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Sharon asks…

Hello. I am having trouble finding this and i need some help.?

I have spent like the last 30 minutes trying to look on the internet for one simple thing. i am having to do a civics internet scavenger hunt and i cant find this one info. i need to know who Ron Paul’s constituents are. please help. thank you very much!
hey feisty, well i saw your answer and thats where i went first. i couldnt rly find any info on that. if you can tell me where then it would help but as i said thats where i went first and it rly didnt help. thanks for the help though!
also i am still kind of confused on what constituents are. i look at and it said they were people who a rep. represents. but it could be the counties in which the district is in. like the 14th district concludes of which ever counties?? please help!
thanks. i rly rly appreciate it.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Ron Paul serves in the Texas legislature. On the 2008 ballot, Paul won his eleventh term in Congress running unopposed. The 14th congressional district of Texas stretches from the Gulf Coast in Galveston and Chambers counties almost to Corpus Christi; north through Victoria; and east through Jackson and Wharton counties toward Houston. It includes parts of Fort Bend county, then slopes south through Brazoria county.

The 14th District has the distinction of being, literally, where Texas began. The first capital of the Republic of Texas was located in Brazoria county. And Texas’ founding father, Stephen F. Austin, was from the small town of Jones Creek, located outside of Freeport.

This is what Ron Paul believes in:
He advocates withdrawal from the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization for reasons of maintaining strong national sovereignty. He supports free trade, rejecting membership in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization as “managed trade”. He supports tighter border security and ending welfare benefits for illegal aliens, and opposes birthright citizenship and amnesty;[140] he voted for the Secure Fence Act of 2006. He voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Terrorists in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks, but suggested war alternatives such as authorizing the president to grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal targeting specific terrorists. He has pledged never to raise taxes[141] and states he has never voted to approve a budget deficit. Paul believes that the country could abolish the individual income tax by scaling back federal spending to its fiscal year 2000 levels;[73][142] financing government operations would primarily come through the corporate income tax, excise taxes and tariffs. He supports eliminating most federal government agencies, calling them unnecessary bureaucracies. Paul also believes the longterm erosion of the U.S. Dollar’s purchasing power through inflation is attributable to its lack of any commodity backing. However, Paul doesn’t support a complete return to a gold standard,[143] instead preferring to legitimize gold and silver as legal tender and to remove the sales tax on them . He advocates gradual elimination of the Federal Reserve System.[144]

Paul strongly supports Constitutional rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms, and habeas corpus for political detainees. He opposes the Patriot Act, federal use of torture, presidential autonomy, a national ID card, domestic surveillance, and the draft. Citing the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, Paul advocates states’ rights to decide how to regulate social matters not directly found in the Constitution. Paul calls himself “strongly pro-life”,[145] “an unshakable foe of abortion”,[146] and believes regulation or ban[147] on medical decisions about maternal or fetal health is “best handled at the state level”.[148][149] He says his years as an obstetrician led him to believe life begins at conception;[150] his pro-life legislation, like the Sanctity of Life Act, is intended to negate Roe v. Wade and to get “the federal government completely out of the business of regulating state matters.”[151]

He opposes federal regulation of the death penalty,[148] of education,[152] and of marriage, and supports revising the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to focus on disruptive sexual behavior (whether heterosexual or homosexual).[153] As a free-market environmentalist, he asserts private property rights in relation to environmental protection and pollution prevention. He also opposes the federal War on Drugs,[154] and thinks the states should decide whether to regulate or deregulate drugs such as medical marijuana.[155] Paul pushes to eliminate federal involvement in and management of health care, which he argues would allow prices to drop due to the fundamental dynamics of a free market.[156] He is an outspoken proponent for increased ballot access for 3rd party candidates and numerous election law reforms which he believes would allow more voter control.[157]

Robert asks…

Advertising career?

I am interested in pursuing a career in graphic design, but mostly looking towards the advertisment areas. I am doing research for my perfered career before I start school so I have a good idea on what the hell I’m doing and if this is what I really want to do.

