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Charles asks…

Is a branding and marketing consultancy a good start-up company?

I have a big interest in branding and marketing. However, I do not have a strong theoretical knowledge on branding and nor on business & finance. (my background is engineering). I plan to however take a Grad Diploma in brand management.

I would like to set up a company where I advise companies on how to improve their branding and hence sell more and generate higher profits as well as happier customers.
Do you think this is a good start-up idea?

I also know there are other such companies around (with many more years of experience). So what can I do to differentiate my company from theirs? (would love some ideas!)

thanks :)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

As a start up it is one of the lowest cost business to run. You can do it from home.

Unfortunately, with no experience, you cannot get the job. Companies will only hire consultants with actual brand and strategic planning experiences.

Most brand consultants that do their own business are from the past advertising industry where they are strategic and brand planners working on multi-national brands over global or regional markets. Where they are familiar with the product development, consumer markets and ability to conduct research with their research resources and understand and translate the science of marketing and branding to the customers.

Sorry…. But I think you are so not ready for this. You should start considering looking for a job in the sector. Learn from big firms, gain your reputation (the only thing that sells to potential customers), work on big brands for credentials, then go and do your branding firm. The road in this career – a very long one.

Chris asks…

6 Months Training in Embedded Systems?

6 Months Training in Embedded Systems/VLSI Design for electronics students, or Project Based Industrial Training

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is an efficient Electronics Training and Development company, working towards the best career prospect of the growing engineers.

PRIGANIK offers a wide spectrum of technical courses and application courses designed to suit every skill level, as well as the ability to consult directly with organizations to tailor made learning plans for any number of employees. Our products and services have a wide appeal and are applicable to those in varied positions including embedded design engineer, embedded developer, systems architects, test engineers, software developers, help desk staff, IT managers, senior executives, administrative assistants and business professionals.

PRIGANIK’s leading IT-Education provider, equips learners with actionable knowledge, getting the right learning to the right people at the right time With PRIGANIK, you can accelerate and certify the skills of a globally dispersed staff with standardized course materials through every stage of the IT learning curve.

PRIGANIK’s services:
PRIGANIK is into three major segments:
Project Based: – We provide project based training on various latest and upcoming technologies like Embedded System, Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR), VLSI-Design & Verification, Robotics, VHDL, Verilog-HDL, Systems Verilog (HVL), Analog Circuit Designing(Spice Simulation), MSP430, PCB Designing, Ethical Hacking, Lab-View, MATLAB, Cyber Security, etc.
Corporate Training: – At PRIGANIK, we provide corporate education and custom-content training solutions to some of the India’s largest private and public sector organizations. We serve our clients in various sectors such as Embedded Systems, VLSI-Design & Verification, information technology, education, professional services etc.
We have created embedded based products and web based solutions for many different types of businesses. Some examples of the embedded based products developed by us are Dhanbad Instruments pvt. Ltd. (
PRIGANIK is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. Our consultancy and manpower supply services are an added advantage for our students.

PRIGANIK’s Training packages:
PRIGANIK is specialized in imparting different types of training according to the needs of the Institute and students, namely:
Students undergo training on latest technologies at college campus (onsite) or at PRIGANIK Campus (offsite). Students are given real time exposure on LIVE Project which helps them gain in-depth knowledge of the technology.
Students in final year are worried about placement during 6-months training. Our Project Based Training Program is a process which starts with training based on live project and moves along the path of preparing the trainees for Interviews with the help of Industry Experts (Technical Interviews).
PRIGANIK also specializes in providing customized programs on various technologies, as per the requirement of the students/management or college.
The 6 Months Project Based Industrial Training is an exhaustive program on any of the chosen technology that equips the students with the in-depth knowledge of that technology with the hands on experience while working on the Live Projects. These programs are actually a golden opportunity for the students to learn some technologies which are not a part of their curriculum, which in turn catalyzes the smooth transition from college to workplace.
PRIGANIK specializes in providing training on various technologies namely:
?Embedded Systems
?Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR)
?VLSI-Design & Verification
?Systems Verilog (HVL)
?Analog Circuit Designing (Spice Simulation)
?PCB Designing
?Ethical Hacking
?Cyber Security

