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Betty asks…

Where do I begin on starting a modern furniture business?

I really love modern furniture design (eg Alessi, Ikea, Design within Reach, etc..) I even have a subscription to Dwell and Metropolis. I would like to know how to get started or what to do to get into this industry. I really have no training in design but a drafting class back in high school. I really love the design and ways of new thinking. I’m working on transferring to a state college as a business major w emphasis on entreprenuership, small business, or international business. I know this will help but would like some ideas. Even internship for any type of modern design companies would be awesome. Please advise. Thanks.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

When you’re done with your formal education you’ll need to talk to a business counselor before you do anything especially spend money. You have to determine whether you’ll start a web based business or one with a store front. I’d call the local office of SCORE (go to and input your zip code to find the chapter nearest you), the advice is FREE.

The counselor at SCORE will most likely advise you to write a business plan which is very good advice because it will force you to dig out all of the start up details and the costs of starting a modern furniture business and force you to also understand all of the aspects of this business including the customers you’ll concentrate on (your market ) and how you’ll go after them.

You’ll need to register the business with your state controller’s office and make sure that you have any city and county licenses if any are needed where you live. All of this will come out in a business plan.

Try this link : and read some of the articles especially the ones about a business plan and starting a business.
Good Luck

George asks…

What is the best method for job hunting for a recent college graduate?

I have a bachelor’s in international business and a minor economics. I want to go into consulting or government, but getting a start in either of those fields is difficult and I’m not sure where to start. Anyone with personal experience would be especially helpful.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Get out the yellow pages and call companies in your field and ask if you can fax over your resume and to who’s attention. You can follow up in a week with a call to that person. Take a look at your resume. Is it full of gobbledegook about you are looking for a meaningful job or discusses your character instead of what work you can do? Employers want to see a specific job objective like to find a sales trainee position where I can use my strong interpersonal skills. Stuff about finding a meaningful job goes in the garbage esp if you can’t say what kind of job you are looking for. You should also be telling everyone you knows including relatives that you are looking for a job. Also apply for civil service jobs

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Carol asks…

What are some places in Austin/San Antonio, TX that will pay for you to perform your music?

Any help is welcome.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If you perform solo, or even if you have a band you’ll need a demo CD and press kit. This is your business card. Any place will allow you or your band to perform, getting paid is another matter entirely. The owners will want to know if you have a following and would they flock to his place if you perform there. Because how much he’s willing to pay for talent will depend on the talent’s ability to entertain his customers. Happy customers buy drinks, his cash register gets full, you get the idea.

Be forewarned, most bar/tavern owners are complete and total sleaze bags and won’t pay you, but let you put out a tip pot instead. Some will collect a cover at the door and split the take with the band, that is if he’s even honest enough to make sure you receive your cut.

As for which places, just about all of them are the same. Remember that if you want to do this you are competing with every other garage band in the city looking for the same opportunity. If you want to rise above that seek the services of a professional manager/publicist who can do the legwork for you (for a fee, of course).

Good luck.

Mark asks…

Are there any card rooms or places to play poker in Austin TX?

I am not looking for home games just an actual card room or poker club in Austin. Going there on business so will not be able to travel much. Thanks

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

AFAIK (but I haven’t been back to TX for a few years), there’s nowhere in Texas where you can legally play poker…you have to go to one of the casinos just across the border in OK or LA.

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Mandy asks…

How important is the appearance of a business to you?

What else do you consider to be important when needing the services of a particular business?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Very important. Quality of goods and services, cost effectiveness, efficiency, qualifications of the people performing the work, The ability to stand behind what they do, Keeping all customers information private and not selling it to marketing consultants. And just being honest with the customer, and absolutely no high pressure sales. Let the customer decide on their own with reliable information supplied by you that can in fact be researched and verified. Not just hearsay.

Lisa asks…

What is a career that involves coming up with new ideas to make the company better?

I am wondering what some careers would be that involve coming up with new ideas to help a company succeed by getting more business, more productivity out of employees and better ways to complete work. I come up with great ideas that would definitely increase profit and get more customers. Preferably a career that you don’t have to go to school for to long.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

No matter what job you hold, it is your duty to do what is in the best interest of the company, including sharing ideas about increasing sales, gaining customers, simplifying processes, increasing efficiency, etc. The job that comes to my mind is a consultant, but those positions are reserved for people with experience in a particular field. Other fields that come to mind are marketing, management, systems. You’re question is pretty vague, what type of company are you referring to?

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Lizzie asks…

How Many Total Members Are In ACORN Groups Around America?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The Many faces Of Acorn. I don’t know the total numbers but the front groups are growing!

