businesses within Dallas city limits are required to have a business license from the city before they operate. To inquire about the license and permit requirements of your business, contact the Dallas Permit Center at 214-948-4372.

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Business Consulting Austin Tx

Joseph asks…

Arthotech (SP) is a company that makes parts for surgical equipment. I need to locate the company.?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Thanks for asking! I am a business librarian, so I consulted my database and determined that you must be talking about the ArthroCare Corporation.

ArthroCare Corporation (NASDAQ: ARTC)
111 Congress Ave.
Ste. 510
Austin, TX 78701-4043

Phone: 512-391-3900
Toll Free: 800-348-8929
Fax: 512-391-3901

With the wave of a wand, ArthroCare makes tissue disappear. The company’s proprietary Coblation technology uses radio frequency energy to remove soft tissue from the body. Its Arthroscopic Surgery System lets surgeons use specialized wands to focus the energy and minimize damage to nearby healthy tissue, simultaneously sealing small, bleeding vessels. First used in arthroscopic procedures to repair joints, the electrosurgery system product line now includes equipment used in ear, nose, and throat procedures; cardiology and gynecology; spinal and neurological surgery; and cosmetic surgery.

ArthroCare plans to continue to expand its product line and develop strategic partnerships. The company also intends to focus on the sale of disposable devices.

Laura asks…

where should I live?

59 years young, not working, doing a little consulting and living off retriement accounts: must haves warm no make that hot, large enough city for partner to find work as marketing manager, not California too crazy, not Las Vegas, too slimy.
Looking for success stories from anyone out there


AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Richmond VA, any NC big city. Atlanta Ga. Nashville or Knoxville TN. Orlando FL. Dallas or Austin TX. (Houston is too hot)

a wild card would be who is going to be one of the first to return to New Orleans. If you have capital to survive the short term, it could be a good business venture.

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Alston Business Consulting

Linda asks…

How can I find companies in my city(Atlanta, GA) that have on site company daycares?

I am planning to have my 2nd child and having just gotten my 1st out of daycare – I want to do this smarter this time. I am open to changinf jobs to make more $ why not somewhere that really has a HUGE benefit financially as well as I get to spend more time with the baby.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

…there is no single source for that information. I do know that:

Turner Broadcasting has on-site child care and also offers a discount to a popular childcare providing chain. It was voted into the list of Working Mother 100 Best Companies ( )

Some folks also report that the FAA in Atlanta has on-site childcare.

Alston & Bird Law firm has on-site child care for 130 kids. ( )

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta also has both on-site and subsidized child care.
( ). It was also voted into the list of Working Mother 100 Best Companies.

You can also check and see iof any other of the Fortune Top 100 COmpanies to work for are in Atlanta and have on-site child care. See for the list.

If you were to move to Columbus, AFLAC has on site daycare and private lactation rooms. It was voted into the list of Working Mother 100 Best Companies as well.

Everyone at Fleishman-Hillard Inc. — including administrative assistants — has a laptop for telecommuting, said company spokesperson Karen Kaplan. The company encourages employees to take the time they need to see kids in school plays and soccer matches.

You might check with Deloitte & Touche USA – they are a very employee-centric company with offices in Atlanta.

FirstPRO, Inc. Has on-site child care ( )

I suggest you consult a good employment agency in Atlanta – they should know which other companies offer on-site child care. If you do get a job through the agency the employer should be the one to pay any fee so it shouldn’t cost you anything to utilize their knowledge of local business employee benefits.

Something else to consider is that telecommuting is becoming more and more common, allowing you to work from home on the internet.

Hope this helps!

Ken asks…

Do you do a little research before posting a political Question or Answer? US Trash- The Scowcroft Group…..

former members:

Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Haass
Ken Juster , Howard Baker , Carla Hills
Robert Strauss
Lawrence Eagleburger

These people have also been or are associates of the Scowcroft Group:

Stephen J. Hadley

Daniel Zhou – the founder of CEB Monitor Group Ltd., a Beijing-based China research and investment advisory group. Mr. Zhou has experience as the of Director of Investment Banking at UBS.


Kissinger Associates, Inc.,


After leaving office as mayor, Giuliani founded Giuliani Partners, a security consulting business; acquired Giuliani Capital Advisors (later sold), an investment banking firm; and joined the Bracewell & Giuliani law firm,
Following the advice of Neoconservative William Kristol, Dole flatly rejected the health care plan of Bill Clinton, remarking, “There is no crisis in health care.”