The training has following distinctive features:
• Qualified & Certified Industry Professionals as Trainers/Faculty
• Industry Collaboration & Awareness
• Technical Panel from Industry in Different Domains
• Upgraded Course Curriculum
• Live Projects
• Training Certificates and Project Letter
• State of Art Infrastructure with well equipped labs
• One year membership card (for project and technical assistance)

In case of further queries please feel free to contact us:

Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
# 68/220, Pratap Nagar,
Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj.)-302033
PH: (+91)141-2792007
MOB: (+91)8058697556, (+91)9461982003/4/5

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Headhunters Austin

Mandy asks…

Can you add to the list of 12-bar blues songs?

All of the songs listed below have the same chord progression (at some point in the song):

4 measures of the dominant chord -> 2 measures of the 4th chord -> 2 measures of the dominant -> 1 measure of the 5th -> 1 measure of the 4th (or a 2nd measure of the 5th) -> 2 measures of the dominant -> start over

Good Time – Alan Jackson
Austin Powers Intro
Rock Around the Clock; Shake Rattle & Roll – Bill Haley & His Comets
Green Onions – Booker T & the MGs
In the Mood – Glen Miller
Jump Jive and Wail – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
12 Bar Blues – Bruce Robison
Baptized in Dirty Water – Chris Thomas King
Candyman – Christina Aguilera
The Twist – Chubby Checker
Johnny Be Goode; Roll Over Beethoven; Run Rudolph Run – Chuck Berry
Stupid Cupid – Connie Francis
Crossroads – Cream
At The Hop – Danny and the Juniors
Some Days You Gotta Dance – Dixie Chicks
Mercy – Duffy
Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
Blue Suede Shoes; Hound Dog; Merry Christmas Baby – Elvis Prestley
Wipeout – The Sufaris; Fat Boys
Ice Breaker – The J. Geils Band
Greased Lightnin’ – Jeff Conway & John Travolta
Rock & Roll Medley – Jerry Lee Lewis
Tutti Frutti; Good Golly Miss Molly – Little Richard
Stuck in the Middle With You – Stealers Wheel
King Tut – Steve Martin
Pride & Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughn
Hey Santa! – Straight No Chaser
Hanky Panky – Tommy James & the Shondells
Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman
Tush – ZZ Top

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Good Golly….You got some eclectic tunes in there, in terms of 12 bar blues.

BB King
Freddie King
Albert Collins
Johnny Winter
Stevie Ray

Even the Georgia Headhunters.

I understand that you’re identifying those songs with the traditional 12 bar rhythm progression. But to call it blues, that means a lot more.
I mean, you are so far off base with your 12 bar blues list, that I don’t think posting an individual song link for each artist I mentioned would do any good. I mean, “Hey Santa!” is NOT 12 bar blues, I don’t care what the format is. Alright, I will post a good link to one of my aforementioned…enjoy, please! Remember, blues is a feeling, not a time signature.

this is 12 bar blues at it’s finest!

Charles asks…

Shaun Cold’s Nickname Quiz 2?

I’ll say a wrestler, you give me a nickname of their’s (try not to repeat other answers)

these are nicknames for the Wrestler not the gimmick – EXAMPLE: if Triple H is the Wrestler, The Connecticut Blueblood would be accepted even though he was not wrestling under the name “Triple H” at that time.