Some things I need to know:

1. How is the Market looking? I know internet based advertising is HUGE at the moment, but is there anything that could flip the market? Is the current state of the economy and fears of a recession effecting advertising agencies or the field in general?

2. How much does an entry level position pay?

3. What is the best way to get into the field?

4. What type of abilities would make me ‘valuable’ to a company besides being “good”, as in what are employers looking for?

5. Are there any agencies in the Austin, Texas area?

Any and all advice and help would be greatly appriciated! Thanks. =)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The advertising industry as a whole is a very competitive market.

If you haven’t done so already, get an internship. It’ll help get you contacts that you’ll need to get into the industry, and agencies look for someone with an agency internship, even if you have to take a free internship it’s worth it in the long run of your career.

For graphic design, create and continue to grow a portfolio. Create “mock” ads, label them as such. This will show employers you’re genuinely interested in the field while demonstrating your creativity.

For ad agencies any where, the first place you should go is, you might want to join your local chapter and start networking. The meetings are a great way to meet professionals and request an informational interview with people in the position you ultimately want and ask them how they started. Most everyone in the industry will remember how hard a time they had starting out and will be willing to direct you in the right direction.

This industry is a lot about who you know when you start, look to your professionals for contacts, internships, be involved in your school’s AAF (American Advertising Federation).

The pay for starting out as a creative isn’t that great, I recall being offered a position with one the largest ad agencies in the country in New York City and being offered less than $25,000 and that was in traffic (normally a “noncreative” career entry path in advertising), most creatives start at less than that. This is only from the advertising agency perspective. There are a ton of other career opportunities out there though for graphic designers (the newspaper, magazines, etc.) is normally a good place to start to find industry averages for careers, talk to your counselor at school, they should be able to give you more exact figures for your area.

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Charles asks…

How do I leave the Mess I’m living in?

I worked hard to obtain my bachelors degree in Mathematics Education and I have a Masters Degree in Public Administration. I moved with my then boyfriend now husband to a small town in Pennsylvania. The Job market sucks here and I would fare much better in Austin, TX, the city where I previously resided. I left a $43,500 to move to a location where the most I can make is $30,000 if I’m lucky. I can’t find any work. Meanwhile my husband is working at a job that earns about $9/hr. I absolutely hate it here. There is no diversity, the weather is cold, and to put the icing on the cake we are living with my mother in law. She absolutely babies him and sees me as an enemy for wanting to be a responsible adult and getting our own place. Sometimes I want to shoot myself. My husband loves it here and he is in the process of looking into starting a business here so I am pretty screwed. I have communicated my dissatisfaction with living here but its like no one is listening to me. Or he gives me a guilt trip about wanting to spend time with his grandfather before he passes (he’s not deathly ill he’s 86). I don’t know what to do. It seems like everyone is putting their desires ahead of mine. I just want to take a bottle of pills and die some days. I love my husband but I feel trapped. Can anyone help?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Sit your husband down for a talk, away from his mother. Explain that you’re miserable with your living situation, and for the sake of your marriage, things have to change. Cover a few points with him – you’re not happy living with his mother, you’re not happy in your current job, and you’re not happy in the city you’re living in, but this can all be fixed by moving to a place with a better job market, and where you can get your own place.

If he guilt trips you, stop him. Say, “I know you want to spend time with your grandfather, but you can still speak to him daily, and visit every months, if we were to move. Not living in the same town at him does not mean you won’t be able to stay close to him.” If he says something like, “But we save so much money living with Mom!” remind him that it’s making you feel suffocated, and that you need your own space, and privacy, which you simply cannot get living with your MIL. If he won’t even consider it, you need to reconsider your marriage.

You may love your husband, but how can you stay in a relationship, when your job and living situation makes you miserable, and he’s as happy as a clam? He’s showing NO awareness of, or concern for your well-being, or needs. He is showing to be emotionally dependent on his family, and emotionally disconnected from you. If you can’t be happy where you are living, and your partner won’t work with you to change things so you can be happy, you need to get out of the relationship.

Ruth asks…

Just moved to Arlington TX, help me please!?