Working for Alston & Bird
Bob Dole consults Dubai company

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Certainly. The regressive right is filled with shady groups like that. Good info.

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Business Consultants Austin Texas

William asks…

Does anybody know a number to a direct person at the corportate office at David’s bridal?

I want to file a complaint about the store on Brodie Lane in Austin, Texas.
I bought a $800 dress and each brides maid spend $130. I have a horrible time at the store. They consultant, Jessica, told me that all I needed was spanx. She never smiled or told me a dress looked good on me. I just had a baby and im a size 9. Thats average. I was treated so bad. I left in tears. So I contacted the district manager, Veronica, and she said “sorry”. Well, a couple of days after my mom, grandmother and my MOH went to get their dresses. They had the same consultant, Jessica. They were left by themselves for 1 1/2 hours. She told them to pick their own dresses and sizes. She was very rude. So I contact the same manager and all she said was sorry.
I went in to get my dress fitted figuring she would get me a percentage off or something. Nope not a thing. The told me I HAD to buy their garment bag for $10. Its like after all I went through you cant throw in a $10 bad? Instead, she just made sure I just got good service, which is what I should have gotten in the first place.
So I emailed her the next day to explained to her I was upset and she told me Davids Bridal does not give discounts when they fall short of service. Crazy right? I was going to buy all my accesories through them, but I will take my business elsewhere. I urge you to do the same.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

David’s Bridal blows. They are the Walmart of wedding boutiques. My experience there was even worse than yours. I called their corporate number and was transferred to like 5 different people before I was finally hung up on. I sent them a letter with a copy of my receipt and pictures and was never reimbursed a penny. Let it go. The stress isn’t good for you. The damage is done and throwing a fit won’t turn back time. Actually, as an interior designer, when a client yells at me because a vendor didn’t ship something on time or something came in the wrong color, I’m less likely to help them because if their attitude. It’s one thing to say, “I ordered ____ last week and it’s still not here,” and another thing entirely to say, “You lying *****, this **** sette hasn’t come in yet and I have family coming in town tomorrow! Make it right NOW!” Ugh. Even the David’s Bridal people don’t want to deal with that. So, use a calm approach if you get through to a real person. Like I said, they’re the Walmart of bridal shops and we get what we pay for– unfortunately.

Someone above had a good idea to post this complaint on the FB page, although I think it would last about 2 min before being deleted.

My experience:
The consultant acted like my mom and I were wasting her time, rushed us out of the store, ordered my dress 2 sizes too big. I took it back for a fitting (having not tried it on yet) and the seamstress informed me it was too big to be altered and got a smaller size off the rack. It was still too big, but only one size too big instead of two sizes too big. It had ripped lace detailing and makeup stains alllll over it. Even with alterations, it was still too big for me. They gave me a sample dress and made me pay $700 for it. Would not give a discount even though it was their error. They sent a bridesmaid’s dress to the wrong state and then when they finally got it, the seamstress cut it about 7 inches too short and wouldn’t give her a new one. I got my veil a week before the wedding and it was ripped. They made me drive an hour back to the store for an exchange and then told me they had none left in stock and wouldn’t upgrade me. And my jewelry fell apart at my wedding.

My bridesmaids and I were at different colleges/grad schools in different states. The ones we dealt with are listed below and each was worse than the previous.

Franklin, TN
Glen Bernie, MD
Charlotte, NC
Roanoke, VA

Betty asks…

Please seriously help us??

The company i work for does screen printing on shirts && hats && much more && we also do embroidery . We bought out the assets of Lonestar Sportswear & Specialties & now our name is Texas Sportswear & specialteis since we had just rescently opened up we have Very little buisness. If you or someone you know wants to have some t-shirts made please contact me just send something to my email & i will get back to you w/our buisness info. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Please send me more information on your company.

I am a marketing consultant based in Austin and I give free consultations to local businesses.

-Chris L
Get The Word Out

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Sandy asks…

What is your own definition to build a new star of the wrestling business? +BQ?

We have lot of problems to build a stars for years. The reaction always dead when, The young talent had started talking about their matches. Cm Punk and Dean Ambrose knows how to cut a great promo.

Cm Punk, Austin Aries, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe and more others were already build as stars in Different wrestling promotions before, debuting in wwe or tna. It’s very hard to build a star more often.

