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Ken asks…

what types of plants grow best in new jersey?

i want to plant a garden, but im not sure what types of plants grow best in a new jersey climate.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Plants native to New Jersey are the best. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has a database of recommended plants.

From their website: “Lady Bird Johnson, our former first lady, and Actress Helen Hayes founded an organization in 1982 to protect and preserve North America’s native plants and natural landscapes. First as the National Wildflower Research Center and later as the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, this special place exists to introduce people to the beauty and diversity of wildflowers and other native plants. Every day, the Wildflower Center brings life to Mrs. Johnson’s vision in its public gardens, its woodlands and sweeping meadows as well as in internationally influential research. In 2006, the Center became an Organized Research Unit of the University of Texas at Austin.

Decades ago, Mrs. Johnson recognized that our country was losing its natural landscapes and its natural beauty. As much as 30 percent of the world’s native flora is at risk of extinction. The Wildflower Center was intended to help preserve and restore that beauty and the biological richness of North America. Since then, the Center has become one of the country’s most credible research institutions and effective advocates for native plants.”

Also check out their youtube video at:

Here is a catalogue of design ideas and lists of native plants.

Maria asks…

Does anyone know of some great visual arts colleges not too far from Oklahoma?

I’m just hoping to find somewhere where it wont be terrible to come back to visit family, and i’m looking now so i’ll have something to strive for.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I’ve found a lot of really top-notch choices for you!! Read about them!! I hope this helps!!

Washington University in St. Louis is an extremely excellent college, hard to get into, and it also has a very good art program. This could be a good reach school for you when you apply. Missouri is pretty close to Oklahoma, so I think this would be a really excellent choice for you. It’s ranked in the top 15 for art schools. You would probably go to their Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. Http:// for more information.

UT Austin is a very good school & pretty close to oklahoma. It is pretty large, so most all of their departments are strong. In fact, their graduate art program is one of the top 15 in the country according to USNews. This school admits about 45% of their applicants so it could be a match school for you, probably. Http:// for more information.

Virginia Commonwealth University is another superb school for visual arts. Virginia is a bit further than Texas but not too bad. It’s ranked #4 for arts, wow! This school is really excellent. Http:// for more information.

Lastly, Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio is ranked #21 for art schools, which is pretty good. Its not that hard to get into so it could be a good safety school for you when you begin applying. Ohio is not too far away. Http:// is their website for more information. This would be a really good choice for you too, I think.

In the mean time, you may want to check with your local community college or something & see if you can start taking cool art classes there to prepare! Best of luck! I really hope this helps you out. I admire your determination! :)

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Hiring In Austin Texas

Thomas asks…

Is it possible to become a police officer with no college?

What I would like to do is work as a cop part time and go to college part time, get my degree so I can move up in the department later in my career. I read that you need 30 credit hours of college to get in, but if I intended on going to college while working for the department… ?

I’m 21 and have a high school diploma with a 3.8 GPA. Do you think what I’m wanting is possible in Austin, Texas?

Thank you.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Not in Austin. They require 30 college semester hours or 2 years of military service. Houston requires 60 semester hours.
You go to college while working, slowly one class a semester at most, to get your bachelors so yu can test for sergeant and above promotion later.

Lots of departments, in Texas and around Austin, do not require any college. Those normally require you to attend a basic police academy on your own, cost is usually less than $2,000 at most Texas community colleges.
Then after you pass the state certification test they may hire you as a cop.

Check sites like
for job openings in your area and the requirements each department has.

Mark asks…

What places are always hiring in austin texas? ?

Im moving to Austin Texas and was wondering what places always hire and you have a high chance getting hired at??

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Home depot…. They hire like crazy

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Paul asks…

How might I go about upgrading my laptop?

Im looking to get a bit more “Juice” out of my HP 6735s Laptop, maybe by changing the processor chip or graphics card, this is essentially so I can play some slightly more modern games on it (e.g. RA3) and I would generally like it to run the game smoother with better graphics, possible?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

As everything is smaller in a laptop, the motherboard has the CPU and GPU hardwired (soldered or etched) on its surface making it impossible to upgrade without replacing the entire board and that would be costly (not even counting the installation fees).