1. Hardcore Holly
2. Carlito
3. Spike Dudley
4. Tazz
5. Alberto Del Rio
6. Steve Blackman
7. Al Snow
8. Homicide
9. Colt Cabana
10. Alex Shelley
11. Sonjay Dutt
12. Crash Holly
13. Bobby Eaton
14. Steve Austin
15. Kenta Kobashi
16. Bruno Sammartino
17. Larry Zbyszko
18. Goldust
19. Harley Race
20. Lex Luger
21. Kamala
22. Petey Williams
23. Vance Archer
24. Road Dogg
25. Jerry Lawler
26. Steve Corino
27. Simon Diamond
28. Kazarian
29. Christian
30. Afa Anoa’i

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1-The Alabama Slamma
2-Caribbean Cool
3-The Runt of the Litter
4-The Human Suplex Machine
5-The Mexican Aristocrat
6-The Lethal Weapon
7-The Clown Prince of Hardcore
8-The Notorious 187
10-The Paparazzi Machine
11-The Mamu
12-The Houdini of Hardcore
13-The Sultan of Swing
15-Mr. Puroresu
16-The Italian Superman
17-The New Living Legend
18-The Prince of Perversion
19-The King Of Wrestling
20-The Narcissist
21-The Ugandan Headhunter
22-Little Petey Pump
23-The Ticked Off Texan
25-The King
26-The Fucking God of Professional Wrestling
27-The Empire Saint
28-The Coolest Man in Wrestling
30-The Godfather of Professional Wrestling

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Business Growth Consultants

Chris asks…

Where can a for profit company get 6 million dollars to help black business?

We are a company providing capital and coaching for black business growth.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I recommend visiting the following website. They are very knowledgeable about the grant process, and will now lead you down the wrong path. There are many rip off companies out there, so be careful!! The writing consultant has a very broad knowledge base in the non-profit side. The address is

Thomas asks…

What are the pros and cons of having a Pampered Chef business?

If you have a business with Pampered Chef please tell me your honest opinion pros and cons.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I love Pampered Chef, it’s very rewarding. You set your own pace (just one show a month would meet the minimum), you get a discount that increases with your sales, there’s lots of growth opportunity, and Pampered Chef rewards it’s dedicated consultants with trips.
However, as with ANY profitable home business, you must be dedicated and put in hours in order to be successful. If you don’t already have a good network of friends, the first few months can be challenging. Though, once you do build up a network of people and get the hang of things, it does get easier to keep business going.
As to the matter of pricing, Over 80% of the products are under $50 dollars. On top of that, PC has a special for both guests and hosts every month to reduce the how much you spend. Hosts can earn 100% FREE products (including no Shipping charges), half-priced products, and discounts up to a year.

Sure, you can find several products in the local store, but do they have the quality? Unlikely, you’ll spend twice as much by replacing the store-bought products way before the PC ones. I have seen in a restuarant PC products that were several years old. IF something does not work as it should or breaks with proper use, all products have at least a 1-year guarantee and some have lifetime guarantees. All you need is to return the product with the receipt to have it replaced for free.

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Federal Jobs In Austin Tx

Steven asks…

How should I re-establish bad credit with credit card companies? I’ve never been defauler for utilties,city ?

I lived in Austin TX for at least 6 years. I got very good credit but during the last 2 years i didn’t have proper jobs and used to get unemployment still i was making minimum payments. But for the last 6 months i got stuck up hand to mouth and couldn’t make the payment and credit card companies put me on collection inspite of the fact that i used to make payments on monthly payment protection plan. Anyway now I’m in the position to at least continue making minimum payments is there any fed program to convince credit card company to stop hearting the credit cosidering the present econmic condition and they shouldn’t assume that every1 is the same?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Well, I don’t promise anything but (if you have time to go through it all) many people seem to find these links useful:

and here

good luck!

Ken asks…

How long is police academy (physical part) in Austin PD, and Houston PD?