I wouldn’t say The booking are too lazy to make a new stars But, We would see wrestlers to cut a promo.

BQ Do You think Brock Lesnar is the same level with Undertaker, The Rock, Chris Jericho and Triple H?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

How would I build a new star?

I wouldn’t do it like the WWE does: give him some ridiculous cartoon character to play or play some supporting role to an over-achieving midcard performer; that almost never works. I wouldn’t do it like TNA does, stick him in a group with much bigger already established stars to be overlooked; that, too, almost never works.

I’d have him just appear on TV with no fanfare. Generic entrance music, generic ring introduction, generic wrestling costume. I’d put him in the ring with an established star. Doesn’t have to be a main eventer, just somebody the fans know well and who has a good won-loss record. I’d have him get schooled by the established guy for several minutes but the guy just can’t seem to finish him off. As the match progresses it gets more competitive which causes the commentators to actually pay attention to the match rather than just phoning in some generic commentary because they’re sure the new guy doesn’t have a chance. After about 10 minutes of the new guy holding his own and starting to put the established star on the defensive I’d have some of the other wrestlers come out to watch the match, curious about the new guy doing so well in his first match. The new guy would win the match by pinfall. We’d see the other wrestlers talking to each other about the new guy. The commentators would be marveling at the upset, wondering who the new guy is. The new guy would shake his opponent’s hand then leave, paying respect to the other wrestlers as he heads up the ramp to the back.

Then I’d have the star who got beat go to the interview guy and say “who the hell was THAT?”.

I’d repeat the same scenario for a few weeks. The new guy gets several upsets in a row against established mid-card and semi-main event wrestlers. But no promos or interviews yet. We want the fans to wonder who the new guy is and what he’s all about. I’d have the commentators asking each other if they’ve been able to find out anything about the new guy. We want everybody curious about him. We want the fans to WANT to find out about the new guy rather than just being force-fed some BS back story by the writers the fans won’t believe anyway.

After several weeks of these upsets I’d have the Champ (or another main eventer at his level) do a promo about the new guy. He’d put him over in the promo and end up with a challenge to the new guy. The Champ (or other main eventer) wants to test the new guy himself. The new guy gets a main event TV match with him. It’s a very competitive match with the new guy giving the Champ all he can handle. The Champ has to work for it but he does win the match, handing the new guy his first loss.

Now we finally get to hear the new guy speak. He tells the fans that he wanted to prove himself first before he started issuing challenges of his own. And now that he knows he can push the Champ to his limits he wants to start challenging for championships. Then he’d challenge a secondary champion (like the U.S. Champ, or it’s equivalent). He’d win that title. Then follow with a promo that says, “NOW everybody knows who I am. NOW everybody knows my name. NOW everybody knows that I’m here to stay. NOW everybody knows that I deserve to be here. NOW everybody knows that I’m a champion!”

BQ: No. Lesnar’s been gone far too long for that. As of right now Lesnar is a ferocious monster from the past, living mostly on reputation. He’s not really connected to the WWE; he’s obviously some big-name from the past being paid a boatload of money to help with ratings and to sell PPVs, but not to help the day-to-day operation. He appears once in a while to scare the kids and look ferocious but he’s not connected to the WWE. The Rock has RE-connected to the WWE and it’s fans and has become part of the whole experience. Taker, Triple H, and Jericho are WWE through and through. Lesnar is an outsider, more an MMA fighter than a pro wrestler. Skill-wise yeah he’s on the same level, but he’s not WWE like the others are. He’s not even a pro wrestler like the others are. He’s an MMA fighter playing at being a pro wrestler because Vince is paying him a boatload of money.

Susan asks…

What is the cost and easiest way to open a llc in Houston tx?

im getting ready to open a business amd was wondering what the cost was and procedures for opening a llc from my understanding a llc comes with a tax I.d. any help would be much appreciated

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:



Choose a name for your business. Confirm that no other Texas business is using the same or a similar name by calling the Secretary of State at 512-463-5555. The name you choose must include the words “limited liability company,” “limited company” or “LLC.”

Download Form 205 “Certificate of Formation—Limited Liability Company” from the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Enter your chosen business name after “The name of the entity is:” on Form 205.