385 Palmetto Street Housing Fund Corp.
4415 San Jacinto Street Corp.
Acorn 2004 Housing Development Fund Corp.
Acorn 2005 Housing Development Fund Corp.
ACORN Associates
ACORN Beneficial Association
ACORN Campaign Services
ACORN Campaign ToRaise The Minimum Wage
ACORN Center for Housing, Inc.
ACORN Children’s Beneficial Association
ACORN Community Land Association
ACORN Community Land Association of IL
ACORN Community Land Association of LA
ACORN Community Land Association of PA
ACORN Community Labor Organizing Center
ACORN Cultural Trust
ACORN Dumont-Snediker Housing Development
Fund Corp.
ACORN Fair Housing
ACORN Housing Corp.
ACORN Housing Corp. Of IL
ACORN Housing Corp. Of MO
ACORN Housing Corp. Of PA
ACORN Institute
ACORN Law For Education, Representation,
And Training
ACORN Management Corp.
ACORN National Broadcasting Network
ACORN Services
ACORN Television In Action For Communities
ACORN Tenant Union Training And Organizing
ACORN Tenants Union
Affiliated Media Foundation Movement
Agape Broadcasting Foundation Inc
The Many Faces of ACORN
Among ACORN’s many affiliates and subsidiaries are:
American Environmental Justice Project Inc.
American Home Childcare Providers Association
American Institute for Social Justice
Arizona ACORN Housing Corp.
Arkansas Broadcasting Foundation
Association for the Rights of Citizens Inc.
Associated Regional Maintenance Systems
Austin Organizing and Support Center
Baltimore Organizing and Support Center
Boston Organizing and Support Center
Broad Street Corp.
California Community Network
Chicago Organizing and Support Center
Chief Organizer Fund
Child Care Providers for Action Franklin
Citizens Action Research Project
Citizens Campaign for Work, Living Wage &
Labor Peace
Citizens Consulting, Inc.
Citizens Campaign for Finance Reform
Citizens for Future Progress
Colorado ACORN Housing Corp.
Crescent City Broadcasting Corp.
Desert Rose Homes LLC
Dumont Avenue Housing Development Fund
Elysian Fields Corp., Inc
Elysian Fields Partnership
Fifteenth Street Corp.
Floridians For All PAC
Franklin ACORN Housing
Greenville Community Charter School Inc.
Greenwell Springs Corp.
Hospitality Hotel and Restaurant Organizing
Council (HOTROC)
Houston Organizing And Support Center
KABF Radio
KNON Radio
Labor Neighbor Research and Training Center Inc.
Living Wage Resource Center
Louisiana ACORN Fair Housing
Massachusetts ACORN Housing Corp.
Metro Technical Institute
Missouri Tax Justice Research Project
Montana Radio Network
Mott Haven ACORN Housing Development Fund Corp.
Mutual Housing Association of New York Inc.
National Center for Jobs & Justice
New Mexico Organizing and Support Center
New Orleans Community Housing Organization
New York ACORN Housing Company Inc.
New York Agency for Community Affairs Inc.
New York Organizing and Support Center
Organizers Forum
Pennsylvania Institute for Community Affairs
People’s Equipment Resource Corp.
Phoenix Organizing And Support Center
Project Vote
SEIU Local 100
SEIU Local 880
Service Workers Action Team
Shreveport Community Television
Site Fighters
Sixth Avenue Corp.
Social Policy
Southern Training Center
St. Louis Organizing And Support Center
St. Louis Tax Reform Group
Student Minimum Wage Action Campaign
Texas ACORN Housing Corp. Inc.
Wal-Mart Workers Association
Wal-Mart Association for Reform Now
Working Families Association

source: Employment Policies Institute report, “Rotten
ACORN: America’s Bad Seed,” July 2006, see PDF file at

The report noted that, “AmeriCorps members
of AHC raised funds for ACORN, performed
voter registration activities, and gave partisan
speeches. In one instance, an AmeriCorps
member was directed by ACORN staff to
assist the [Clinton] White House in preparing
a press conference in support of legislation.”
(“Report on the Activities of the Committee
on Economic and Educational Opportunities
During the 104th Congress,” Report 104-875,
Jan. 2, 1997)

Sandra asks…

What does a Chemical Engineer do on a daily basis (with a Ph.D)?

I was wondering what a chemical engineer with a PhD do. I’m going to go to UT in Austin to get my doctorate in chemical engineering and I was wondering what one does on a daily basis. And also, how much would one make with a PhD? Starting off salary AND salary after several years.. Preferably in Texas (unless I get a job offer outside of texas after graduating) thanks

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

In the beginning, we work for an R&D group heading up process or product development. Within a few years, we generally become managers. Sit in meetings, listen to business goals and or customer needs, define our organizational goals and structure, give direction to our employees, sort out the b s from reality, “sell” the individual projects to management and customers, take credit for the group successes, etc. Typical management type stuff.

The few that have gone on to acquire an MBA often find themselves as VP of production, VP of engineering or VP of development. Some even make it to CEO.

salaries? Depends.. In the US…

PhD + 0 experience in the perfect field (meaning your research ? Research of the company hiring you) you could probably start off at $85k to $90K base + 10% cash bonus. After a year or two if you prove yourself invaluable… You’ll probably get 3-5% raises yer pear and perhaps stock options.

After 5 years, if your managing your group.. $100k/yr + 20% bonus + ($25k to $50k) / year stock options.

After 10 years.. Perhaps $200k/yr + 50% bonus + ($100k to $200k) / yr options.

I manage an R&D organization. Have my Ph.D. In ChE
my boss is the CEO. He has a Ph.D. In ChE.
My ex boss also had a Ph.D. In ChE
I consult with a company (occasionally) who’s CEO has a BsCh.E and an MBA
1 of my peers has a BS ChE + MBA
all of my direct employees have BS, MS or PhD in BsCHE or BsCHEM.

Point is.. We ChE’s are in charge

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Daniel asks…

Peace hurts business……is why we have so many wars?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Now why would you think that?