If you want to check on that possibility, you should go here: and look at pages 18 to 33 (of 163).

This page should help too:

The least expensive route would be to try and upgrade RAM, the maximum memory for this model is 4 GBs if using a 32-bit Operating System and up to 8 GBs if using a 64-bit Operating System.

More details are here:

Another option would be an external solution (although it could still be a little bit expensive).

If your laptop is equipped with an ExpressCard®, you might use a ViDock 2, a high performance docking station that allows the user to add desktop graphics power without losing mobile features.

Details are here:

Of course, you must also figure the cost of an external monitor but it is probably cheaper than a new motherboard (+installation fees) or a new laptop!

Jenny asks…

How can lawn service customers pay without employees handling money?

Hello, i am going to start a lawn mowing business and i Dont want my Foreman or Helper handling the money that i recieve from my customers. i live in north texas and my business will be located in austin- kind of far away. how can i collect the payments without them going through my emplyees first? is there a way other than through the mail? (the mail from there to here would take too long).

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I believe if you use Quickbooks…they have a credit card payment option for the invoices you can create from their system. This would also allow you to avoid having bounced checks and you are paid after the card is processed. You will have to pay a transaction fee each time…but that may be worth it so your Foreman doesn’t have to touch the cash.

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Lizzie asks…

Does anyone have good any phone scripts for finding sponsors?

I am trying to launch a website similiar to petfinder. The plans are to pay for expenses from sponsor ad’s and allow people to list their animals for free on this website. My main purpose of wanting to do this is to help keep animals off the streets and try to get people to stop just dropping their animals off at the side of the road. I want to make phone calls to area “pet related services” but I don’t know of a phone script. Any ideas?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

We raise more than half the support of our ministry from phone calls to area businesses. I used to be one of the owners of a marketing and consulting co that set up calling programs. I am not in a position to do scripting free but I can make some suggestions. Write out in the simplest possibe terms what you have to offer and what you want. Then cu tit back because it probably says too much. You should be able to do the intro in less than 1 min. Only of you get some spark of interest do you want to go further. Be sure to emphasise the benefits to the sponsor not just the features of the site. Word it and present it as if you were talking to a long time friend who has a business. That is a good place to start by the way even if you have to offervery low rates to get your frst advertisers because few want to be the very first, You’ll probably need your site up and running so sponsors can see it even if it is just a site template.

Mark asks…

How much should I charge to install a Website?

I would like to install a basic Joomla website on someone elses server, including a custom template. How much should I charge?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Here’s what you do:
Don’t sell what you are doing short. Just becasue Joomla is easy to install doesn’t mean that someone will have a successful website.
Include the following in your install to make sure you are providing the best service to the customer.
Install Joompack component for backups.
Install SmartSef for search engine friendly url’s.
Install WYSIWYG pro Editor and include it in your price. This is the best commercial editor for Joomla in my opinion and if the client will be editing himself n the future will make his job easier.
Install a Newsletter component. (Acajoom).
Install ninjaExlplorer for file management.
Install JoomlaStats to track visitor traffic or offer to set up Googla analytics for them with the Joomla plugin.

Give the client a site that will work forthem right out of the box and explain why these tools are necessary. Charge them at least $500 for your knowledge and consulting especially if it’s a business. Plumbers and electricins charge $85 and up an hour where I am. Your skills are no less valuable. Heck my jiu jitsu instructor charges $95 per hour! Good luck.


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Richard asks…

What neighborhood should I move to in Austin, TX?

I am a 21 year old male looking for a decent area to live in Austin, TX. I am looking at apartments online and houses on Craigslist at the moment. What neighborhoods should I be looking for?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

South Austin, no doubt about it.

Mandy asks…

How is Austin TX life for a young college student?

I currently reside in North Carolina, my mother just mentioned how she’d like to move to Austin TX in hopes of a better life/college life for me. I have never been to Austin before, I hear so many mixed things about it. My mother is the type to jump into something without thinking about it and I’m trying to be the smart one for once and do some research before even considering it.