I was wondering how old you have to apply for both departments, all the requirements, salary info. And also what kind of education is required to join these police departments. I am currently 14 & is very curious about this.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:


Positions are filled on a competitive basis, those meeting the minimum requirements will not be as qualified as those with the best qualifications. And, there are more applicants than there are positions. To become a police officer, the standard requirement for most major police agencies seems to be a minimum of 60 undergraduate hours (from a regionally accredited college), although some allow substitution of military service, and a Bachelor’s degree may be preferred (generally required for federal special agent positions); although some may only require a high school diploma. Some agencies (and federal agencies) have a military hiring preference, and being an officer counts more than being an enlisted person. Some agencies have age limits, for federal jobs it is 21 minimum and 37 maximum. Any major is acceptable, but Criminal Justice, Forensics, Computer Science, Sociology, or Psychology may stand you in better stead. Foreign language ability, particularly Spanish, is advantageous. Smaller agencies may have a high school requirement. And GPA may be more important than major. The agency normally provides training, but some states may have private academies (like TX). Those meeting the minimum requirements may not compare well to the best qualified applicants. Many agencies have increased pay levels for higher education, and higher education facilitates promotion.

A Bachelor’s degree is required for federal special agent positions (very few exceptions). As stated above, any major is acceptable. I attended an agency-sponsored Masters program for an MS in management. GPA, work experience, ability to communicate orally and in writing, and graduate degrees are what determine who gets hired for federal positions. And, there are always more applicants than positions. Those meeting the minimum requirements may not compare well to the best qualified applicants. Military service may provide hiring preference, service as an officer is preferred over enlisted service.

You must have no felony arrests, and many misdemeanor arrests are also disqualifying, as may be bad credit. And, a domestic violence conviction will be disqualifying. Any prior drug use of any sort may be disqualifying, although exceptions are possible in some agencies. There may be a written exam, medical exam, polygraph test, physical fitness test, drug test, minimum eyesight requirements, psychological evaluation, oral board examination, and full background check. As I said, there are always more applicants than there are positions, so it may take many application submissions to get an acceptable job (at least it did for me). Contact the agency directly or look for their website, which will list their employment qualifications and requirements.

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Job Listings Austin Tx

Donna asks…

What’s the best way for a European to find work in the U.S.?

My Hubby is a technician here in Europe and we want to find out what qualifications he’ll need to work in the U.S. before we move back to the U.S. What’s the best way for us to go about doing a job search and qualification search for him?
We’ve already started doing job searches (and obviously we know he needs to get a work permit, etc.) but what we don’t know is how to find out if the qualifications he has as an electrician/technician will be valid in the U.S. or if he’ll have to go through more training or something. Should we contact individual companies and ask them what they think?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I would target specific companies and take a look at their job postings to see what qualifications they list. I’m guessing most electrician positions will be in labor unions, so joining the union will be a requirement in those cases. Sometimes union seniority will play a part in filling positions, but if a job is posted for public view, they are generally open to looking at candidates who are not currently members of the union.

The job posting will also tell you the amount of experience they’re seeking, as well as any certifications or education they require. He may also need to obtain a license in the state where he’ll be working.

To give you a few examples, here are the requirements for an Electrician position in Austin, TX:
Do you have an Associate-s degree and 3 years relevant experience? Please detail. Do you have experience with AC-DC drives, PLC-s, crane controls and AC-DC motors? Please elaborate. In addition to your electrical skills, please discuss your mechanical ability.

This is for a Journeyman in Oklahoma City, OK:
When did you receive your electrician license for the State of Oklahoma Describe your experience as a journeyman Explain your knowledge of installation of electrical equipment Are you able to work in NE Oklahoma.

And here’s one for an Electrician in Phoenix, AZ:
- Must have 8-10 years of experience as an electrician Journeyman 1
- Must have 5-7 years of experience as an electrician Journeyman 2
- Must have 2-4 years of experience as an electrician Apprentice 1
- Must have steel toe boots.
- Must have own tools-Ask about tool list
- Must be able to pass drug test
- Must be able to pass background check

I found those particular listings on

Sharon asks…

What’s the job market like in Austin, TX?

