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William asks…

How to promote the website online?

Hi Users,

I have a online greetings website, I do want to know as to what new strategies can be applied to promote the website to multiply it’s traffic.

Please only serious answers.

Thanks in advance.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Well there are a number of things you can do. First, work on your SEO (search engine optimization). This will get you visitors for free, and can often lead to the highest volume of quality visitors.

Second, you can get traffic to your site almost instantly by using a Pay Per Click marketing campaign either through Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture. This will definitely get visitors to your site, however, it can be expensive.

You also need to work on backlinks to your site. This is a part of SEO, but it is a tedious task that must be done to move your site up in the rankings.

Lastly, if you have the budget for a consulting service, there are many out there that will do all or most of the work for you. The quality ones will range from about $200 per month ( to about $2,000+ per month ( If you can swing it, I definitely recommend letting one of these companies help. They can really make a difference in your business.

Hope this helps.

Betty asks…

Should I buy a domain name fist to have a website?

I am thinking to have a website for my small family run business. Should I buy a domain name first and give it to some web designer to develop my website?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Let me write the steps
1. Buy/reserve a domain name (domain name should be a good keyword of your business)
2. Buy web hosting account (choose plan as per your requirement)
3. Consult a web designer/developer and start building out website (think of branding your website)
4. Publish your website once it is built out and checked for errors
5. Start search engine optimization (Use free service as much as possible)
Now, you are done! You are on the web.

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Thomas asks…

What should I do about this?

I’ve been studying Buddhism for almost 8 months and am interested in attending a meditation class at a local temple. The only problem is, is that the only places nearby that offer classes in North Texas are an SGI and New Kadampa Center. I’ve been warned that these are cults and best avoided. There are two other temples but I believe that they are only taught in Vietnamese. How can I continue learning when all the places around me either don’t teach in English, or are cults?! Help meh Buddhists, help meh!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

SGI is not a cult, Look at our web site and make up your own mind. Don’t be decieved.We are about 12 million members world wide who believe in world peace. Judge for your self. Look at our organization Charter and see if there is anything that you disagree with.

Charter of the Soka Gakkai International
Purposes and Principles
1. SGI shall contribute to peace, culture and education for the happiness and welfare of all humanity based on the Buddhist respect for the sanctity of life.

2. SGI, based on the ideal of world citizenship, shall safeguard fundamental human rights and not discriminate against any individual on any grounds.

3. SGI shall respect and protect the freedom of religion and religious expression.

4. SGI shall promote an understanding of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism through grass-roots exchange, thereby contributing to individual happiness.

5. SGI shall, through its constituent organizations, encourage its members to contribute toward the prosperity of their respective societies as good citizens.

6. SGI shall respect the independence and autonomy of its constituent organizations in accordance with the conditions prevailing in each country.

7. SGI shall, based on the Buddhist spirit of tolerance, respect other religions, engage in dialogue and work together with them toward the resolution of fundamental issues concerning humanity.

8. SGI shall respect cultural diversity and promote cultural exchange, thereby creating an international society of mutual understanding and harmony.

9. SGI shall promote, based on the Buddhist ideal of symbiosis, the protection of nature and environment.

10. SGI shall contribute to the promotion of education, in pursuit of truth as well as the development of scholarship, to enable all people to cultivate their individual character and enjoy fulfilling and happy lives.

Austin Activity Center (details)
5555 N. Lamar Blvd.
Suite L-123
Austin, TX. 78751 US