Contractors: All
All Afghanistan Iraq Archived Chart
Abt Associates Inc. Advanced Systems Development, Inc. AECOM Alexander, Deborah Lynn AllWorld Language Consultants American International Contractors, Inc. American President Lines Ltd. Anteon International Corporation AOS, Inc. Artel Atlas Case, Inc. Bald Industries Baldino, George F. Bea Mauer, Inc. BearingPoint Inc. Bechtel Group Inc. Blackwater Security Consulting L.L.C. CACI International Inc. Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. Capital Shredder Corporation Cartridge Discounters CDW Government, Inc. Cellhire USA CH2M Hill Chemonics International Inc. Chugach McKinley, Inc. Comfort Inn Complement, Inc., The Contrack International Inc. Creative Associates International Inc. Cybex International Dataline Inc. Dell Marketing L.P. Detection Monitoring Technologies Development Alternatives Inc. DHS Logistics Company Diplomat Freight Services Inc. DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.) Earth Tech, Inc. EGL Eagle Global Logistics EHI Company Electric Generator Store, The Environmental Chemical Corporation EOD Technology Inc. Expedited World Cargo Inc. Explosive Ordnance Technologies Inc. Export Depot Federal Data Corporation Fluor Corp. Force 3 Foster Wheeler Co. General Electric Company Giesecke & Devrient America Global Container Lines Ltd. Global Professional Solutions Global Services GPS Store, Inc., The GTSI Corp Hardware Associates Harris Corporation Inglett and Stubbs LLC Intelligent Enterprise Solutions International American Products Inc. International Global Systems, Inc. International Resources Group J & B Truck Repair Service John S. Connor Inc. JSI Inc. Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton) Kollsman Inc Kroll Inc. Kropp Holdings Lab Safety Supply Laguna Construction Company, Inc. LandSea Systems, Inc. Landstar Express America Inc. Liberty Shipping Group Ltd. Logenix International L.L.C. Louis Berger Group Lucent Technologies World Services, Inc. Management Systems International McNeil Technologies, Inc. Mediterranean Shipping Company MEI Research Corporation Michael Baker Jr., Inc. Midwest Research Institute Military Professional Resources Inc. Miscellaneous Foreign Contract Motorola Inc. MZM Inc. NANA Pacific Native American Industrial Distributors Inc. Night Vision Equipment Company Nuttall, James S. Ocean Bulkships Inc. Odebrect-Austin Outfitter Satellite, Inc. PAE Government Services Inc. Paro, Amy K. Parsons Corp. Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Perini Corporation Raytheon Aerospace LLC Raytheon Technical Services Reabold, Miguel (Michael) Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.) Red River Computer Company Redcom Laboratories Research Triangle Institute Ronco Consulting Corporation S&C Electric Company S&K Technologies Inc. Sampler, Donald L. Science Applications International Corp. Sealift Inc. Segovia Inc. SETA Corporation Shaw Group/Shaw E & I Signature Science Simmonds Precision Products SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc. Smith Office Machines Corporation Social Impact Inc. Sodexho Inc. SPARCO Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C. Stanley Consultants Staples National Advantage Stevedoring Services of America Stratex Freedom Services Structural Engineers TECO Ocean Shipping Co. Tekontrol, Inc. Tetra Tech Inc. Titan Corporation Total Business Transfair North America International Triumph Technologies Tryco Inc. Unisys Corporation United Defense Industries, L.P. University of Nebraska at Omaha USA Environmental Inc. Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman) Ward Transformer Sales & Services Washington Group International WECSYS Weston Solutions, Inc. World Fuel Services Corp. Young, Brian Zapata Engineering