Choose a resident of Texas or another business registered in Texas as your LLC’s registered agent. This person is responsible for receiving official paperwork, such as legal documents, on your LLC’s behalf. Request written or emailed permission from the person or business and keep it on file. Enter the agent’s name and physical address in the “Registered Agent and Registered Office” section of Form 205.

Decide if your LLC will be managed by an outside manager or if the members of the LLC will manage the LLC themselves. Check the appropriate box in the “Governing Authority” section of Form 205. Enter the name of each member or outside manager, one per box. You must have at least one member or outside manager and they can be either individuals or organizations.

List your name and contact information under the “Organizer” section of Form 205. The organizer may be any individual who is at least 18 years old or a corporation.

Indicate when you want your LLC to start in the “Effectiveness of Filing” section of Form 205. Choose “This document becomes effective when the document is filed by the secretary of state.” if you are unsure.

Sign and date Form 205.

Make a copy of the form because you must submit two copies. Make a third copy for your own records.

Enclose a check or money order for $300 made payable to “Secretary of State.” Include a completed Form 807 if you prefer to pay by Visa, Discover or MasterCard. Credit card payments incur an addition 2.7 percent fee.

Mail the form to the following address:

P.O. Box 13697
Austin, TX 78711-3697

Fax the form to 512-463-5709 or deliver it in person to the James Earl Rudder Office Building at 1019 Brazos in Austin, Texas.

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Susan asks…

This is related to economics and from concepts of short run and long run?

We all know that managers need to follow these concepts in their planning cycle. As market is dynamic and all the time, there are many factors that are directly or indirectly affecting their business decisions and strategies. I just want know an example from any industry where manager are utilizing these concepts for decision making purposes and what factors they considered.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Have you ever worked for a company that has gone through a computer conversion, or at least considered doing so?
That would be an example of management utilizing the concepts of short run and long run. For this example, it doesn’t matter the specific company’s name, or even a particular industry. This happens in many companies in many industries.
The short run is defined as a period of time in which at least one input is fixed. The long run is defined as a period of time in which all inputs are variable.
The cost of a particular computer system is a fixed cost. Fixed costs only exist in the short run. In the short run, management cannot change the computer system. Suppose the company has been growing for a long time, or is growing rapidly. It is very possible that it is using a computer system that is not designed for this. The company will have to make decisions regarding hiring additional workers to manually deal with extra record keeping and other functions that could be handled more efficiently with an updated computer system. Management may have fewer reports available to help make decisions, so it would be making its day to day, and even long term, decisions using incomplete information. Management may consider outsourcing for the extra information needed. This would be costly, but outsourcing for some companies would be a viable alternative to hiring more workers directly. Maybe the company is in a building that cannot hold more workers. The building size would be fixed in the short run.
In the long run, the company may be able to fix its problems by converting to a new computer system, one that is more geared towards the needs of the company, or one that at least is not obsolete. This is a long run decision. The company would need to spend a lot of time researching the available options. This would require efforts from upper management, because upper management would have to be convinced that whatever system is used is adequate for the needs of the company. This would take people away from their other duties, which could decrease short run efficiency. These people need to be well versed in the technical language that would be used in any Q & A sessions with other companies. This may require extra training or the hiring of other consultants.
Once the decision is reached on a particular system, the real costs will kick in. Every company in every industry will have specific needs that the computer system is not designed for. The computer system will initially be more generic than adequate. This requires many hours from upper management and also key employees in every area of the company that will be affected by the change. Programmers will have to be hired. The management and key employees must be able to communicate their needs directly to the programmers. This is often a lengthy, trial and error process, because the specific requirements of the company must be communicated in a language that the programmers can understand. The programmers will know computer language, but will not be experts in the company’s core business or internal lingo. All of this will take employees away from their regular work schedule during this time.
Another long term decision: The company has to decide whether to trust the new system, and the way it is set up, enough to simply implement it once it is deemed ready. I know of a company that tried this, and found out that it had spent millions on something that had to be redone, from scratch. A better option would be using parallel systems (continue to use the old system while plugging actual data into the new system, which serves as a dummy system). Then a mock conversion, in which every employee of the company will have to go through the steps of converting the system, kind of a dress rehearsal. This means that every employee would have to be trained to work with the new system. Then it will take more time from upper management and key employees to evaluate the results of the new system, to determine if it is ready to go “live”.