I come from Rome, Italy, I need your help.
I’ve just found an apartment in Arlington TX and I have to sign up for energy.
Everybody suggest me Reliant Energy
Who can help me to choose the most convenient plan for me?
I’m going to live in a small apartment, 510square feet,only for 6 months, I’m the only one to live there and I have Washer,Dryer and Dishwasher in the apt.
The plans are 2:

1) Reliant PowerTracker®

Pay an indexed monthly rate based on the market price of natural gas.

Key Features
Average price 8.5¢ per kWh, based on 2000 kWh*, includes the following:

* Energy charge: 8.1¢
* Base charge per month: $4.95
* Oncor Surcharge: $2.43 per month

Contract Term:
Month to month
Cancellation Fee:
Cancel anytime

2) Reliant Energy Monthly Flex ePlan

Get a lower rate when you sign up for online conveniences

Key Features
Average price 11.3¢ per kWh, based on 2000 kWh*, includes the following:

* Energy charge: 11.2¢
* Base charge per month: $0.00
* Oncor Surcharge: $2.43 per month

Contract Term:
Month to month

Cancellation Fee:
Cancel anytime

ePlans offer a lower rate when you sign up for Online Account Management, Paperless Billing, and Auto Bank Draft or Auto Credit Card Pay.

What’s the best plan for me , 1 or 2?
Help me please!

Thanks in advance!
So Menley, what do you suggest, I need talk to you, email me

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The information on the website below is provided by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. It is a non-biased way to learn more about Texas Electric Providers.


***You’ll want to look for a “fixed rate” contract with no “cancellation fees” or low cancellation fees.

Green Mountain Energy is also a good electricity provider. They have a high customer satisfaction rate. See the information below.

The information below is from the Fort Worth Star Telegram (Newspaper)
(Source: Regulatory Compliance Services, Austin)

Electricity Complaints
*Retail electric providers ranked by the percentage of complaints that were found to involve rules violations. The average for all Retail Electric Providers is 19.3 percent.

Best Electric Providers

1. Green Mountain Energy 2.3
2. Reliant Energy 4.4
3. Cirro Energy 7.2
4. Ambit Energy 9.5
5. TXU Energy 11.3 (Tie)
5. Spark Energy 11.3 (Tie)

Worst Electric Providers

1. ElectricNow 65.2
2. AmigoEnergy 62.4 3. Hwy.
3 MPH–50.5
4 LibertyPower 45.2
5 SureElectric 44.2 –no longer in business

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Joseph asks…

What is the cheapest way to get to downtown Austin from Waterford Centre Blvd.?

I’m coming into Austin, Texas this weekend for SXSW, but I am staying at a hotel (with no shuttle service) that is about 10 or 11 miles away from downtown, at the Homestead Austin at Waterford Centre. I’m wondering what the cheapest, most efficient way to get downtown would be? Is there a nearby bus line or shuttle that I could take? Otherwise I’m facing a $25 or $30 cab ride.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Ask the concierge at your hotel

Donna asks…

Friend needs help getting from austin to macon georgia?

I have a friend that is mildly disabled and was sent on a one way greyhound bus trip to austin texas with only enough money for one nights hotel stay. Is there any help or resources that I can find to help get her back to macon georgia? I have a limited income and cannot help monetarily…. Any suggestions?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Call your local Salvation Army and explain her situation to them. Start calling local churches and see if they are able to help, too. If all fails, contact your local social services department and see if they have a solution.

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John asks…

How much web space can a small business subscriber obtain? Ten Megabites not enough.?

I need to setup a domain name for my new small business. Time is important because telephone books go to print in a few months.

Can I host my domain at AT&T Yahoo?
How much storage can I obtain?
How do I pick and register a domain name?

Or do you have another web host provider you could recommend?

Scott Conley
President, Consultant
CWC, Conley’s Wildlife Control, LLC

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

?? A Multi-awarded Business Web Hosting ??
?? Register A Free Domain (like by Bluefish ??

BlueFish offers a Full-featured hosting service only $6.95 a month.