Telephone: 512.323.9191
Fax: 512.323.9198
View Map

2 Dallas Community Center (details)
2600 N. Stemmons Fwy.
Suite 190
Dallas, TX. 75207 US

View Map

3 Dallas North Activity Center (details)
4821-A Keller Springs Road
Addision, TX. 75001 US

Telephone: 972.250.4445
Fax: 972.250.4446
View Map

4 El Paso Community Center (details)
2901 North Campbell Street
El Paso, TX. 79902 US

Telephone: 915.534.7022
Fax: 915.534.7146
View Map

5 Fort Worth Activity Center (details)
2709 W. Berry Street
Fort Worth, TX. 76109 US

Telephone: 817.923.4545
Fax: 817.923.4546
View Map

6 Houston Community Center (details)
3465 West Alabama Avenue Suite B
Houston, TX. 77027 US

Telephone: 713.622.6181
Fax: 713.622.6184
View Map

7 Killeen Activity Center (details)
116 East Avenue D Street
Killeen, TX. 76541 US

Telephone: 254.554.6960
Fax: 254.675.1106
View Map

8 San Antonio Community Center (details)
7142 San Pedro Avenue
Suite 116
San Antonio, TX. 78216 US

Telephone: 210.653.7755
Fax: 210.653.0625
View Map

Charles asks…

what is a chmod? in english please. i dont know what a “unix” is?

I’ve been trying to install an application called MooCow Music Drummer on my iPod Touch, but it says in the manual installation i need to “chmod”. What is that and how do you do it?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The chmod command (abbreviated from change mode) is a shell command in Unix and Unix-like environments. When executed, the command can change file system modes of files and directories. The modes include permissions and special modes.

Chmod changes the permissions of each given file according to MODE, which can be either an octal number representing the bit pattern for the new permissions or a symbolic representation of changes to make, (+-= rwxXstugoa)

The first digit = selects attributes for the set user ID (4) and set group ID (2) and save text image (1)S
The second digit = permissions for the user who owns the file: read (4), write (2), and execute (1)
The third digit = permissions for other users in the file’s group: read (4), write (2), and execute (1)
The fourth digit = permissions for other users NOT in the file’s group: read (4), write (2), and execute (1)

The octal (0-7) value is calculated by adding up the values for each digit
User (rwx) = 4+2+1 = 7
Group(rx) = 4+1 = 5
World (rx) = 4+1 = 5
chmode mode = 0755

chmod 444 file – Allow read permission to owner and group and world
chmod 777 file – Allow everyone to read, write, and execute file


The Open Group holds the definition of what a UNIX system is and its associated trademark in trust for the industry.

In 1994 Novell (who had acquired the UNIX systems business of AT&T/USL) decided to get out of that business. Rather than sell the business as a single entity, Novell transferred the rights to the UNIX trademark and the specification (that subsequently became the Single UNIX Specification) to The Open Group (at the time X/Open Company). Subsequently, it sold the source code and the product implementation (UNIXWARE) to SCO. The Open Group also owns the trademark UNIXWARE, transferred to them from SCO more recently.

Today, the definition of UNIX ® takes the form of the worldwide Single UNIX Specification integrating X/Open Company’s XPG4, IEEE’s POSIX Standards and ISO C. Through continual evolution, the Single UNIX Specification is the defacto and dejure standard definition for the UNIX system application programming interfaces. As the owner of the UNIX trademark, The Open Group has separated the UNIX trademark from any actual code stream itself, thus allowing multiple implementations. Since the introduction of the Single UNIX Specification, there has been a single, open, consensus specification that defines the requirements for a conformant UNIX system.

There is also a mark, or brand, that is used to identify those products that have been certified as conforming to the Single UNIX Specification, initially UNIX 93, followed subsequently by UNIX 95, UNIX 98 and now UNIX 03.

The Open Group is committed to working with the community to further the development of standards conformant systems by evolving and maintaining the Single UNIX Specification and participation in other related standards efforts. Recent examples of this are making the standard freely available on the web, permitting reuse of the standard in open source documentation projects , providing test tools ,developing the POSIX and LSB certification programs.

From this page you can read about the history of the UNIX system over the past 30 years or more. You can learn about the Single UNIX Specification, and read or download online versions of the specification. You can also get involved in the ongoing development and maintenance of the Single UNIX Specification, by joining the Austin Group whose approach to specification development is “write once, adopt everywhere”, The Open Group’s Base Working Group or get involved in the UNIX Certification program.