My girlfriend is looking to move to Austin to go to the University of Texas. I’ll be a college graduate (Econ) by the time we move. What’s the job market like down there?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It depends on what type of job you are looking for and how much experience you have. As a recent grad, you will be competing against recent UT grads, who will likely have the “home town” advantage. But, with the state capital being in Austin, there are government positions with the state, county & city, as well as industry positions. I moved here from a northern state 18 months ago, and was impressed by the number of jobs available. Austin has not seen (yet, anyway) the slow down that the rest of the country is seeing (like the auto industry areas are seeing). Check out jobs for listings. Craig’s list also typically has job listings here. Good Luck! You’ll love it here.

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Strategic Business Consulting Firms

William asks…

what is a day like in the business world for a business marketer ?

I’m in my first year of high school. I am interested in persuing a career in busness marketing/ advertising in the fashion industry. I was wondering if anyone worked in the business world. I would like to know how it is like. And I was thinking about studying at Fordham and then Parsons.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Good luck,
Marketing is a really challenging career and you have to love it if you want to make it as your life.
This profession takes all your criativity, imagination, organization and other skills as p.example finances.

A Day in the Life
A marketing executive directs the marketing of a company’s products or services. Marketing executives know the company’s product line, historical market, potential market, media costs, media response, and budgeting issues. Marketers often have to be intimate with a number of advertising media, such as radio, television, phone solicitation, mail campaigns, and promotional events. Their most difficult task is determining how best to take advantage of any or all of them to promote their product. In addition, “You have to know when to sell your own product, and when to mow down the other guy’s product,” said one New York marketing executive. Marketing takes three basic forms: Positive marketing (the benefits of your product or service), educational marketing (developing a demand for your product by educating people about their needs, such as mouthwash marketers talking about gingivitis), and negative marketing (revealing the flaws in a competitor’s product). Knowing when to do which and how is both the science and art that marketing executives practice. Most marketing executives spend significant time analyzing demographics, regional sales figures, and the competition. However, more than one marketer told us that in the end, marketing is all about “common sense.” Many said a general approach to the industry is useless each product has one specific trait, detail or role that is unique and valuable, and all the marketing executive does is apply common sense to the promotion of that trait. Another marketer put it this way: A marketing executive has to be able to recognize “unexplored potentialities” that can turn a low-selling item into a large-selling item, and a large-selling item into a mega-hit. The pressure is significant, but it has one advantage: Marketers always know how they’re doing, as tracked by an increase or decrease in sales. External events may drive demand for a product in one direction or another; it’s the marketer’s job to respond to these shifts and take advantage of them. Excuses for low sales don’t go over well. Marketers often work hand-in-hand with developers, advertisers, and production managers to ensure a product’s successful promotion. However, a number of marketers mentioned that although they are called in to consult on production decisions, such as product design, color, and even box shape, “many of the decisions are made without our consent anyway.” A marketer has to be creative, confident, and thick-skinned-marketing personnel get fired at an above average rate. Nevertheless, creative thinkers with the ability to analyze statistics and work out long-term logistical plans find sound homes in marketing divisions, where all their skills are needed to successfully launch a product or maintain a product’s sales.
Marketing executives have no formal educational requirements, but most employers require a college degree. Valued courses include marketing, statistics, advertising, psychology, sociology, business, finance, economics, and history. Communication skills are very important, so any writing experience is appreciated. Marketing executives need know their product line and its unique features, so special requirements may apply for those in science, mechanical, medical, or computer-based industries. Professional education is the norm in this occupation, with many marketers attending at least two seminars or lectures a year. Certification is available from a number of professional societies (such as the American Marketing Association and Marketing Executives International), but employers do not require it.
Marketing executives often are promoted to strategic planning positions. Others take their skills to advertising agencies, demographic research firms, or public relations firms. Many return to school for M.B.A.s. Upon completion of their degrees, many head up marketing departments or move into positions of management. A notable few work for consumer advocacy groups and are vocal participants in the debate over fairness in marketing and advertising.
Follow my blog and you’ll be able to start studying some tips from it.
Good Luck and all the best

Nancy asks…

Do you always list your entire employment history on a resume?