Contractor Value Value FY02 Agency
Abt Associates Inc.
Iraq $43,818,278 USAID
Advanced Systems Development, Inc.
Iraq $259,958.56 DoD
Iraq $21,610,501 DoD
Alexander, Deborah Lynn
Afghanistan $168,625 USAID
AllWorld Language Consultants
Iraq $4,051,349 DoD
American International Contractors, Inc.
Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD
American President Lines Ltd.
Iraq $5,000,000 USAID
Anteon International Corporation
Afghanistan $6,800,000 DoD
AOS, Inc.
Iraq $866,988 DoD
Atlas Case, Inc.
Iraq $17,243 DoD
Bald Industries
Iraq $35,734 DoD
Baldino, George F.
Afghanistan $263,000 USAID
Bea Mauer, Inc.
Iraq $9,920 DoD
BearingPoint Inc.
Afghanistan $64,100,00 USAID
BearingPoint Inc.
Iraq $240,162,668 USAID
Bechtel Group Inc.
Iraq $2,829,833,859 USAID
Blackwater Security Consulting L.L.C.
Iraq $21,331,693 DoD
CACI International Inc.
Iraq $66,221,143.19 Interior
Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.
Afghanistan $1,700,000 USAID
Capital Shredder Corporation
Iraq $11,803 DoD
Cartridge Discounters
Iraq $40,492 DoD
CDW Government, Inc.
Iraq $35,174 DoD
Cellhire USA
Iraq $1,465,983 DoD
CH2M Hill
Iraq $1,528,500,000 DoD
Chemonics International Inc.
Afghanistan $167,759,000 USAID
Chugach McKinley, Inc.
Iraq $3,068,407 DoD
Comfort Inn
Iraq $47,324 DoD
Complement, Inc., The
Iraq $3,358 DoD
Contrack International Inc.
Iraq $2,325,000,000 DoD
Contrack International Inc.
Afghanistan $500,000,000 DoD
Creative Associates International Inc.
Afghanistan $60,000,000 USAID
Creative Associates International Inc.
Iraq $273,539,368 USAID
Cybex International
Afghanistan $4,838 DoD
Dataline Inc.
Iraq $1,028,851.89 DoD
Dell Marketing L.P.
Iraq $513,678.88 DoD
Detection Monitoring Technologies
Iraq $5,584,482 DoD
Development Alternatives Inc.
Iraq $39,523,857 USAID
Development Alternatives Inc.
Afghanistan $9,594,000 USAID
DHS Logistics Company
Afghanistan $378,000 $288,000 DoD
DHS Logistics Company
Iraq $223,497 DoD
Diplomat Freight Services Inc.
Afghanistan $2,604,276 $2,604,000 State
DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.)
Afghanistan $43,559,421 $130,000 State
DynCorp (Computer Sciences Corp.)
Iraq $50,000,000 State
Earth Tech, Inc.
Iraq $65,449,155 DoD
EGL Eagle Global Logistics
Iraq $111,000 USAID
EHI Company
Iraq $3,956 DoD
Electric Generator Store, The
Iraq $6,974 DoD
Environmental Chemical Corporation
Iraq $1,475,000,000 DoD
EOD Technology Inc.
Iraq $71,900,000 DoD
Expedited World Cargo Inc.
Iraq $55,004 USAID
Explosive Ordnance Technologies Inc.
Iraq $1,475,000,000 DoD
Export Depot
Iraq $21,182 DoD
Federal Data Corporation
Afghanistan $1,991,770 DoD
Fluor Corp.
Iraq $3,754,964,295 DoD
Force 3
Iraq $274,651.95 DoD
Foster Wheeler Co.
Iraq $8,416,985 DoD
General Electric Company
Iraq Value Unknown DoD
General Electric Company
Afghanistan $8,525,498 DoD
Giesecke & Devrient America
Iraq $72,700 DoD
Global Container Lines Ltd.
Iraq $1,850,000 USAID
Global Professional Solutions
Iraq $590,232 DoD
Global Services
Iraq $910,468 DoD
GPS Store, Inc., The
Iraq $19,761 DoD
Afghanistan $70,220 DoD
Hardware Associates
Iraq $4,304 DoD
Harris Corporation
Iraq $165,000,000 DoD
Inglett and Stubbs LLC
Iraq $1,826,974 DoD
Inglett and Stubbs LLC
Afghanistan $6,348,271 DoD
Intelligent Enterprise Solutions
Iraq $19,835 DoD
International American Products Inc.
Iraq $628,421,252 DoD
International American Products Inc.
Afghanistan $20,080,636 $683,000 DoD
International Global Systems, Inc.
Iraq $157,383.40 DoD
International Resources Group
Afghanistan $1,230,000 USAID
International Resources Group
Iraq $38,000,000 USAID
J & B Truck Repair Service
Afghanistan $1,353,477 DoD
John S. Connor Inc.
Iraq $34,153 USAID
JSI Inc.
Iraq $3,376 DoD
Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton)
Iraq $10,832,000,000 DoD
Kellogg, Brown & Root (Halliburton)
Afghanistan $599,000,000 $114,999,000 DoD
Kollsman Inc
Kroll Inc.
Iraq Value Unknown USAID
Kropp Holdings
Iraq $11,880,000 DoD
Lab Safety Supply
Iraq $53,379 DoD
Laguna Construction Company, Inc.
Iraq $19,536,683 DoD
LandSea Systems, Inc.
Iraq $47,750 DoD
Landstar Express America Inc.
Iraq $24,396 USAID
Liberty Shipping Group Ltd.
Iraq $7,300,000 USAID
Logenix International L.L.C.