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Small Business Consultation

John asks…

What’s a ballpark fee for a small business attorney consultation?

I would like to start a business and am calculating costs.

But I cannot find ANY ballpark or fee information online for small businesses attorneys. I’m looking for an attorney who can review/draft contracts and give a good legal consultation…that’s about.

Please ANY rough estimate? (If hourly please state roughly how many hours it would take to draft small business contracts and give basic startup counsel.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Most attorneys will give you an initial consultation for free, in which you describe your situation, and the lawyer will tell you if this is or is not something that s/he’s familiar with, and can help you with, and what his/her charges are (hourly fees, retainers, expenses, etc.). Now, you won’t get a lot of detailed information, but you’ll be able to go shopping for an attorney without racking up thousands of dollars in fees. These consultations will usually be pretty short (a half hour or less).

You can also get free consultations from accountants.

If you’re in the US, I advise you to contact the Service Corps Of Retired Executives (SCORE). This service is FREE (so it’s within your price range), and they will match you up with a mentor who has had experience in your field, or in a similar field, and this mentor can really help you in many ways.

Sharon asks…

How to create invoice numbers for a small business ?

Just need some advice on a system of invoice numbers. I started a small business and I need to create invoice numbers for my customers. Is there any science or system behind invoice numbers ??? How can they be coded so you can store built-in information ??? FYI – I have a small construction contractor business.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1. Add a prefix to indicate the invoice.
It’s better to add a prefix for invoice, like INV. This can help you to organize different types of documents, like quotation, invoice, receipt, etc.
INV – Invoice
REC – Receipt.

2. Dont make it too long.
It is troublesome if you or your customer want to reference it.

3. Add Time field.
You may add the Year or Month into, for example INV200908 or INV081234. You can easily track the invoice accordingly.

4. Start it from somewhere and not 1.
It gives a good impression to your customer.
It is really odd if your invoice number is INV00001.

5. Add Category field.
If you have different types of services/products, you want to differentiate it out in the number.
You can add a suffix. For example, add “C” to represent the consultation job.

So, you may come up with something like this
INV200908501, INV200908502, INV200908503

In next month, you have
INV200909501, INV200909502, INV200909503

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Donald asks…

What degree would be best to be a Management Consultant?

I am looking to be a management consultant, and I was wondering what degree it would be best to get in order to achieve this wish. Also, which University (UK) would be best to get this degree? And finally, what A Levels should I take to get into the Uni, to get the degree?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

It would depend entirely on which area of management you would like to specialise. Management Consultants are usually hired by businesses because the consultant has some type of specialist knowledge that cannot be found within the company.

A standard management degree would therefore not be the most helpful thing to have. Something along the lines of a HR specialism such as training and development or performance management could be a possibility. The biggest thing that most businesses are looking to buy from a consultant though is experience and coming straight out of Uni into a consulting job is very very difficult unless you work for one of the big firms.

I would suggest that you do the A Levels you feel that you could get the best grades in as this will affect which university you will be accepted at. I studied Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology and German and went on to do a BSc in International Management and an MSc in International HR Management.

John asks…

I need a contact for Raytheon Garland. A project manager in charge of a project who needs my firm?

We are a new consulting firm dealing with systems engineering looking for a foot in the door. I have been working on internet research but cannot find a name and contact number for anyone other than supplier diversity. I am not with a supplier but with a consulting firm. Please help

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Raytheon Garland
Thomas M. Culligan
Executive Vice President
Business Development
Raytheon Company,
Chief Executive Officer
Raytheon International, Inc.
Raytheon Company
1100 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia
22209 USA

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Daniel asks…

Caribbean travel websites?