All of this may involve the hiring and training of many new employees in order deal with the set up of the new system while at the same time running the day to day operations of the company. It is likely that a new system will provide new tools for management, and/or a better way of doing things, which would mean that additional employees may be needed on a permanent basis. It is not true that a new computer system will likely cut the long term work force. It would more likely create more possibilities for the company, which would require more, not fewer, workers. Either way, the employees would require a new set of skills. This requires the high cost of retraining existing workers as well as training new employees to replace the ones who quit because they don’t think they can be able to do things the “new” way.

Linda asks…

How can you make a database more efficient?

Does anyone know any ways of improving the efficiency of a database so that it is easier to use? Also, can you use mail merge in a database, apparently you can, and if so how and when would you use it? I’ve been asked to make one for my dad’s new company, and the feedback I got from his work colleagues for the draft that I did was to make it more efficient to use in the future, but I don’t know how. Any ideas would be appreciated!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Database efficiency and ease of use are two entirely different subjects. Db efficiency has to do with minimizing load put on the system, reducing average time for query response, reducing storage space needed, etc.

Ease of use is probably what they meant. They want it to be easier to do common tasks. Reduce the steps needed to do any given task to fewest possible. Have the computer present all needed information instead of the user having to go hunting for it. If they are complaining about efficiency, it probably means they feel using the system will be clumsy and a waste of time.

Let me give you a couple pieces of advice as a consultant who has designed hundreds of applications for small businesses. First off, if you don’t understand what your client wants, ask them! Ask for specific examples if they say something vague like “more efficient”. Second.. Don’t take this the wrong way, but the world is full of bad software written by people who didn’t quite know how to write it. Consider what’s best for your client and in the long run you’ll do better yourself. Know when something is beyond your own skills and it’s time to recommend they find an expert.

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Richard asks…

Which is a better career in the long run: Engineering or Accounting?

Is it better to stick with a Masters in Engineering or go for a Masters in Accounting at UT Austin (ranked #1)? I have an Engineering Ugrad.
The Masters in Engineering will be at University of Louisville, Kentucky.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Without a doubt, the biggest factor is your own long term goals. What do you want to become? Do you want to be an engineer? An accountant? They are very different jobs. If you have or had the chance, it would be a really good idea to intern or get some job experience in either field so you know what are you dealing with.

I think having an engineering degree is more versatile, though. I have a Masters in Industrial Engineering. Originally, I thought about getting a straightforward engineering job at one of the big auto manufacturers. But when I went to career fairs, it turned out that having an engineering degree is really appealing to consulting and financial firms as well. I had the chance to apply to a wide range of jobs, including health care consulting, investment banking, strategy consulting, computer programming, as well as designing cars.

An accounting degree is useful in its own way though. I don’t know as much about the area, but I worked at Ernst & Young for a couple years and I knew a lot of accountants who were quite happy with their work.

George asks…

What are some legitimate work at home jobs?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1.Legitimate Work at Home Job or a Home Business?
A.Let’s face it, a home business isn’t for everyone, but there are plenty of you who would like to find legitimate work at home jobs – at least if you could find legitimate work from home- maybe to be with the kids, maybe because you’re at your best when you work from home.
2.The Latest Work from Home Jobs
a.Here a list of work from home jobs some offering salary and benefits and all appearing to be perfectly legitimate opportunities to work from home.
B.These are all legitimate work at home jobs.
C.In some cases, you’ll have the flexibility to live anywhere, while in others, candidates are required (or preferred) to live in a certain area because training will take place there, occasional office attendance is a requirement or the customers you’ll be serving are in that area.
3.Full and Part-Time Work at Home Jobs
a.Some of the work from home jobs are full-time with salary and benefits.
4.Steering Clear of Work from Home Job Scams
a.In the vast majority of cases, legitimate work at home jobs shouldn’t require that you pay anything for the privilege to run from home.
5.Legitimate Work from Home Job Agencies
a.You may find that some of the work from home jobs in the list require you to register with a work from home job site.
6.Legitimate Work at Home Job Updates Each Week
a.Check the website every week and check for more pre-screened opportunities to work from home.
B.As always, tread carefully and do your homework on any company you’re considering.
7.Sales/Recruiter (Work from Home)
8.Sales Engineer (Test Interconnect; Telecommute)
9.Telecommute Systems Engineer
10.Human Resources Assistant – Possible Telecommute (Orlando, FL Area)
11.Vice-President and General Manager Ingenix Property & Casualty – Telecommute
12.Claims Technician – Refund and Recoup Specialist(50% Work from Home – Madison, WI Area)
13.Freelance Staff Writer (Work from Home)
14.Business Development Rep – IT Staffing & Consulting Services (Work from Home)
15.Content Rewriters Needed (Work from Home)
16.San Francisco Lifestyle Blogger (Austin TX and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale also Available)
17.Project Internship – SEO (Telecommute)
18.Portal Developer-Telecommute
19.MySQL Database Architect (Option for Telecommute)
20.Contracts Specialist – Dept. Of Energy Grants(Work from Home)
21.Freelance Writer With Legal Background (Work from Home)
22.On-Call Remote Support Position (Telecommute is OK)
23.Appointment Setter (Telecommute)
24.Customer Service Representative
25.Independent Online Learning Consultant Wanted (Telecommute)
26.Television / Science Writer – Work from Home