Iraq $29,000 USAID
Louis Berger Group
Afghanistan $10,228,894 – $300,000,000 $5,229,000 USAID
Louis Berger Group
Iraq $27,671,364 DoD
Lucent Technologies World Services, Inc.
Iraq $75,000,000 DoD
Management Systems International
Afghanistan $14,700,000 USAID
Management Systems International
Iraq $15,116,328 USAID
McNeil Technologies, Inc.
Iraq $716,651 DoD
Mediterranean Shipping Company
Iraq $13,000 USAID
MEI Research Corporation
Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Afghanistan $1,471,238 DoD
Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Iraq $4,528,328 DoD
Midwest Research Institute
Iraq $1,765,000 DoD
Military Professional Resources Inc.
Iraq $2,608,794.74 DoD
Miscellaneous Foreign Contract
Iraq $3,026,630 DoD
Miscellaneous Foreign Contract
Afghanistan $10,463,180 DoD
Motorola Inc.
Iraq $15,591,732 DoD
MZM Inc.
Iraq $1,213,632 DoD
NANA Pacific
Iraq $70,000,000 DoD
Native American Industrial Distributors Inc.
Iraq $123,572 DoD
Night Vision Equipment Company
Iraq $153,118 DoD
Nuttall, James S.
Afghanistan $187,000 USAID
Ocean Bulkships Inc.
Iraq $5,000,000 USAID
Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD
Outfitter Satellite, Inc.
Iraq $33,203 DoD
PAE Government Services Inc.
Afghanistan $7,007,158 $5,714,000 State
Paro, Amy K.
Afghanistan $94,457 $94,000 USAID
Parsons Corp.
Iraq $5,286,136,252 DoD
Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group
Iraq $43,361,340 DoD
Perini Corporation
Iraq $2,525,000,000 DoD
Perini Corporation
Afghanistan $14,000,000 – $25,000,000 DoD
Raytheon Aerospace LLC
Afghanistan $91,096,464 $2,044,000 DoD
Raytheon Technical Services
Iraq $12,412,573 DoD
Reabold, Miguel (Michael)
Afghanistan $136,603 USAID
Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)
Afghanistan $40,792,343 $828,000 DoD
Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)
Iraq $173,965,104 USAID
Red River Computer Company
Iraq $972,592.90 DoD
Redcom Laboratories
Afghanistan $24,375 DoD
Research Triangle Institute
Iraq $466,070,508 USAID
Ronco Consulting Corporation
Iraq $12,008,289.60 DoD
Ronco Consulting Corporation
Afghanistan $12,423,633 $6,771,000 USAID / State / DoD
S&C Electric Company
Afghanistan $34,800 DoD
S&K Technologies Inc.
Iraq $4,950,384.80 DoD
Sampler, Donald L.
Afghanistan $81,000 USAID
Science Applications International Corp.
Iraq $159,304,219 DoD
Sealift Inc.
Iraq $4,000,000 USAID
Segovia Inc.
Iraq $320,636 DoD
SETA Corporation
Iraq $3,165,765 DoD
Shaw Group/Shaw E & I
Iraq $3,050,749,910 DoD
Signature Science
Iraq $4,704,464 DoD
Simmonds Precision Products
Iraq $4,412,488 DoD
SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc.
Iraq $27,344,600 USAID
Smith Office Machines Corporation
Iraq $2,961 DoD
Social Impact Inc.
Afghanistan $1,875,000 USAID
Sodexho Inc.
Afghanistan $324,120 $324,000 State
Iraq $9,215 DoD
Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C.
Iraq $1,200,000,000 DoD
Stanley Consultants
Iraq $7,709,767 DoD
Staples National Advantage
Iraq $4,194 DoD
Stevedoring Services of America
Iraq $14,318,895 USAID
Stratex Freedom Services
Afghanistan $1,978,175 DoD
Structural Engineers
Iraq $1,113,000 DoD
TECO Ocean Shipping Co.
Iraq $7,200,000 USAID
Tekontrol, Inc.
Afghanistan $85,146 DoD
Tetra Tech Inc.
Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD
Titan Corporation
Iraq $402,000,000 DoD
Total Business
Iraq $4,696 DoD
Transfair North America International
Iraq $19,351 USAID
Triumph Technologies
Iraq $228,924 DoD
Tryco Inc.
Afghanistan $400,000 DoD
Unisys Corporation
Iraq $320,000 DoD
United Defense Industries, L.P.
Iraq $4,500,000 DoD
University of Nebraska at Omaha
Afghanistan $7,072,468 USAID
USA Environmental Inc.
Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD
Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman)
Iraq $48,074,442 DoD
Ward Transformer Sales & Services
Iraq $115,000 DoD
Washington Group International
Iraq $3,133,078,193 DoD
Washington Group International
Afghanistan $500,000 – $500,000,000 DoD
Iraq $3,040 DoD
Weston Solutions, Inc.
Iraq $16,279,724 DoD
World Fuel Services Corp.
Afghanistan $19,762,792 DoD
Young, Brian
Afghanistan $106,150 $39,000 State
Zapata Engineering
Iraq $1,478,838,958 DoD