First, I am 20 years old. I was raised moving all over the place (reason stated above..) I plan to say put now and go to college to learn the Japanese language in hopes of entering an exchange program in the future.
My mother is single but hard working. Because of this we don’t have that high dollar second income towards housing/college plans.

Can someone provide a little input based on what I wrote? I would appreciate it very much…

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Thanks for age i would try craigslist for info on this however that is a decent location so if i had the chance i would go for it

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CT Airport Transportation - offers LGA Airport Limo Service CT . Affordable Black Town Car, Shuttle and Best Limo Services in CT to JFK, LaGuardia, EWR, HPN, Hartford Bradley, Boston Logan, New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, NYC, Bronx and Westchester County.

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David asks…

Any advice for a Veteran leaving active duty?

I’m leaving active duty soon. Plan on going to college. Does anyone have advice on making the transition easier? For ex-military how does it feel to leave active duty? Moving tips, health care tips, money tips, any useful will be great. Thanks!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Money: You’ll have your GI Bill. Live as cheaply as you can. I lived for three years in a trailer while getting my MA and DBA. I think I paid about $100 a month… Electricity, water and sewer thrown in. I had to fill the propane tank about once every other week for $10. Food cost another $100 or so… You’ll learn how to subsist on rice. Occasionally my girl would come down and spend the weekend with me. We’d pick up almonds in the orchard and make fillet of sole almondine… Or I’d go up there. I had my GI Bill, my pension, and I’d saved up about a third of everything I’d made during the 25 years I was in. Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely need. And NEVER use credit.


First, gather intel.

Sit down and list all the stuff you’ve done well. The fact is that nobody really cares what you want to try. List your strengths and weaknesses. Write down all the stuff you accomplished in the military and before. Note those that gave you the most satisfaction. Figre out why. Based on that, figure out what you want to do. Pick something you do well… Not something that “sounds good.”

Second: Make contacts.

Find out what companies use that kind of talent/expertise. Find out everything you can about those companies… Their culture, what they do, how they do it, how their company is doing in this lousy economy, their opportunities, and who the decision-makers are. If they participate in a Job Fair, or have an “open house,” that’s an excellent to gather information.

Third: “Go in.”

Write resumes for each company. Gear them towards the corporate culture and mission statement. If you don’t show them something in your resume, likely it won’t get a second glance. Don’t send it to “personnel” or “hiring manager.” Send it to Mr. Bill Bigshot, VP for Customer Relations… Or whoever’s in a position to make a decision at the level of the job you’re seeking. Follow it up with a phone call. It would be cool if your cover letter started out something, Dear Mr. Bigshot, I’ve been interested in working for ACME for some time. I was fortunate to be able to visit your Job Fair in April. I met with Rhonda Recruiter who said you were the one I should contact about working for ACME as an Credit Manager.” It would be even cooler had you written to Rhonda thanking her for talking with you… And enclosing a resume explaining that you’re going to college and majoring in [whatever field is applicable to the position]. And a note to Bill asking him if there’s any particular courses of study he’d like to see in a Credit Manager. Then, when you contacted him when you’re ready to go, You wouldn’t be “just another applicant.”

After I got my DBA with a management emphasis, I went to work managing government contracts on the West Coast for a management consulting firm. I hired a lot of Vets. Most of them were officers. But there are some specialties that related directly to some of the work we were doing.

If you were only in for one minimal hitch, about all your military experience is going to do as far as your job search is get you a Veteran’s preference. If I were to have to assign a weight to that, about five points on a 150-point scale. Companies want to hire people who are going to work out. They’re really not too excited about hiring a guy or gal who tried the military and didn’t.

Health care: stay healthy. Brush after eating… Toothpaste and toothbrushes are cheaper than dentist visits. If you have a service-connected problem, go to the VA. If you have insurance, they’ll take it. If not, they’re pretty good about taking care of you anyway… At least they were.

Other: If you’re not doing the family thing… That’ll help keep costs down. If you’re thinking about it… Hold off until you can support a family. Young romance is a dicey thing anyway. Adding financial problems isn’t going to help. If you’re already doing it… Hope she knows how to do pasta and rice. A big night on the town (if you have $20 left over from last month’s budget) might be McDonald’s, a rented movie, and some microwave popcorn. Again… It’s a matter of not spending what you don’t have.