You can go there through the address below:

- 6 GB Storage Space
- 100 Gigs Data Transfer
- Unlimited Email Accounts
- Detailed Website Statistics
- Unlimited FTP Accounts
- Easy Web Builder Utility
- Shared or Dedicated SSL
- Business Site Templates
- OS Commerce or Agora
- Simple PayPal eCommerce (beside other credit cards)
- MS FrontPage Extensions
- Unique IP’s Available
- PHP & 5 MySQL Databases
- phpBB, Blog & Chat
- CGI-bin Access & Scripts

No-Risk Hosting
You have 30 days to test their service and if you choose to cancel you will receive a full 100% refund. No cancellation fees or other hidden charges.

Real Customer Support
Expect a helpful Phone Call from them when you sign up! They want to make it easy for all levels of customers to keep their websites running smoothly. So they provide a toll free phone line and plenty of one-on-one help at the start when you need it most. Their customer support representatives will call you shortly after sign-up to help you get started and answer any questions you may have.

At present, there are several online web hosting providers, which are working as sub-partners of BlueFish. In other words, they resell this service to people at a more expensive price. By omitting intermediates, you have a chance to obtain this service directly, making it cheaper and more reliable.

You can go there through the address below:

Sandra asks…

What are the 10 best home businesses?

I wish to make extra income from home, preferably using my computer.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:


If you have a special skill or have successfully worked for a number of years in a specific industry, chances are you have what it takes to be a consultant. Consultants serve as advisers in their area of expertise in almost any job area. For people with knowledge in the finance industry, business law, marketing and more, consulting can be a lucrative career. The requirements for being a consultant depend on what field you’re interested in. An advanced degree would be a prerequisite for business law consultants, while a wedding consultant could set up shop simply by working for an experienced consultant for a few years.

Accountants can balance the books from the comfort of their own home as well as from the workplace. Increasingly, companies are willing to allow workers to telecommute, or outsource certain functions to independent contractors. Smaller companies will hire accountants without formal training if they have experience and have proven their capabilities, but generally accountants have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business. In order to become certified, they must pass a national exam and any required tests for the state where they live.

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Daycare Provider

If you have small children of your own or really enjoy working with kids, becoming a home daycare provider may be the right job for you. You will have more credibility if you get licensed and registered, plus you’ll have access to training opportunities and the chance to network with other providers.

If you’ve worked as a reporter, business writer, or just love to write, you may be able to start your own writing business. Corporate clients need writers to produce newsletters, maintain blogs and write copy; magazines need people to write articles; websites need content. Also,many people look for writers to ghostwrite their memoirs. While some writers have degrees in journalism, English or creative writing, many successful writers learn their trade through online courses, writing critique groups and practice.

You don’t need an office to set up a housecleaning business; your own home will work just fine. Both individuals and businesses need people to clean for them, so if you don’t mind hard work, this might be right for you. You can earn a good income without investing in years of education or a lot of equipment. In addition to being willing to work hard, you’ll need to be able to manage your time well and deal with the business aspect, such as taxes, insurance and advertising.

Transcriptionists are needed in the medical and legal fields and can earn a high salary from home. Transcriptionists have either an associate’s degree or a certificate earned in a program lasting one year or less. Certification is available, although not required, through the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity for medical transcriptionists. Former health care workers, such as nurses, or legal workers like paralegals, can also work as transcriptionists.
Event Planner

If you have a flair for entertaining, you can use your skills to earn money and help other people plan their special events. Event planners plan weddings, kids’ birthday parties, corporate events and more. It’s a fast-paced career where you can put your creative talents to work and earn good money. Start by planning events for friends and family and build a portfolio, or work for an established event planner. For an event planner, every day’s a party!

You can become a beautician in a year or so and establish a shop in your home. If you like styling hair, doing nails and playing with color, this might be the career for you. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, so you’ll need to check that out before you start your business.
Massage Therapist

Massage therapists have the satisfaction of knowing they are helping other people improve their health. They also can set their work hours to accommodate their family’s schedule. Massage therapy qualifications takes less than a year, and the equipment investment is minimal: a massage table, some oils and lotions and you’ll be ready to get started. If you have a quiet room you can use, you can provide massage therapy in your home.