Maria asks…

Who makes money off of the war on terror?

“But since the start of the “war on terrorism”, the firm – unofficially valued at $3.5bn – has taken on an added significance. Carlyle has become the thread which indirectly links American military policy in Afghanistan to the personal financial fortunes of its celebrity employees, not least the current president’s father. And, until earlier this month, Carlyle provided another curious link to the Afghan crisis: among the firm’s multi-million-dollar investors were members of the family of Osama bin Laden”
My, my people. The president and the president’s family and there close bin Laden friends are heavily invested in oil and war. You people don’t find this a pharsical (pun) situation?
Yes there are more than just Carlyle; ergo the question.
Milk of Socialism – it really depends upon who you will label a terrorist here. Are all bin Ladens terrorists?
This was and excerpt from an article in the Guardian.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The list is huge and the money involved is equally huge, no wonder Bush had to come up with 395 false reports to get things happening, if Americans knew the truth theres no way they would send their sons and daughters off to die in Iraq and Afghanistan. Heres a partial list from o – z.

Ocean Bulkships Inc. Iraq $5,000,000 USAID
Odebrect-Austin Iraq $1,500,000,000 DoD
Outfitter Satellite, Inc. Iraq $33,203 DoD
Parsons Corp. Iraq $5,286,136,252 DoD
Parsons Energy and Chemicals Group Iraq $43,361,340 DoD
Perini Corporation Iraq $2,525,000,000 DoD
Perini Corporation
Raytheon Technical Services Iraq $12,412,573 DoD
Readiness Management Support LC (Johnson Controls Inc.)
Iraq $173,965,104 USAID
Red River Computer Company Iraq $972,592.90 DoD
Research Triangle Institute Iraq $466,070,508 USAID
Ronco Consulting Corporation Iraq $12,008,289.60 DoD
S&K Technologies Inc. Iraq $4,950,384.80 DoD
Science Applications International Corp. Iraq $159,304,219 DoD
Sealift Inc. Iraq $4,000,000 USAID
Segovia Inc. Iraq $320,636 DoD
SETA Corporation Iraq $3,165,765 DoD
Shaw Group/Shaw E & I Iraq $3,050,749,910 DoD
Signature Science Iraq $4,704,464 DoD
Simmonds Precision Products Iraq $4,412,488 DoD
SkyLink Air and Logistic Support (USA) Inc. Iraq $27,344,600 USAID
Smith Office Machines Corporation Iraq $2,961 DoD
SPARCO Iraq $9,215 DoD
Stanley Baker Hill L.L.C. Iraq $1,200,000,000 DoD
Stanley Consultants Iraq $7,709,767 DoD
Staples National Advantage Iraq $4,194 DoD
Stevedoring Services of America Iraq $14,318,895 USAID
Stratex Freedom Services Afghanistan $1,978,175 DoD
Structural Engineers Iraq $1,113,000 DoD
TECO Ocean Shipping Co. Iraq $7,200,000 USAID
Tetra Tech Inc. Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD
Titan Corporation Iraq $402,000,000 DoD
Total Business Iraq $4,696 DoD
Transfair North America International Iraq $19,351 USAID
Triumph Technologies Iraq $228,924 DoD
Unisys Corporation Iraq $320,000 DoD
United Defense Industries, L.P. Iraq $4,500,000 DoD
USA Environmental Inc. Iraq $1,541,947,671 DoD
Vinnell Corporation (Northrop Grumman) Iraq $48,074,442 DoD
Ward Transformer Sales & Services Iraq $115,000 DoD
Washington Group International Iraq $3,133,078,193 DoD
WECSYS Iraq $3,040 DoD
Weston Solutions, Inc. Iraq $16,279,724 DoD
Young, Brian Afghanistan $106,150 $39,000 State
Zapata Engineering Iraq $1,478,838,958 DoD

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Austin Web Development

David asks…

Can anyone tell me where I can look online to get information about becoming a Web Content Engineer?

I am interested in this career field, but having trouble finding specific information.

Can you recommend a good college program for this area of study?

Can you estimate the entry level salary for someone living in Texas.

I would greatly appreciate any info!

Thanks :)
I’ve already checked Google, AND Yahoo, smartass. There is not a lot of specific information out there. Thats why I am using thsi service, because thats what this service is for.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If you look at the job description for it on it looks like it is just a meshing of 3 different roles – web designer, business analyst, and project manager. I think you see similar functions in many programs although they arent exactly labeled as “web content engineer.” As such, you could probably get the training from most web development or MIS tracks and specialize the electives around what your job target is. I have been in web development for 9 years and when I heard web content engineer, to me I think webmaster or web admin, usually a lower level position than some other web related functions. I would think maybe mid 30s to mid 40s to start, maybe more in Dallas, Austin, or Houston less as you go out from there. But I think it would depend on exactly what the company has you doing regardless of the title.

Michael asks…

Please provide me the phone number, web site to contact author Salvador SeBasco to book him for a performance?

He wrote the bok called The Boy, The King, and The Chihuahua & his performance includes live classical musicians.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

At this time, we will be not be adding any names to the private reading waiting list. However, no request is turned away and is considered! Salvador will be working from the current list, which is closed out until August 12, 2006.

Opportunities for private readings will become available again soon after that when the current scheduled waiting list diminishes.

For requests for private interviews, contact the Promotions Department listed in the WHAT’s NEW page of this web site. For requesting private book readings where the proceeds would go to a charity, we suggest writing with the contact information for the charity. Please anticipate an e-mail reply within 24-48 hours.

Salvador SeBasco has been writing and illustrating children’s strories for 41 years and visiting schools for more than 14 years. In other words: “Thank you for reading the book to me. That book taught me a very good lesson. I really appreciated the book.” Christopher R. 1st grade.

For requesting a private reading to your gathering, a school, library, or event for a reading or book signing, use this form to send the request. For a return call within 24 hours, include your telephone number.




Performer Information
Stage name: Salvador SeBasco & Lily, the famous dog from the book THE BOY, THE KING, AND THE CHIHUAHUA
Performer name: Salvador SeBasco
Phone: 512-923-2262
Mailing address: PO Box 270006
Austin, Texas 78727
E-mail address:
c/o Grace Edison, Senior Assistant
Previous appearances at: Contact information at the i Just Read Co.


It begins with a thought: a writing preparation
workshop Literature- Author
performing Workshop consists of character education stressing positive character traits when applying the principles for the talent called striving as well as those used to draw out the imagination and used in preparations prior to writing. The emphasis is on integrating these principles into the step prior to collecting and selecting ideas, and emphasizes allowing time to pass prior to collecting and selecting ideas. The principles in drawing out the imagination as highlighted in (the book) The Boy, The King, and The Chihuahua will be used to show how concepts for written stories are hidden in our everyday thoughts and the choices we each make each day. $201- $350
It Started with a Bunk-Bed Literature- Author
Storytelling After a reading of his latest book, The Boy, The King, and The Chihuahua, Salvador SeBasco will tell the story about how he wrote the story when he was six, and convince listeners how STRIVING is a talent which requires a gradual approach (one step at a time) and use of your unblocked imagination. Discussion alternates with Q&A, directed toward the conclusion that the biggest problems in life are solved one step at a time and how that moral is at the root of each age-appropriate core curriculum and in many lifelong development activities. $201- $350

*FREE to schools, universities,
and libraries in Texas (USA)

*Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis

We thank you for visiting the website worldwide. Contact us with questions or problems with this site:

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Austin Internet Marketing Jobs

Donald asks…

Do any women work as Software Engineers?