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Linda asks…

What are some good sleepaway camps in MA?

I found one around the center mass area but I forgot the name. WEBSITES ARE KINDLY APPRECIATED!
Anywhere in the New England area can be excepted too. I live in Connecticut but I don’t want to be too close to home. I love freedom and adventures
I am 12 and like coed, athletics, and art.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Hi Anna,

Digital Media Academy offers fun summer sleepaway camps at Harvard University, Cambridge Massachusetts. You might also find the George Washington, Washington DC or the Brown University Providence Rhode Island location convenient! They have different camps for different age groups kids, youth and teens – here are some of the fun summer camp activities:

All Courses Listed Below Are Five Days In Length. Combine Courses For A Multi-Week Experience.
3D Game Modding – Warcraft III® and Starcraft®
3D Game Level Design with 3ds Max & Photoshop CS4
3D Game Programming
3D Role Playing Games & Strategy
Digital Photography & Photoshop
Digital Art & Photoshop
Hollywood Visual Effects for Filmmaking

All 2-Week Academies are two weeks in length.
DMA 2-Week Academies
The Academy for Filmmaking
The Academy for Game Design
The Academy for Programming

All courses listed below are five days in length. Combine courses for a multi-week experience.
Action Sports & Media Combination Courses
Skate Boarding & Filmmaking
Action Sports Filmmaking
Surfing & Filmmaking
3D Modeling, Animation & Game Design Courses
Introduction to 3D Art, Modeling and Animation for Game Design
Introduction to 3D Art, Modeling and Animation for Filmmaking
3D Game Creation – Level Design
3D Game Creation – Character Design, Texturing & Sculpting
3D Game Development for the Wii or XBox
3D Game Development for the Internet
Game Development for the iPhone
Video/Audio Production & Post Production Courses
Hands-on Digital Filmmaking for Teens – Beginning
Digital Filmmaking and FX for Teens – Advanced
Come Together – Music & Video Production
Digital Audio & Music Production for Teens
Web Design & Flash Courses
Web Design and Flash Animation for Teens
Flash Scripting for Web Design
Flash Scripting for Game Design
Programming & Robotics Courses
Introduction to Game Programming with Python
Programming with C++
Hands-on Robotics for Teens

The Digital Media Academy is The Summer Computer Camp for Kids, Youth and Teens. No other computer camp offers DMA’s unique, high-tech summer camp experience. At DMA teens can explore possible career paths, prepare for college, gain practical work skills and even earn certification. All while enjoying an incredible day or sleepaway summer camp with other creative teens. Our summer camps offer a more sophisticated learning environment than any other summer computer camp. All teen camp courses are project based and taught by award-winning industry experts in state-of-the-art facilities. DMA instructors share cutting-edge skills and teach using the very latest technology.

For a discount at any Digital Media Academy Summercamp, please use this promocode: SleepAwayCamps

* Stanford University summer camp * Harvard University summer camp * UCLA summer camp * Brown University summer camp * UC San Diego summer camp * Drexel University summer camp * University of British Columbia UBC Vancouver summer camp * Swathmore College summer camp * UT Austin Summer Camp * George Washington summer camp * University of Chicago summer camp *

Have a great time at summer camp!

Jenny asks…

How do i decide what college to go to for my bachelors in ekg and or cardiology?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Bachelor of EKG.

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1 – 10 of about 42,300 for Bachelor degree in ekg – 0.14 sec. (About this page)

Bachelor’s Degree Online – Fast and easy registration. Forms available online. Register today.
Online Bachelor’s Degrees – Compare Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs from Accredited Schools.