Is there any type of website that you can plug in what it is you want to do on your vacation and they would direct you in the right direction. For example if I said I want to go to a Caribbean Island In September and I want a nice quiet beach, beautiful scuba diving, and sportfishing for billfish. And an all inclusing hotel. Is there any kind of website that would say where the best places to go would be for that?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The Official website of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) it is jointly owned by all of the Governments in the Caribbean…


– Today’s Press release…
Article: Caribbean’s new website launched in New York
Date: Published on Friday, March 28, 2008
Source: – Caribbean Net News Online


NEW YORK, USA: The Caribbean’s positioning as a valuable and viable brand took a major step forward this month with the launch of the Caribbean Tourism Development Company’s (CTDC) new consumer travel site

CTDC, the marketing and business development unit owned equally by the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), presented the new site to members of the travel press, describing it as a colourful and content-rich site designed to be the central portal to all things related to Caribbean travel.

Extending her congratulations to CTDC, Caroline Racine, Director of Caribbean Franchise Development for Choice Hotels International, said the new website represented “another landmark initiative in Caribbean collaboration” as she commended the partners from both the public and private sector.

“The Caribbean has only scratched the surface to increase its share of international travel and tourism revenues, and this branding strategy should help reap rewards not just for the businesses that operate in the region, but for the people and communities who call the Caribbean home,” she said.

The CTDC will soon introduce an interactive consumer web video contest with the theme “Why My Life Needs the Caribbean,”offering Caribbean vacations as prizes for winners.

“Our goal with is to create a one-stop shop for travelers and travel agents with all necessary information, images and vacation offers at their fingertips,” said Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, co-CEO of the CTDC and Secretary General of the CTO. “Our goal since day one of the creation of the CTDC has been to create buzz and business for the Caribbean,” said CHA Director-General Alec Sanguinetti, who doubles as co-CEO of the CTDC.

Choice Hotels International, the strategic hotel partner of the Caribbean Hotel Association, seeks to help increase the profitability of Caribbean small hotels with state-of-the-art revenue management systems, a powerful reservations system, a US$175 million marketing campaign, and dedicated Brand Performance Consultants.[-End]

Mary asks…

does anyone know what SAP is and does anyone progam it (ABAP) is it hard? what is it similar to?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

SAP means Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung. This is german for System analysis and program development.
The name was later changed into Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung: Systems, application and products in the data processing.

The company is specialized in large application supporting large corporations.
SAP is well known for its ERP solution R/3. The modularity of the product allows a certain fexibility in the implementation and use.

The major components within R/3 are

Financial system (FI-Co)
Project system (PS)
Logistic system (LO)
Human ressource (HR)
Customer Relation Management (CRM)
Developpment system (ABAP)

The major components outside R/3 are :
SAP Business Warehouse (BW) and Strategic Entreprise Management (SEM)

Great SAP sites

a piece of the information there:
Welcome to the SAP Help Portal

The SAP Help Portal provides web-based documentation for all SAP Solutions.
This enables you to search the online library for the right information where and when you need it.

SAP Help Portal

This website houses and makes available all online documentation (SAP Library) for SAP solutions.
It also has additional information about documentation, education services, and information design at SAP.

The SAP Library is a comprehensive collection of information about the relevant SAP products.
Its contents can be accessed either from the SAP System via the help menu items SAP Library or Application Help or directly from the CD-ROM on which it is delivered.

The SAP Library is created, translated, and managed using SAP’s standard authoring and translation environment, SAP Knowledge Warehouse.


a piece of the information there:
Welcome to We have just started this web site with a great intension of helping sap abap job seekers and sap
abap developers. In this web site you can get information regarding all sap abap.
Areas we are trying to cover in this website includes:
areas like reports, sapscripts, smartforms, sap abap faq, bdc, conversions, ale, edi, idoc, bapi, badi, alv, user exits, sox, lsmw,
enhancements, customer exits, rfc, and modules like sd, mm, pp, pm, hr, fico and new technologies like netweaver, xi, scm, sem,
crm, apo, sap abap faqs etc..
As we have just started this web site, we may not be able to cover all the topics specified , but we are sure that in due course of time
we will publish all important information. We wish you all the best.