I am thinking of getting a degree in Computer Science, but I’ve heard that not many women do this, so I am a little scared. Would it just be weird if I did this? If I did do this, would I be discriminated at work? Do women in this career get paid much less? What is the starting pay for a Software Engineer? Should I just not do this at all?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I’m a manager at IBM, and women occupy many software engineering positions in IBM. They are overall just a bit in the minority, maybe 60/40 or 65/35. For some reason, they tend to have higher ratios in certain ancillary roles in software engineering. For example, rather than doing the design, coding, and architecture, one’s more likely to see women software engineers in testing, build operations, etc. I’m not sure why that is. I’m sure it’s not something built into management policy, and it does not seem to be an “unconscious bias” either. It seems to be a matter of individual preference or ambition. Even so, I know some top notch women engineers in all kinds of roles.

At IBM I can say with very high confidence that there would not be discrimination based on gender in at least 90% of the software engineering organizations (of which there are many). This is not the company line, but just my own personal observation and experience. We have more men in those roles simply because more men seem to apply or be available to fill roles. I am also confident that there would be no negative impact on your relative salary or opportunities to advance in any of several directions at IBM. (Again this would be in 90% or more of the organizations. You can always find bad-apple managers, but there are few in my experience in IBM.) We have plenty of women in management positions at all levels, and I’ve seen salaries for women on par with guys at all levels.

Also note that the ratio becomes closer to 50/50 if you look at other less technical roles in and around the software engineering business.

If it’s what you like and what you’re good at, and you have the desire and people skills to navigate the corporate world on your merit and personal value-add, then there’s nothing to stop you. I would say exactly the same thing to men with similar interests.

Entry level salaries vary dramatically depending on where you live and work. In the Silicon Valley, an entry level college grad software engineer with exceptional resume and real work experience could easilly get in the $50k+ range. It can go up quite quickly from there. However, in another market like Austin, it could be be $10k lower. This is all about competition and cost of living, and there are formulas that drive it.

BTW, I have a personal opinion that software engineering as a job is becoming “de-institutionalized”. IBM may be the last place one would see this happen, but the new globalized world of open source and free collaboration means that it’s possible in my opinion that software engineers will more and more become freelancers, contributing as individuals on many disparate projects from their home offices, only loosely affiliated with companies. I don’t think this is unique to software engineering, but it’s one of the disciplines that is especially suited to such changes. Just something to keep in mind when you envision a future career in this. Competition from all over the world will always be intensifying. Other people can live cheaper and contribute as much as Americans and they can do it with just a computer and an internet connection.

Lisa asks…

Is Computer Science one of the highly demanded majors in the job market, like being a CPA?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It depends on what region you live in. Here in Austin, TX the computer industry is just getting started and expanding faster than we can keep up. There are more computer jobs in Austin right now than they have workers. Computers are only going to get more advanced and internet corporations are only going to get bigger and need more computer nerds so take it for yourself. I cant wait until im making 75k starting and by 5 years i’m making 100k-120k.

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Business Consulting Firm Websites

Donald asks…

Does anyone know of a good website designer in the Houston area?

I’m looking for a professional website designer to build a new site for my consulting firm. Willing to pay whatever necessary.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I may not know of a good one to recommend to you, but I most certainly know of a bad one that I’d like to warn you about just in case you stumble upon their information so that you can avoid them at all costs. I have a business in which, at the time, I needed someone to build my site. I solicited the help of Content Media Group (located in the Houston/College Station area). Steve LaSalle, the CEO of this company was my specific point of contact and decided to personally take on my project. Throughout my time working with Steve I found him to be short with me, rude, and have little integrity when it came to doing what he said he was going to do. He was a “bully” in trying to do what HE wanted to do for MY project instead of him trying to meet client satisfaction. Steve LaSalle made promises he couldn’t’t keep and in the end I ended up paying him much more than he deserved just so that I could be done with the nightmare of working with Content Media Group. Now I am stuck having to look elsewhere to find someone who can fix the things that Steve couldn’t do and left incomplete on my site. I said all this to say, don’t get involved with Steve LaSalle or Content Media Group.

Helen asks…

How easy is it to set up your own business?

I’m thinking of setting up my own business(es) and have a couple of ideas as to what I would like to sell (clothing/jewellery)/provide (admin from home/support/project management), however wouldn’t know how/where to start. Any advice (sensible ones only please) would be greatly appreciated.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

First you need a plan. I’d suggest checking out the book: Business Plans for Dummies.

Simple to read, highly effective and covers all your bases.


They’ll pretty much tell you the following:

1. You need to find out the legal rules for setting up a company in your country.

2. Your ideas are kind of varied – admin –> clothing/jewellery? I’d try and narrow it down, and focus it to something really important, if not you’re kind of spinning your wheels. You need to make sure you know what you want to do, and have the qualifications for it.

Example: Project management

Are you PM certified? If not, it’d be hard to score a freelance job on that.

3. Get your business name/trademarks, etc all in order. You need to figure out what to call your company, how to handle the books (accounting for tax reporting purposes), your company logo, securing a URL for your company website…

4. Are you going to have employees? How are you setting up your business – partnership, sole proprietorship? After you’ve focused your business idea and plan, THEN you can figure out how to structure your business

Example: A clothing store has a very different approach from a freelance PM

5. Who are you going to target? Only when you can figure out who you’re going to target, and who you’re going to get as clients, can you focus your business plan.