EKG. Associate in Applied Science Degree. Clinical Laboratory Technician. Bachelor in Science Degree. Clinical Laboratory Scientist. How can I prepare now? … – 40k – View as html – More from this site
EKG | Department of Liberal Studies
The Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree at Boston University … Courses in the UDCP/BLS program comprise a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree in … – 25k – Cached – More from this site
Round Rock Higher Education, Professional Development by Texas State University and Austin Community College
EKG & Pharmacy Tech courses offered as certificates through the Texas State Continuing Ed. … It’s a great place to get your associate’s degree in Texas. … – 42k – Cached – More from this site
EKG Technician
Free Housing to 3.5+ GPA Honor Students. Jackson Offers Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree … Health Sciences. EKG Technician. Owosso Campus. For questions … – 14k – Cached – More from this site
EKG Stables at Hill Valley Farm – Boarding, Lessons and Training Fredericksburg, Virginia
EKG Stables, LLC at Hill Valley Farm located in Spotsylvania, Virginia … Erin received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary Washington and … – 8k – Cached – More from this site
Bridgeport Hospital – Who’s Who on Your Cardiac Team -
… EKG technicians are also trained on the job in an 8-16 week program by an EKG … Educational requirements: a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy … – 41k – Cached – More from this site
Land EKG – About LandEKG
Land EKG© Inc. … After completing a bachelor’s degree in 1984, Charley returned to the Wyoming … To pioneer a Master’s Degree in Soils and Environmental … – 17k – Cached – More from this site
Skills Required/Positions M to Z – Vancouver Washington, WA, Portland Oregon, OR
… Training of 13 to 24 months in EKG and Cardiac Stress Testing and supervisory … Specialized training beyond bachelor degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, … – 151k – Cached – More from this site
Guide To Healthcare Schools
Directory of healthcare schools in the U.S. Providing degree and certificate programs in the field of healthcare. Allows to search by location, degree, or speciality.
Category: Health > Education – 83k – Cached – More from this site
Bridgeport Hospital
… EKG technicians are also trained on the job in an 8-16 week program by an EKG … Educational requirements: a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy … – 19k – Cached – More from this site


Bachelor Degree Program at Molloy – Earn your bachelor degree from Molloy college. Get free info now.
Bachelor Degree – Online Degree Programs for Career Skills. Find Schools Fast, Free.


* Bachelor Degree Program at Molloy
Earn your bachelor degree from Molloy college. Get free info now.
* Bachelor Degree
Online Degree Programs for Career Skills. Find Schools Fast, Free.
* Ekg Technician Course
Degrees as Fast as 1 Year for Ekg Technician Course.
* Bachelor Degree
Shop eBay for anything and everything – from specialized gifts to…
* Bachelor Degree
Save on Bachelor Degree. Compare Products, Prices and Stores.
* Bachelor’S Degree
Learn the skills you need to compete in today’s high-growth fields….
* Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics
Earn a degree at the European School of Economics. Masters,…
* Top 10 Online Degree & Education Sites
Bachelor degree. High Ranked Sites Offering Online Degree.
* See your message here…

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Austin Internet Marketing Agency

John asks…

Is Austin Jim a rex hotel HR?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It’s a fake job scam.

The scam is to get you to pay for fake work documentation.

UK employers cannot employ non EU nationals unless they are licenced by the Home Office to do so. THe Rex Hotel is not on the Register of Sponsors so cannot employ non EEA nationals in the UK.

There is a recruitment process that companies have to follow as they cannot offer a job to a non EU national unless they have advertised the trade and national press and across the job centre network. Only if no suitably qualified applicant from the EU applies can they offer the job to a non EU applicant. You would have to be interviewed, there is no way any UK company is going to offer a job to someone they have not interviewed.

Unless you have a degree level qualification and extensive experience you stand no chance of getting a visa or competing in the job market in the UK. Most of the jobs on the list would not qualify for a work visa in the UK as they are low skilled.

If you reply to this, you will eventually be asked to contact a fake lawyer, embassy official or travel agency to process your visa. You will be asked to pay by Western Union.