Michael asks…

Would you take on a contract job if you have a full time permanent position?

Hi, I am a “recent” college grad. I graduated in Oct. 2002 with a BS in Computer Information Systems. I have yet to be able to find a position directly in my field of Information Systems. Since graduating from college I have been working for a company and doing something that is not really in the field of IT. I dont make too much money (about $25K including benefits). I have found out that a lot of big companies are outsourcing their IT positions and I have been able to find a lot more Contract work and temp IT positions through IT consulting firms than just being hired directly through the company itself. Is it safe to go for a CONTRACT/TEMP position and give up my current full time and “safe” employment?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

JSL- do it. You have let your degree go dormant. NOT smart. If you still plan to stay in IT, you need to leverage your education ASAP. As a general rule of thumb, tech recruiters and hiring managers will not consider experience that is older than 4-5 years as ‘experience’. Technology just moves too fast. You’re currently making pennies and contracting has never been safer, just be sure that you don’t accept any old contract. Each contract has to leverage the experience that you have gained from the one before it; this is how to quickly boost your marketability. I suggest you try something in the line of project management. It’s just nebulous enough to get into at an entry level and call yourself a Senior PM after only three or so years (and bill accordingly). My criteria for hiring PM’s are relevant skills, organizational skill, attitude and management ability. It’s the same thing that I look for in engineers and IT managers. Good luck.

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Sandra asks…

For Those With an MBA……This question only applies to people who paid for their MBAs?

Considering the time and money invested in getting your MBA and compared to how much your non-MBA colleagues are making, was getting your MBA worth it? What kind of advice would you give to a prospective grad student with no scholarships or wealthy parents?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

IF you do it right, it can be very worthwhile, and a break-even analysis is not the only measure of success. You need to go to the best school possibly, and after several years of work experience (in any field really). The alumni network should be active in your school, as this is a major source of information, internships, referrals and job offers. YOU need to commit to get the most out of the program. If you want a lot of money, you need to do what it takes (well, not finance this year but it will come back). Top finance and consulting firms require absolute top grades and a good background–don’t think you will be the exception.

If you don’t do what interests you, no amount of education will be enough. I was a nom-traditional student in many senses, but I loved my MBA program for itself, and for the contacts and experiences (met amazing people, went on two international study trips and exchanged in Europe for six months). I remember that when I pay my student loan each month–still worth it!

I went to Columbia Business School and got a few scholarships but borrowed heavily.

Sandy asks…

hi,iam living iran,how can i find an idea for selecting a good job?how can i know which job is good for me?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

First recommend staying away from anything Nuclear!



1. Software Engineer
Why it’s great Software engineers are needed in virtually every part of the economy, making this one of the fastest-growing job titles in the U.S. Even so, it’s not for everybody.

Designing, developing and testing computer programs requires some pretty advanced math skills and creative problem-solving ability. If you’ve got them, though, you can work and live where you want: Telecommuting is quickly becoming widespread.

The profession skews young — the up-all-night-coding thing gets tired — but consulting and management positions aren’t hard to come by once you’re experienced.

What’s cool Cutting-edge projects, like designing a new video game or tweaking that military laser. Extra cash from freelance gigs. Plus, nothing says cool like great prospects.

What’s not Jobs at the biggest companies tend to be less creative (think Neo, pre-Matrix). Outsourcing is a worry. Eyestrain and back, hand and wrist problems are common.

Top-paying job Release engineers, who are responsible for the final version of any software product, earn six figures.

Education Bachelor’s degree, but moving up the ladder often requires a master’s.

2. College professor
Why it’s great While competition for tenure-track jobs will always be stiff, enrollment is rising in professional programs, community colleges and technical schools — which means higher demand for faculty.

It’s easier to break in at this level, and often you can teach with a master’s and professional experience. Demand is especially strong in fields that compete with the private sector (health science and business, for example).

The category includes moonlighting adjuncts, graduate TAs and college administrators.