I’m wondering if it’s worth mentioning, or would be problematic for not mentioning my first job. I was in High School and worked at a Quiznos. Didn’t get fired or quit for anything stupid. The place just went out of business eventually, but anywho. Is it worth mentioning this? I worked there for about a year.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I have a masters degree and work as a strategic management consultant. My experience includes 8 years experience working as a principal consultant for an international consulting firm.

No, I’m not going to put that I worked at Joann’s Fabrics when I was in high school.
No, I”m not worried that the company is going to find out and fire me because I falsified a resume / application.

Is Quiznos worth mentioning for you? How old are you now and what kind of jobs are you looking for?

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Austin Texas News

Robert asks…

How is it even possible to justify using a taser on a 72 year old Great Grandmother?
I’d like to get a Cops opinion if possible, is this how you would have handled it?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Some jurisdictions require a signature on a citation. It is not an admission of guilt, it simply a promise to appear. If you don’t sign, you can be held and brought before the judge in person.

Therefore, the arrest was justified. However, the way it was carried out is arguable.

A 72 year old woman can be very frail, especially if they have osteoporosis, which is common in older women. It would not take much force to break a bone. It is also common for elderly to have thin skin. I’ve assisted medics on calls and seen elderly persons “degloved”, when you try and grab them the skin peels back. This results in a painful condition that is prone to infection.

Perhaps that was his justification, I don’t know without all the facts. I’d like to think I could have resolved it without the taser, but I wasn’t there.

Lizzie asks…

How can I start Modeling in Austin, Texas?

I’m 15, & 5’3. I live in Austin Texas, I’ve been looking around for some legit modeling agencies near me.. and there isn’t many or any at all. And I want to do print Modeling bascily how could I get started in Austin? What are some things I should/need to do, to start Modeling?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

First you need an agent and he/she will do his/her best to get you jobs, work on your portfolio(models have portfolios with head shots and pictures from previous modeling jobs that you agent can show potential employers and they work on your appearance. But they cost $$money$$ or will sometimes take cuts of your proceeds. Agents are not an option you need one to get good paying jobs.

You usually need to be tall or have long legs and have healthy clear skin (or be REALLY good with make up and put it on before you meet your agent and go to jobs) nice nails and toe nails, white teeth and a nice smile, skinnier than skinny, one toned skin (armpits too), healthy hair with a hair style that fits your image, no unnecessary body hair (facial peach fuzz, arm hair, leg hair, side burns etc) make sure you shave every inch of your leg and arm hair so youre smooth and picture perfect. Also you should cover any visable scars or stretch marks with make up but thats usually edited out if visible.
Another thing sticking to print modeling is a bad idea as its a competitive industry because of the easy pay and promotion. Which means you get paid less since there are usually models fighting to get the same job so you should do more than just print modeling youll make more money and make it when you need it. Print modeling has multiple categories(nude news swimwear fashion etc) obviously youre not going to do nude, but just make sure youre in shape.
You might want to create your portfolio before you get an agent or agency which means hire a photographer to take your pictures (alot of them) in a swimsuit a dress nice clothes a variety of things, or you should pick out which print model category you would like to start in and focus on taking those kinds of photos for your portfolio then find an agent it makes it alot easier.
Remember modeling isnt easy and it cost alot money before you can make money.

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Management Jobs In Austin Tx

Donald asks…

For Econ, should I go for Northeastern University or University of Minnesota Twin Cities?

Assume that financial condition does not matter
Which one will look better for a bachelor degree in Econ?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Looks like university of minnesota twin cities

Best Undergraduate Economics Programs
1. Harvard University in Cambridge, MA
Part of the Ivy League of schools, Harvard is one of the most distinguished schools in the nation, having placed first in U.S. News & World Report’s 2011 rankings of national universities. Additionally, the Department of Economics at Harvard was noted for having one of the best undergraduate economics programs in the nation by U.S. News, which, in 2009, deemed it one of four schools tying for the number one spot. Students may choose from a primary or secondary concentration in the field, and several opportunities are available for study outside the classroom, including workshops and seminars. Two tracks of study are offered for undergraduate students in economics: a thesis track, through which students complete a senior thesis on a topic in economics, and an advanced course track, through which students complete upper-level courses in different areas of economics.