If you create art in one form or another, you can set up a studio in your home and sell your crafts at craft shows and online at etsy ( Jewelry, fabric art, collages, paintings, pottery and more are just some of the items artists (like you) create and sell from the comfort of their homes. Do what you love best — and get paid for it.

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Management Jobs In Austin Texas

Sandra asks…

Which school would be best for a business degree in North Texas?

University of North Texas (UNT); University of Texas at Dallas (UTD); University of texas arlington (uta) I am working towards a Business Management degree and want to know what school would be most recognized by future employers as a respected school. Serious answers are appreciated! Thanks.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I would go with a University of Texas affiliated school, and work my butt off to get into the UT Austin business school. If you don’t want to do that or (as it is really hard to get into), cant get in, you could try University of Houston business school (although its not in north texas)… But it is rated #3 in Texas (UT Austin is rated #1).

But, your degree only helps you get your first job. So, if someone from UT Austin or Harvard gets the job you want right out of college, all you have to do is prove yourself somewhere else. All of the reputable companies and firms promote and hire based on how much money you can make the company, so if you are good, you will get by with a degree from any institution.

Good luck

Sandy asks…

What kind of jobs can an MBA get you?

I currently have a BA, I am wondering what doors an MBA will open for me. What kind of companies hire those with MBA’s, what sort of jobs do they fill? What is the pay like?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Like almost every other question on Yahoo! Answers the answer to your question is, “it depends.” On your experience, your BA (ba in what?), from what school, what you major in while getting your MBA (specialize in finance versus marketing versus international business, etc.), which MBA program you attend (some companies won’t look at your resume if you don’t graduate from Northwestern, for example.

See the link below for information on salaries and different B-schools. Different schools have reputations in different areas- choose one that fits what you want to do.

In some cases if you have an undergrad in marketing, no job experience and you go get your MBA you may find very few doors open to you. The better employers go to the better schools and they generally want someone with a few years experience before they returned to school (so you have tempered your academic learning with reality).

But once you have your degree you can go many directions:
Option 1: let’s you take your current experience in a new direction within the same field. Friends of mine who had BAs in computer science went back for an MBA so they could make a move into a more business-oriented role while leveraging their technical background.

Option 2: make a career change- a great option. You worked in retailing but really want to get into a consumer products company. Get some good experience and then go get your MBA. A lot of companies will give you a shot even if your background is not a perfect match for them.

Option 3: open doors within your current company- some companies just require an MBA to move up. In those cases, your MBA will get you continued advancement.

The types of companies that hire MBAs? All over the board. There is no way to generalize that. Most consumer products companies hire MBAs as entry-level marketing people. The MBA is also often the ticket to become a manager at many firms (i.e. To get you into a management track).

My best advice is to contact a number of schools and see where their graduates wind up. For diversity sake, I’d suggest: Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), Kellogg (Northwestern), University of Chicago, USC or UCLA, University of Texas at Austin, New York University. This is a range of schools which offer different types of programs.

One big hurdle is (at least in my case) you may not even know that certain fields exist. So go talk to these folks and you may find some new areas of interest to you while seeing where a degree can take you.

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Mark asks…

What is the annual income we would need to bring in to afford a $400,000-$500,000 home?

Found a great house i’ve heard to live comfortably (in an apartment though) its 1/4 your income does that apply to homes as well? Its a beautiful home on 3 acres in Austin Texas. Thanks! :)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Coming from an apartment, it sounds like you will be financing the entire sale. It wouldn’t be comfortable at all. That is way too much house on 100k annually. Personally, I would want to make at least twice that or target a 200k house. Anything over 225-250k is going to be killer.

I do between 100-120k annually and live in a 175k house. I probably would’ve gone bigger, but I put more value into taking vacations, going out and having some spending cash.

Sharon asks…

What is the best place to live in kentucky?

Me and my fiance are from pennsylvania. We just recently moved to austin, texas. We don’t like it here. Its very city and traffic sucks and its too far from home. I still want to liv in a southern state and we both thought kentucky would b nice and its just a little drives away from pa. The catch is that we hav a pitbull. He is a sweetheart but its just hard these days to find an apartment or townhouse that is accepting of that and I kno a lot of places in ky hav bsl laws and that’s why I am asking for help. Thanks in advanced

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I think unless you are millionaires, you need to find a place where you can find work. You can consider the outskirts of Lexington or Louisville. Northern Kentucky is really close to Cincinnati and you can get a decent sized house for a reasonable price. If you choose Northern Kentucky, look up Hebron, Erlanger, Union, Florence and Burlington.