a piece of the information there:
122. DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB YET. One day you are a drone, slaving away for an employer. The next day you are a glamorous free-lance pursued by affluent clients. No, it does not work that way. The best approach is for you to get some consulting engagements while working on a regular job that makes your mortgage payments. Gradually accumulate enough reputation and long-term projects to make a transition to full-time consulting. Don’t be sneaky, though. Inform your employer and get permission. Some of my successful consultant-friends have a mutually-beneficial arrangement that enables them to work part-time both as an external consultant and as an internal consultant for their corporation. (ST)

A piece of the information there:
SAP and ERP – Business Software Application information including ABAP – SAP Training in India and SAP Training in USA
ERP stands for -Enterprise Resource Planning (in English)

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Mary asks…

Shouldnt Liberals crowd the Republican poll stations to watch over them for fraud, The way theyre doing poor?

@Then why is Romney training poll watchers for Democratic voters?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

A lot of it is happening in the voting machines themselves.

This traces right back to Romney:

‘RNC Official’ Arrested for Trashing Voter Registrations in VA Worked for Romney Consultant, ‘Fired’ GOP Operative Nathan Sproul

Limiting the franchise was a key tactic for Apartheid South Africa’s government under Boetha, which was run as a capitalist dictatorship on behalf of the white Cape Town business classes.
Top Five Signs of Capitalist Dictatorship in the Romney Campaign

The man arrested today was 23-year old Colin Small of Phoenixville, PA. As it turns out, he does not only work for the VA Republican Party. According to an online profile, he appears to be working for the Republican National Committee and, prior to that, served as an Intern for Congressman Mike Kelly (R-PA) in the U.S. House of Representatives.

He was first hired, says Tanfani, by Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm owned by the disgraced GOP operative and paid Mitt Romney political consultant, Nathan Sproul.


Mark asks…

Where can we find strong Sales Executives?

What is the best way to recruit top sales people? I have a small consulting firm with about 30 people and we are looking to grow our sales team with experienced sales executives that can grow our business. Our customer base is made up of Pharmaceutical and Financial firms in the Mid-Atlantic area.

We have tried the typical advertising venues like Monster, Dice, Carreer Builder, etc. with very limited success. We are also pushing our professional network but haven’t really turned up anyone.

We are looking for a couple people that can break us in to new accounts.

Any thoughts?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1. Hire someone from a competitor or business similar to yours.

2. Identify your best current salesman, use the book, “Now Discover your Strengths” to find his work strengths, then hire people with similar profile.

3. I can tell you from 25 years of business experience that this is the most difficult hire to make successfully.

Good Luck,
Dana B.

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Small Business Marketing Austin

Mark asks…

Should I move to Dallas or Austin Texas?

Ive heard a few things about both cities, but i woul appreciate some detail about which city would be best for a recent college grad. Consider things like night life, cost of living, and Jobs.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I have lived in both places, and I still live in Austin and I love it here.

Night Life:

Dallas has a club district, and a hipster music scene that is centered on alternative rock, which is to say pop. Local bands do have a loyal following. No new major acts since the 90s.

Austin is a top city in America for night life, singles, dating, (look it up!) etc. The official motto is the Live Music Capital. Now a lot of people take issue with it because it isn’t necessarily music that they agree with, but the truth is that if you are a musician, Austin is one of the few cities in which you can live and also make a living. Now this amounts to a lot of country, hillbilly, and bluegrass styles, but in an ironic manner that is referred to as “alternative country”. If you like the Dixie Chicks, Lyle Lovett, Willie Nelson, or Allison Krauss, you will most likely get a chance to see them perform live here. If you like Tim McGraw, Leanne Womack, or Brad Paisley, you will get a chance to hear the singer-songwriters who wrote their big hits in a little club with 20 other people.

Cost of Living:

Easily the most affordable city to have such a great creative culture. Dallas and Houston are perhaps more affordable (currently) and also have better job markets (because of ridiculous energy policies that are damaging to the rest of the country) but Austin still ranks in the top 10 — there was another “List” done recently by Forbes magazine.