What’s cool Professors have near-total flexibility in their schedules. Creative thinking is the coin of the realm. No dress code!

What’s not The tick-tick-tick of the tenure clock; grading papers; salaries at the low end are indeed low.

Top-paying job University presidents’ pay can hit $550,000 or more, but most make about half that.

Education Master’s or professional degree; Ph.D. For most tenured jobs.

3. Financial adviser
Why it’s great Twenty years ago, no one ever said, “I want to be a financial adviser when I grow up.” Now there are nearly 300 college programs for financial planning, and M.B.A.s, lawyers and accountants are jumping to this lucrative but more people-friendly profession.

As company pensions die out and Americans increasingly have to manage their own retirement savings, financial planning is no longer just for the rich. And with Gen X-ers entering their peak earning years and boomers nearing retirement, business will get better still.

What’s cool If you have a knack for numbers and a way with people, you can use Wall Street skills without selling your soul. You can work for yourself, for a small shop or for a giant financial services firm.

What’s not Compliance rules mean lots of paperwork. Stress? You have to build a practice from the ground up.

Top-paying job Advisers who manage client portfolios earn $200,000-plus.

Education A college degree, plus certification and continuing education.

4. Human Resources Manager
Why it’s great At more and more companies, HR is no longer about benefits administration and the employee newsletter. Those tasks are increasingly outsourced, and directors and v.p.s are considered strategic planners.

Even lower-level managers are expected to design employee programs that also benefit the bottom line. International HR and compliance are especially hot. There’s a wide variety of work, from self-employed benefits specialists to corporate recruiters and HR generalists.

What’s cool The mission: to make work more rewarding for workers. You help shape corporate culture and strategy.

What’s not Fighting the “fluffy HR” stereotype; firing people.

Top-paying job Senior HR directors make around $285,000; at the C-suite level, it’s more like $1 million-plus.

Education Bachelor’s degree, often followed by master’s level work or professional certification.

5. Physician assistant
Why it’s great For most doctors, the worst part of their job is filling out paperwork and battling insurers. Physician’s assistants get to skip all that. Under a doctor’s supervision, they provide routine health care — conducting physical exams, ordering lab tests, prescribing medications, treating illnesses.

PAs can specialize, from the E.R. To pediatrics to orthopedics, and they can switch fields. Thanks to an aging population and demand for more cost-effective care, this job offers a level of security other professions can’t match.

What’s cool Doctors’ work, bankers’ hours. PAs average 35 to 40 hours a week, and they can work part time and in a variety of settings.

What’s not You’re not the ultimate decision maker on patient treatment; there’s little room for advancement.

Top-paying job Specialists in cardiothoracic surgery earn over $100,000.

Education Four years of college, two to three years of training in an accredited program, plus national exam for certification.

6. Market research analyst
Why it’s great If you want to know what the next big thing is, this is your field. Before launching a product or service, companies turn to market research analysts who collect and evaluate data about consumer wants, needs and buying habits.

You get to work on a huge variety of projects: In a single day you might run a taste test on a new vodka flavor, evaluate a re-branding campaign for a hot dog and analyze political polling data.

What’s cool Testing products before they hit the market. You talk to lots of people and get to ask them personal questions you wouldn’t dare pose at a party.

What’s not Being mistaken for a telemarketer; deadlines; number crunching.

Top-paying job A senior exec or partner in a consulting firm can earn more than $200,000.

Education B.A.; M.A. In statistics helps.

7. Computer IT analyst
Why it’s great Seems like the entire world is at the mercy of information technology folks, thanks to the rapid spread of computers and swell of the Internet. And all of these jobs pay well, from desktop support technician to Webmaster to database wonk.
Entry-level analysts make $60,000 and above. Senior database specialists and IT managers command six-figure salaries and decent bonuses. A bachelor’s degree is enough to get started.
What’s cool Telecommuting and freelance gigs abound. Plus: e-mail snooping!
What’s not Carpal tunnel syndrome; outsourcing will mean fewer entry-level and non-specialized jobs.
Top-paying job Network operations directors, who are responsible for a company’s intranet, earn $250,000-plus.
Education From a B.S. To a Ph.D.