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Website Design Austin Texas

Ken asks…

what types of plants grow best in new jersey?

i want to plant a garden, but im not sure what types of plants grow best in a new jersey climate.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Plants native to New Jersey are the best. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has a database of recommended plants.

From their website: “Lady Bird Johnson, our former first lady, and Actress Helen Hayes founded an organization in 1982 to protect and preserve North America’s native plants and natural landscapes. First as the National Wildflower Research Center and later as the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, this special place exists to introduce people to the beauty and diversity of wildflowers and other native plants. Every day, the Wildflower Center brings life to Mrs. Johnson’s vision in its public gardens, its woodlands and sweeping meadows as well as in internationally influential research. In 2006, the Center became an Organized Research Unit of the University of Texas at Austin.

Decades ago, Mrs. Johnson recognized that our country was losing its natural landscapes and its natural beauty. As much as 30 percent of the world’s native flora is at risk of extinction. The Wildflower Center was intended to help preserve and restore that beauty and the biological richness of North America. Since then, the Center has become one of the country’s most credible research institutions and effective advocates for native plants.”

Also check out their youtube video at:

Here is a catalogue of design ideas and lists of native plants.

Maria asks…

Does anyone know of some great visual arts colleges not too far from Oklahoma?

I’m just hoping to find somewhere where it wont be terrible to come back to visit family, and i’m looking now so i’ll have something to strive for.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I’ve found a lot of really top-notch choices for you!! Read about them!! I hope this helps!!

Washington University in St. Louis is an extremely excellent college, hard to get into, and it also has a very good art program. This could be a good reach school for you when you apply. Missouri is pretty close to Oklahoma, so I think this would be a really excellent choice for you. It’s ranked in the top 15 for art schools. You would probably go to their Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. Http:// for more information.

UT Austin is a very good school & pretty close to oklahoma. It is pretty large, so most all of their departments are strong. In fact, their graduate art program is one of the top 15 in the country according to USNews. This school admits about 45% of their applicants so it could be a match school for you, probably. Http:// for more information.

Virginia Commonwealth University is another superb school for visual arts. Virginia is a bit further than Texas but not too bad. It’s ranked #4 for arts, wow! This school is really excellent. Http:// for more information.

Lastly, Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio is ranked #21 for art schools, which is pretty good. Its not that hard to get into so it could be a good safety school for you when you begin applying. Ohio is not too far away. Http:// is their website for more information. This would be a really good choice for you too, I think.

In the mean time, you may want to check with your local community college or something & see if you can start taking cool art classes there to prepare! Best of luck! I really hope this helps you out. I admire your determination! :)

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Thomas asks…

Is it possible to become a police officer with no college?

What I would like to do is work as a cop part time and go to college part time, get my degree so I can move up in the department later in my career. I read that you need 30 credit hours of college to get in, but if I intended on going to college while working for the department… ?

I’m 21 and have a high school diploma with a 3.8 GPA. Do you think what I’m wanting is possible in Austin, Texas?

Thank you.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Not in Austin. They require 30 college semester hours or 2 years of military service. Houston requires 60 semester hours.
You go to college while working, slowly one class a semester at most, to get your bachelors so yu can test for sergeant and above promotion later.

Lots of departments, in Texas and around Austin, do not require any college. Those normally require you to attend a basic police academy on your own, cost is usually less than $2,000 at most Texas community colleges.
Then after you pass the state certification test they may hire you as a cop.

Check sites like
for job openings in your area and the requirements each department has.

Mark asks…

What places are always hiring in austin texas? ?

Im moving to Austin Texas and was wondering what places always hire and you have a high chance getting hired at??