2. University of Chicago in Chicago, IL
Founded in 1892, the University of Chicago is one of the highest-ranked schools in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report. In 2011, this private school ranked ninth on the publication’s National Universities list. U.S. News also ranked the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics as one of the best in the nation in 2009, tying it at number one with Harvard, Princeton and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The department offers undergraduate students a scientific, mathematical and statistical approach to studying economics, leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). An honors workshop and thesis option is available to B.A. Candidates, and many research opportunities are offered in the form of assistantships and full-time, off-campus jobs.

3. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in Minneapolis, MN
The University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus is one of the largest public universities in the nation, serving over 33,000 undergraduate students alone. Its Department of Economics ranked among U.S. News & World Report’s top ten undergraduate programs in the nation in 2009. Three undergraduate degrees in economics are offered, including a B.A., a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and a B.A. With a quantitative emphasis, which is similar to the B.S. In its more extensive use of coursework in calculus, algebra and econometrics. The school also offers seven minors in economics, in such areas as general economics, econometrics, international trade and development, applied microeconomics, monetary economics and management. Additional educational opportunities include internships and undergraduate research.

List of Ten Colleges and Universities with Good Economics Programs
School Name Distinction Location
Harvard University Offers opportunities for studying economics abroad in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia Cambridge, MA
Ohio State University Features an undergraduate honors program in economics Columbus, OH
Princeton University Several distinguished visiting faculty from organizations such as the Federal Reserve of New York and the World Bank Princeton, NJ
Purdue University Joint program in management and economics West Lafayette, IN
University of California – Berkeley Five current and previous faculty members have won Nobel prizes Berkeley, CA
University of Chicago Extensive series of economics-based workshops Chicago, IL
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities The Economics Student Organization (ESO) Minneapolis, MN
University of Pennsylvania Houses the national economics magazine International Economic Review Philadelphia, PA
University of Texas at Austin The Economics-Master of Public Accounting (MPA) program Austin, TX
University of Wisconsin – Madison Four distinguished scholarships offered to undergraduate

Nancy asks…

What can I do with a master’s degree in healthcare administration?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You would be able to work in health care management level positions (i.e. Administration, management, supervisor, etc). One of the things I think may help people unsure of what they can do with a degree, is to use job searches like “Indeed” because this can really help in showing the various jobs out there. Also, it helps people to see the job market, as well as qualifications employers are looking for. This may help in deciding on what degree will work best for you in the career/job you see yourself working.

What you may find from your research in looking at jobs, is a number of employers wanting several years experience at the management level, and in addition, some preferring licensed health care professions like “RN’s”. In Behavioral Health management positions, you may see preferences as well for licensed health professions like RN’s, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social workers, etc.

Example: Position- Manager: Behavioral Health
Responsible for the activities of the behavioral health and/or EAP department staff. Assists with the development, evaluation, and implementation of business plans and operational processes.
Professional licensure required in state where job duties are performed; Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), licensed psychologist, or Registered Nurse (RN).
- Minimum (7-10 years) clinical experience.
- Previous supervisory experience preferred.


Director, Home Health Care
Responsible for the management and operations of the office, including budgeting, planning, recruiting and fiscal management
•A Bachelor Degree, RN or PT a plus
•5 years proven, progressive health care management experience
•Supervisory experience within a Medicare Certified Home Care Agency

Health Care Center Manager
Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Health Care Administration or equivalent experienced preferred.
Minimum of five years management experience preferred. Ambulatory care or physician practice experience preferred.

Clinic Manager
Five years experience in a healthcare related field with at least three years management/supervisory experience is required.
A bachelors degree in Health Care Administration, Business Administration or a related field is preferred. Candidates without a degree must possess five years of related experience.