8. Real Estate Appraiser
Why it’s great The housing boom has meant beaucoup bucks for appraisers in recent years, but the field hasn’t gotten as crowded as real estate brokerage.
And because valuations are needed whenever any property is sold, mortgaged, insured, taxed or developed, there’s going to be work even when the market slows. A quarter of appraisers have steady nine-to-five government gigs assessing property for tax purposes.
What’s cool Abundant self-employment opportunities. Research isn’t the pain that it used to be, thanks to the Internet.
What’s not There’s still a lot of legwork; advancement is limited.
Top-paying job Collateral appraisers, who work with lenders, earn $130,000-plus.
Education Bachelor’s degree; licensing and certification requirements vary by state.

9. Pharmacist
Why it’s great Demand for pharmacists is exploding as the population ages and new medications are developed. By 2010 the number of prescriptions filled is expected to rise 27% to 4.1 billion.
Pharmacists also give advice on over-the-counter meds and help patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes. About 60% work in retail settings, the rest in hospitals and nursing homes and in research or sales for drug companies.
What’s cool Pharmacists are in such demand that graduates today can expect multiple job offers, signing bonuses and $90K-plus salaries.
What’s not Dealing with insurers and angry patients; limited advancement.
Top-paying job Pharmacists at major retail chains can earn six figures.
Education A doctor of pharmacy degree program is six years long.

10. Psychologist
Why it’s great Feel stressed or anxious? So do a lot of people. That and the decreasing stigma attached to seeking help have fueled demand for psychological services.

The pay is good, the hours are flexible, and it’s pretty hard to top the psychological benefit that comes with bringing relief to a troubled mind. Greater awareness of how mental health and behavior issues affect learning makes school psychology a particularly fast-growing specialty.

What’s cool Shrinks are four times as likely to be self-employed as other professionals.

What’s not Years of training; stiff competition for slots in graduate programs; insurers.

Top-paying job Clinical and counseling psychologists can earn $95,000-plus.

Education Ph.D. And one-year internship; to be a school psychologist, three years of graduate study and a one-year internship.


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Job Listings Austin Tx

Nancy asks…

Graduating with Journalist degree but want to make more money..?

Suggestions for alternative jobs I’d be able to do?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Hey! Are you talking of alternative jobs in the same field or something entirely different?

If its in the same field, you could find a local magazine for small businesses and write inspiring stories about the businesses to drive more traffic for them. I live in Austin, TX and there is an amazing magazine, Austin Woman Magazine. It was our first month to be in it and someone interviewed us and wrote a 4 page article and BOY did we get busy!

As far as an alternative job outside of journalism, I really don’t know what to say because I don’t know how old you are, what you are into or what you are willing to do as far as your schedule goes. I’m assuming you are young, so if you need an outside job, work for a restaurant, be a cocktail waitress at an upscale restaurant, or anything! has a ton of job listings that you can browse through to get ideas, even if it is not in your location. There, you can see jobs that are in high demand that you can work into your schedule.

Daniel asks…

Career Advice Help from Seasoned Professional?

I am a mid-twenties single male living in Western P.A. I have graduated college and am employed as an RN and have worked in my field for about two years. The problem is, I hate my life. I attempt to wake up and be thankful every morning that I have a job, a loving family, and friends. But, I am stuck in a depressed economy with no girls. I would really like to have a girlfriend and meet new people, but all I encounter are racist stuck up miserable people in this region. I want to be happy and appreciate my life. I also hate floor nursing, it makes me want to drive my car off a cliff and die on impact. If I have to do it for even five more years, I may commit suicide. I really like my patients, but hate everything else about it. Part of me wants to become a nurse practitioner, and part of me wants to travel. Should I travel, start graduate school, or get out of nursing all together and accumulate large amounts of debt pursuing a career I might actually like? I am active in my hobbies, go out with friends, and attempt to try new things, like dancing. However, I constantly meet people in relationships everywhere I go, and I’m not exaggerating. Can you please help me? What advice do you have for me. Please keep rude commits to yourself-constructive criticism only

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

My advice is to find a GOOD psychiatrist immediately. It sounds like you are in a very very precarious place right now mentally and you NEED an outlet. I’m not saying you are crazy or that you need drugs to feel better – I *am* saying that if you are contemplating suicide and having problems socially, you need someone to help you through this.