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Home depot…. They hire like crazy

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CT Airport Transportation - offers LGA Airport Limo Service CT . Affordable Black Town Car, Shuttle and Best Limo Services in CT to JFK, LaGuardia, EWR, HPN, Hartford Bradley, Boston Logan, New York, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, NYC, Bronx and Westchester County.

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Paul asks…

How might I go about upgrading my laptop?

Im looking to get a bit more “Juice” out of my HP 6735s Laptop, maybe by changing the processor chip or graphics card, this is essentially so I can play some slightly more modern games on it (e.g. RA3) and I would generally like it to run the game smoother with better graphics, possible?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

As everything is smaller in a laptop, the motherboard has the CPU and GPU hardwired (soldered or etched) on its surface making it impossible to upgrade without replacing the entire board and that would be costly (not even counting the installation fees).

If you want to check on that possibility, you should go here: and look at pages 18 to 33 (of 163).

This page should help too:

The least expensive route would be to try and upgrade RAM, the maximum memory for this model is 4 GBs if using a 32-bit Operating System and up to 8 GBs if using a 64-bit Operating System.

More details are here:

Another option would be an external solution (although it could still be a little bit expensive).

If your laptop is equipped with an ExpressCard®, you might use a ViDock 2, a high performance docking station that allows the user to add desktop graphics power without losing mobile features.

Details are here:

Of course, you must also figure the cost of an external monitor but it is probably cheaper than a new motherboard (+installation fees) or a new laptop!

Jenny asks…

How can lawn service customers pay without employees handling money?

Hello, i am going to start a lawn mowing business and i Dont want my Foreman or Helper handling the money that i recieve from my customers. i live in north texas and my business will be located in austin- kind of far away. how can i collect the payments without them going through my emplyees first? is there a way other than through the mail? (the mail from there to here would take too long).

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I believe if you use Quickbooks…they have a credit card payment option for the invoices you can create from their system. This would also allow you to avoid having bounced checks and you are paid after the card is processed. You will have to pay a transaction fee each time…but that may be worth it so your Foreman doesn’t have to touch the cash.

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Lizzie asks…

Does anyone have good any phone scripts for finding sponsors?

I am trying to launch a website similiar to petfinder. The plans are to pay for expenses from sponsor ad’s and allow people to list their animals for free on this website. My main purpose of wanting to do this is to help keep animals off the streets and try to get people to stop just dropping their animals off at the side of the road. I want to make phone calls to area “pet related services” but I don’t know of a phone script. Any ideas?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

We raise more than half the support of our ministry from phone calls to area businesses. I used to be one of the owners of a marketing and consulting co that set up calling programs. I am not in a position to do scripting free but I can make some suggestions. Write out in the simplest possibe terms what you have to offer and what you want. Then cu tit back because it probably says too much. You should be able to do the intro in less than 1 min. Only of you get some spark of interest do you want to go further. Be sure to emphasise the benefits to the sponsor not just the features of the site. Word it and present it as if you were talking to a long time friend who has a business. That is a good place to start by the way even if you have to offervery low rates to get your frst advertisers because few want to be the very first, You’ll probably need your site up and running so sponsors can see it even if it is just a site template.

Mark asks…

How much should I charge to install a Website?

I would like to install a basic Joomla website on someone elses server, including a custom template. How much should I charge?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Here’s what you do:
Don’t sell what you are doing short. Just becasue Joomla is easy to install doesn’t mean that someone will have a successful website.
Include the following in your install to make sure you are providing the best service to the customer.
Install Joompack component for backups.
Install SmartSef for search engine friendly url’s.
Install WYSIWYG pro Editor and include it in your price. This is the best commercial editor for Joomla in my opinion and if the client will be editing himself n the future will make his job easier.
Install a Newsletter component. (Acajoom).
Install ninjaExlplorer for file management.
Install JoomlaStats to track visitor traffic or offer to set up Googla analytics for them with the Joomla plugin.

Give the client a site that will work forthem right out of the box and explain why these tools are necessary. Charge them at least $500 for your knowledge and consulting especially if it’s a business. Plumbers and electricins charge $85 and up an hour where I am. Your skills are no less valuable. Heck my jiu jitsu instructor charges $95 per hour! Good luck.


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