You would also be qualified to become a nursing home Administrators. Most states; however, do have a Board of Nursing Home Administrators that will have requirements for qualifications of applicants for nursing home administrator licenses. In my state, experience as a supervisor/management in a licensed health care setting is required to be considered eligible. If individuals do not have that experience, then they have to seek an internship in an approved setting……many of these are unpaid.

For those who have no health care experience at all pursuing health care administration positions, it would be a good idea to definitely seek some internship opportunities along the way to get some exposure to health care. And this will help with getting some positive networks and establishing positive professional relationships.

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Website Design Austin Texas

Michael asks…

What is the best college for architecture on the east coast?

I’m a senior in high school and i want to think about my college options. i really want to get a degree in architecture. I’ve found some good colleges, but i just want to find the right one. The best college i found was on the west coast and i really don’t want to be that far away from my family. I live in Florida and i want to get a good architecture college in my state if i can. Plz help. I’m begging! Also include the name of the college, the state, and their school website.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The best nationally-known architecture schools in the South and Southeast are Georgia Tech, University of North Carolina, University of Virginia, and Virginia Tech. If you are willing to go a bit farther away, University of Texas at Austin, and Rice University have excellent architecture programs. Even farther afield, there are M.I.T., Harvard, Yale, Syracuse, Carnegie-Mellon and Princeton. The program at University of Florida is also very good, but I would place these other schools a notch higher than UFla.

A lot depends on what type of education you want to get. If you are into esoteric design, Harvard is the best in the East; if you are more nuts-and-bolts practical, a school like the Boston Architectural Center is excellent. The other schools that I have listed fall between these two extremes.

Of the people who have worked for me, I have found the graduates of Syracuse and Carnegie-Mellon to be the best architects…good balance of design ability and practical knowledge of how to put a building together. The B.A.C., North Carolina, U.T. Austin, Rice and Virginia Tech are the schools that I would place at the top also. However, if you are interested in the more esoteric side of architecture, I would recommend Harvard or Georgia Tech.

You should also read this:

Donna asks…

Where can I find Illustration training online?

I have a BFA in Graphic Design, and would really love to go back to school to get my MFA in Illustration, HOWEVER, I have a full time job, and even online classes are too pricey right now. Is there any website that provides training and/or a group online that acts as a class and gives out art projects? I am looking to improve in an online, group, and project environment. Help?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Hi Nikki,
I’m an award-winning -children’s book author-illustrator in Austin Texas and I offer an online version of a course on how to illustrate children’s books that I’ve been teaching for years at the Austin Museum of Art Art School.
The online version has PDF lessons that you look at, monthly group “webinar” calls where we look at and talk about student work, and an online student community and resource sharing group.
It’s self-paced and very affordable.

You can read a little more about the online course on my blog:

You can test drive some of the instruction for free by going to

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Austin Texas Apartments

Carol asks…

I’m moving to New Orleans for school, when do I start looking for apartments?

I currently live in Austin Texas, and will be attending graduate school at Tulane in the fall. I’m looking at apartments now, but am not sure if I should go ahead and start looking into certain apartments since most of the leases start in June or July, and I’m not moving to NO until August. Any suggestions on how to go about apartment hunting in New Orleans??


AustinBusinessConsulting answers:


Sandra asks…

Relocating to Austin Texas apartment cost?

I am currently living in South Jersey and thinking about relocating to Austin Texas for jobs. What much do apartments go for in the Austin Texas area? What areas in Austin Texas should I stay away from when looking at apartments?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The price varies greatly on what apartments go for. Here is a map of all apartments in Austin and you can search by price

As far as areas…its tough to be specific without knowing more. Where would you be working (traffic can be bad), what you like to do and how much you can spend? Crime isn’t especially bad anywhere in town. You can check out specific addresses here

This map can help you even if you dont have a specific address

Also, this might help with getting a job here

Good luck.

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