Mid-20s can be a rough time as a single person because it seems like everyone is taken. But, a relationship doesn’t define you. If you long to share your time and life with someone, just keep looking. Friends of friends, random strangers,, you never know where an interesting person will show up.

Maybe it is time to take some time and travel to some other cities in the US that are a bit more vibrant and not as, well, Western PA. Think of some interesting places and search job listings, then plan a few trips around them. I’m not saying you should pull up and move to LA or Miami, but who knows, maybe Seattle or Atlanta or Tucson or Portland would be interesting for you. Heck, maybe even Austin, TX or Madison, WI.

This is something you can discuss with a therapist. Maybe a big change is literally what the doctor orders.

Good Luck!

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Business Efficiency Consultant

Paul asks…

Does anyone know how to open up McDonalds in Mongolia?

There is no McDonalds in Mongolia, but i am sure the business would be very good there.Market is growing extremely. What should i do to open up McDonalds here?. Who should i contact? Does anyone wanna cooperate with me or know who might be interested? What requirements are there?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Total Investment: $506,000-$1,600,000
Initial Franchise Fee: $45,000
Royalty Fee: 12.5%+

You have to buy a McDonald’s franchise. In order to qualify for a conventional franchise you have to have $175,000 (not borrowed). Your total costs to open the restaurant, however, will be anywhere from $430,000 to $750,000 which goes to paying for the building, equipment, etc. Forty percent of this cost has to be from your own (non-borrowed) funds. You’ll pay an initial franchise fee of $45,000 directly to McDonald’s. The other costs go to suppliers, so this is the only upfront fee you pay to McDonald’s. Then, you’ll go through a rigorous nine-month training period where you’ll learn about the McDonald’s way of doing things — things like their standards for quality, service, value, formulas and specifications for menu items, their method of operation, and inventory control techniques. You’ll have to agree to operate the restaurant from a single location, usually for 20 years, following their guidelines for decor, signage, layout and everything else that makes McDonald’s McDonald’s.

Once you’ve completed training and are ready to go, McDonalds will offer you a location they’ve already developed. The exterior of the building will be complete, but you will have to take care of interior additions such as kitchen equipment, seating and landscaping. You’ll get constant support from a McDonald’s Field Consultant, who can advise you on details and will visit regularly. You’ll pay McDonald’s a monthly fee of 4 percent of your sales, and either a flat base rent or a percentage rent of at least 8.5 percent of your sales. How much money you make depends on many things, including the location and its popularity, the efficiency of your operating costs, and your ability to manage and control the business.

Richard asks…

How does one become a consultant to businesses and organizations – to help them improve efficiency etc?

What kinds of career oppourtunties exsist for this type of work? How does one follow this career path? How can I learn more about it?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Hopefully you’ll succeed in business before consulting others on how to. Reminds me of the business teachers in school who never ran a business. Perplexing.

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CT Airport Transportation - offers LGA Airport Limo Service CT . Affordable Black Town Car, Shuttle and Best Limo Services in CT to JFK, LaGuardia, EWR, HPN, Hartford Bradley, Boston Logan, New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, NYC, Bronx and Westchester County.

Strategic Business Consultancy

Ken asks…

I would like to export products and services to Brazil, know any expert advice in Brazil?

I am a businessman and I have two companies, one in the production of other products and services in the area, would like to export products and services to Brazil, I learned that Brazil will become one of the largest economies in the coming years, you know some advice specializing in Brazil that can help my company gain market Brazilian and Mercosur.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:


The Nbrax Consulting is a Brazilian company specialized in developing consultancy work for foreign companies export products
and services to Brazil.

Selected sales representatives (agents of Foreign Trade) for your company to sell to customers in Brazil.