Example: Clothing store = teens aged 13-19? Gothic teens? Preppy? Punky? Emo? Or on the PM route, are you going to project manage only in certain industries? IT systems? Retail store projects?

This matters because if you’re doing IT systems, you need to find companies who need people like you to PM their IT implementations – like IBM, and other consulting firms. Then you need to figure out contacts to get them to hire you as a freelancer.

6. How are you going to market yourself?

- Business cards
- Signage
- Home business or renting your own place?
- Website so people can go to it
- Business-only phone line (so you don’t answer it saying: “Hello?” instead of “Hello, ______ from PMs’R'Us speaking”)

Basically, you need to first narrow down what you want to do. Then from there, can you only build out a proper plan of how to attack what you want to do.

Also ,are you only working part-time on this, or weekends only, while holding down a steady job? If not, how are you going to pay the bills? You need financial cash flow contingency plans as well, so you don’t end up in major debt and going bankrupt.

Read the book :) It helps.

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Business Consulting Fees

Jenny asks…

I have a question regarding transfer of money from business to personal accounts.?

I recently set up a sole proprietorship because I was receiving funds from my friends business, kind of like a consulting fee, however the fees will bring in between 10k and 20k per year.

So now my friend will write the check to my business so I can pay taxes, use write offs, etc.

If I transfer money from my business account, into my personal account, will I then have to claim that money as income on my personal taxes?
How can I get the money from my business to my personal account without tax liability since the taxes will allready be paid by the business?


AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If the business is a sole proprietorship then you are the business, and the activity will be reported on a Schedule C on your federal 1040 return, and state return (if you live in a state with a state income tax). You will pay the taxes on the income earned by the business, which will include self-employment (SE) tax as well as regular federal and state income tax. You won’t have to worry about any tax effect on moving money from business accounts to personal accounts or vice-versa, since you are the business and the business is you. But you should make sure that for the most part you keep the business monies separate from your personal monies.

Robert asks…

How much should an accounting business charge in annual accounting/tax prep fees?

I’m doing a little research on accounting & consulting fees. I work for a nationwide niche firm that has about 1,500 accounting clients (including tax prep) averaging about 700-800K per year in operating revenue. I believe we are undercharging for our services. Our average accounting fees are about 1% of revenue or 7-8K per year on an average client. We do perform some other services like collections, payroll, financial planning, etc. on some clients raising the total amount to 1.2-1.3%. Do those seem like appropriate percentages? I’m curious what type of benchmarks others have in their accounting and tax businesses or if anyone knows of a good source of information for this type of thing. Any input would be much appreciated as I am looking to possibly buy this business in the future.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I can only tell you about business management – taking in all of the money and paying all of the bills, in addition to doing all of the tax work. The percentage that I am going to give you also would include insurance services (taking care of the insurance needs of the clients, such as automobile insurance, insuring valuables, etc.) These firms do not sell insurance; they handle all of the insurance matters for the clients, including dealing with insurance companies, brokers and agents, etc.

I know of firms that charge 5% of earned income – not net income. Some clients are also charged a minimum fee in addition to the five percent. Minimums can vary from $1500 per month and up (sometimes less for smaller clients who may not pay any minimum at all).

I am not familiar with your particular situation, in terms of exactly the types of services that you provide. I can tell you that what I have described above is accurate.

I hope that this helps.

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Austin Tx Jobs

David asks…

What is the average cost for a nose job in Austin, TX?

Also, what is the average cost of a boob job in Austin, TX?

How much do these procedures cost in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio?

I know the prices can vary drastically, but what would be a middle price for a good quality surgeon but not something super exclusive? Thank you so much!!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Nose Job: 2500- 4000
Boob job: 4500- 7000

George asks…

Where is the best place to bartend/make $ in Austin, TX?

I am looking for a job in Austin, TX for the summer only… I would prefer to bartend but don’t know the are to well. So I am wondering which bar/hotelbar would I probably make the most money in. Also I am 20 so places like Coyote Ugly is out of the question.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Http:// – high end restaurant / bar near downtown that would bring in big bucks – hip/trendy/austenite type of place, high traffic, maybe smaller tips but more of them – you will get a late 20s, early 30s crowd – hip/trendy/austenite type of place, high traffic, maybe smaller tips but more of them – this will be more college kids but is a very fun atmosphere – maybe more work that it is worth – This is a pub up North that has a huge following up North and is where a lot of people go who do not want to deal with downtown. Probably a great place for tips as it is not the young crowd and it gets really crowded on game days.

Http:// – hip/trendy/austenite type of place, high traffic – FUN — hip/trendy/austenite type of place, low traffic – country hick bar that is very popular in the country community. It is the biggest country bar in Austin and is very popular and has a lot of traffic..not sure about the type of tips – well known sports bar that probably tips well and is great on game day – Restaurant/Bar up north that is upper end and tips well – Upper end restaurant/Bar up North and Downtown that is hip/trendy and popular with a lot of traffic – high end restaurant / bar near downtown that would bring in big bucks – overall of the bars on 6th street…all will have a lot of traffic, but not big tips – This is a unique place that I hear makes GREAT TIPS and money (I know I tip well there) but it is not your typical atmosphere – it is a movie theatre that sells alcohol and food. VERY FUN.

Http:// – North bar that is popular with the older crowd and probably tips well – fun upper end (not so fancy) wine bar –Probably good tips — high end restaurant / bar near downtown that would bring in big bucks

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