The ONLY way UK visas are ever issued is in the country of the applicant from a visa application centre, usually a High Commission or Embassy. The UK employer would issue you with a Certificate of Sponsorship which you take to the visa application centre with your documents (bank statements, education and qualifications certificates, etc) and a fee of £270 which you pay direct to them. There you will be photographed and finger printed as part of the process. Visas are never processed in the UK and never by third parties, either lawyers or agencies. Your only cost would be the visa cost. All other costs are handled by the employer.

Nobody can guarantee you a visa and nobody can apply on your behalf.

No legitimate organisation in the UK would ask you to send money by Western Union – EVER! They all have bank accounts, so why would they need to use WU? There are some golden rules you should observe when dealing with people on the Internet and the first and most important is that you never, never pay for anything by Western Union or Moneygram. No legitimate business uses this method of transferring money and you may as well burn your money as it is untraceable and irretrievable.

Have nothing more to do with these people and beware of any future approaches by email, they are always a scam.

Laura asks…

Considering moving to Austin a lot of questions…?


I am considering moving to Austin from Milwaukee sometime in early August. I visted the city in March but at best got a general idea.

One general question: this move would only be until August, would it be financially worth it?
*What some decent & well priced areas that one would not need a car to get around in and are safe?
*Is there public transport to suburban or greater metro areas?
* What is the overall cost for a single person concerning: electricity, water/gas, internet, transport, food, and taxes—I noticed that wages weren”t all that great for a recent college grad but at the sametime the cost of living seemed much lower than Milwaukee.
*Considering the state of the economy, how difficult in general would it be to secure a job in finance/call center if I sent several resumes this week?
…and any other advice you might have.

Thank you :)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1) Anywhere central that’s close to a bus route or two should be easy to get around. If you’re going to be working central, you should be fine, but if you are going to be working far North or South, it will be decidedly harder to live without a car because the buses are few and far between in the areas further out. I had to buy a car when I first moved here, because the bus didn’t run early enough, or close enough to my work place.
2) Public transportation to/from suburban areas is extremely limited. There’s a couple of park and rides, so if you are living in the burbs, you will have to drive to one of these. There’s no buses that drive around in Round Rock/Pflugerville, etc, they only go from a park and ride, to downtown Austin.
3) cost of living is on the rise (but it seems to be most everywhere in America). The housing market is pretty tight right now. Rents are up pretty high, and it’s going to get tighter when all the students move to town (although most of them have probably secured places already). Bills are tough to estimate, because it really depends on the place you rent, the efficiency of the A/C, how cold you keep it, etc. I usually ranged between $30-100/mo when I was living alone, the higher end being the summer months. Water and gas should be significantly cheaper than the electric bill, and some complexes include them in the rent.
4) most call centers in town are staffed by temp agencies. It’s not hard to get placements at most of them, but there might be some waiting involved. Entry level wages are notoriously low here because there’s a lot of recent college grads who will take most anything.
My advice would be if you are moving without a job lined up, find a roommate/shared housing at first until you find a job and then find a place on your own when you know the city better, know what you can afford, and where you want to live in relation to your work.

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Small Business Consulting Websites

Steven asks…

Is there a website where I can find a small business that is willing to let me setup a Network Infrastructure?

Trying to venture into the network consulting world, and leave the corporate life. I want to start a relationship with small business that will allow me to setup and manage there network infrastructure for free for the first few months (try before you buy). I want to know if there are websites out there for these types of scenarios. I hoping that offering service for free, would then tie me into a contract with these small businessess if they like my setup.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Unfortunately, no there isn’t

Lizzie asks…

Is it better to open a business as a non profit or small business?

I want to open a christian youth activity center, with a club atmohsphere, I don’t have business experience. Should I go the route of non profit or just go at it as a small business? And how do you get started? Any website suggestions?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Whether you run it as a non-profit or as a for profit you need the same techniques because you’ll run it exactly the same way to be profitable. The difference is what you do with the profit and the way you are taxed.

Since you’ve never been in business before, I would strongly recommend that you talk to a business counselor before you do anything especially spend money. I’d call the local office of SCORE (go to and input your zip code to find the chapter nearest you), the advice is FREE.

The counselor at SCORE will most likely advise you to write a business plan which is very good advice because it will force you to dig out all of the start up details and the costs of starting a Christian youth activity center and force you to also understand all of the aspects of this business including the customers you’ll concentrate on (your market ) and how you’ll go after them.

Try this link :

and read some of the articles especially the ones about a business plan and starting a business.

Good Luck

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