Perform commercial representation for the growth of our client in Brazil and develop the work of
consulting for the process of internationalization of the company in the country, creating a planning
proper marketing, identifying all costs and expenses of the project, presented in a
efficient and complete all logistics options in the area of ??foreign trade.
Being a reference for foreign companies in the process of business internationalization and
commercial representation in Brazil, identify and resolve specific issues that hinder the process of
marketing of products and services in international trade.

- Initial process for evaluation of the company in Brazil.
- Plan the company’s internationalization.
-Analysis of cultural differences.
-Analysis and development of the brand in Brazil.
Top-dissemination tools of products and services company.

-Identification of the major shows in Brazil’s sector of activity of the contracting company.
-Analysis and market selection.
-Forms of access to the Brazilian market.
-Analysis and selection of strategic partnerships for the company.
Study-price contracts and

-Consultancy for Mercosur countries – Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Mark asks…

Is there any reputed companies offering final year projects for ECE?

if any 1 can help me with the list of companies..tht wld b usefull to me……….

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Basic listings
Aar em Electronics
Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (India) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Aar-em’s endeavor in the years to come is to maintain the excellent standards already set and create global solutions to make the customers businesses even more productive. One of the fastest growing power electronics company in India.
Web site url :
Andhra Electronics
Andhra Electronics Limited manufactures and markets high precision quartz crystals and a variety of crystal oscillators for telecom, space and Military applications.
Web site url :
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
BEL manufactures a wide range of products in areas like Defence Communications, Radars, Telecommunications, SATCOM, Sound and Vision Broadcasting, Opto & Medical Electronics and Electronic Components. Services offered by BEL include contract manufacturing, telecom consultancy and semiconductor device packaging.
Web site url :
Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)
ECIL is a multi-product and multi-disciplinary organisation providing key technology inputs, system integration and system solutions in the areas of Information Technology, Strategic Electronics, Communications, Control and Automation, Instrumentation and Components.
Web site url :
Hightension Electrical
Hightension Electrical Industries has made a name for itself in the field of manufacture of High Tension and Low Tension Transmission and Power Distribution Line Materials. Its products are of high standard and are certified by reputed institutes of India. Amongst others, the Company imports and exports products like Earth Rod, HT Stay Set, LT Stay Set, GI Pins, Post Insulator, Pin Insulator, Discharging Rod, Operating Rod, Hardware filling for dish insulator and so on.
Web site url :
Holoflex Limited
HOLOFLEX LIMITED was incorporated in 1991 and has since then been in the business of holograms and allied holographic products. Today Holoflex ranks as one of the frontrunners in the business of security hologram. We are a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers’ Association and a founder member of the Hologram Manufacturers Association of India.
Web site url :
O.E.N India
Established in 1968, O.E.N is the market leader for Electromechanical Components. Manufacturing plants are located in the suburbs of Cochin and Bangalore with over 11,000 square meters of factory space. We offer a comprehensive range of products with applications in most segments of Electronic Industry including Communications, Automotive, Strategic Industrial Controls, Instrumentation and Consumer Electronics.
Web site url :
Semiconductor Complex Limited (SCL)
SCL’s vertically integrated semiconductor operations offer design, wafer fabrication, testing, packaging, Quality Assurance and reliability testing, VLSI based system manufacturing and applications support all under one roof.
Web site url :
Supertron Electronics
Supertron Electronics Limited is one of the top 25 channel partners in Indian computer industry and largest among them in the eastern India. Broad range of offerings including computer systems, parts, peripherals, consumables and networking products, with effective support services have helped Supertron in emerging as the leader.
Web site url :
The Videocon Group
Manufacturer of Televisions, VCRs, VCPs, Audio Systems, Home Appliances and Business Electronics. Manufactures Televisions and VCRs in technical tie-up with Toshiba Corporation of Japan. Videocon today, is a multi-faceted group, with 9 state -of-the-art manufacturing facilities all over India.

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CT Airport Transportation - offers LGA Airport Limo Service CT . Affordable Black Town Car, Shuttle and Best Limo Services in CT to JFK, LaGuardia, EWR, HPN, Hartford Bradley, Boston Logan, New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, NYC, Bronx and Westchester County.