Okay the job market is slowing down compared to Dallas and Houston but people are always hiring. Austin is obsessed with local and small business community and as such new businesses are always springing up and they are always hiring.


Austin ranks in the top 5 for:

* parks and outdoors (with more parks per capita than any other major city in the country)
* Nightlife (see above)
* Singles and Dating
* Married Couples and Families
* Literacy and Educated workforce
* Entrepeneurialism — actually ranked #1. You hear much ballyhoo about how *liberal* Austin is but as far as commerce is concerned, it is ridiculously easy to start a business due to business-friendly State laws.
* Liberalism, elites, and hippies
* Rednecks and cowboys
* Hispanics

Linda asks…

Why do people say Austin is weird?

It seems like a normal city to me. If any city in Texas is weird, it is El Paso.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Keep Austin Weird is the slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin, Texas. The phrase arose from an offhand remark by Red Wassenich (a librarian at Austin Community College) in a phone call to a local radio station. He and his wife, Karen Pavelka, placed the slogan on bumper stickers, distributing them free to businesses in Austin. The slogan was later trademarked by Outhouse Designs.

One interpretation of the slogan is as a reference to the many small businesses in Austin, which give the city its unique cultural identity.

The “Keep Austin Weird” slogan reaches far beyond a marketing campaign, however. Austin reflects a culture of artistic and individual expression that maintains the city as a vibrant and eclectic creative center. In a mostly conservative Texas, Austin is “Weird” because it continues to be progressive in the arts and music. “Keep Austin Weird”, moves beyond a mere slogan, to reflect the dynamics that encompass Austin.

Austin’s message of support for local businesses has inspired similar movements in other cities, including Denton, Texas; Santa Cruz, California; Portland, Oregon; Tampa, Florida; Raleigh, North Carolina; Decatur, Georgia; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Louisville, Kentucky; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Indianapolis, Indiana; Missoula, Montana; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Arlington County, Virginia; and Boulder, Colorado.

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Business Consultant Blog

Laura asks…

What would be a good name for my wedding planning business?

My name is Brittany, I am starting a bridal consultant/wedding planning/party planning business and I really need help coming up with a fun name. But I am drawing a blank. Any suggestions?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

How about “I do weddings” or “Bride’s Delight”?

Best of luck with your new business!

If you don’t mind another suggestion, you might want to think about starting a blog or a website to help advertise your business.

In fact, since you’re just starting out, I’ll just give you a free wedding articles site to help you get started.

If you decide to use it, I hope you’ll visit my site before you purchase your domain and hosting. My company offers the cheapest .com domain price on the internet right now, and hosting for as little as $4.95 per month.

The first site link below will take you to the page to download your free wedding site (you’re welcome to download any of the free software I have there that you like)

The second link will take you to my hosting company.

Best of luck on your new business!

Donna asks…

How would you PR a client whose services help businesses optimize their sales/employee performance?

Hello all,

Would really appreciate your input regarding this. I work in PR and am working with a client whose predominant skill sets lie in business performance enhancement. She has a forty year career in sales, and her techniques, observations and seminars claim to enhance the performance of a company’s workforce treble fold. Businesses have noticed radical performance improvements from their employees after hiring her as a consultant and she has forged a hugely successful career visiting different companies and advising them on how to break with useless conventions, introduce new techniques, reinvigorate a latent workforce – all with the objective to harness the very best from their employees. I’m trying to think of unique PR / publicity opportunities for her – aside from national and trade press, business TV and radio, etc. What inventive and imaginative PR opportunities do you think could be applied to her publicity strategy?

Thank you so much in advance, this has been eluding me.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

There are many business blogs that I think wouldn’t mind reviewing her, this can get her a lot of extra publicity, especially if she knows how to give out little bits of information that are interesting about what she does.

Also, if you have big budget, you could make a series of viral videos, I don’t know if you ever saw “WilI it Blend” videos on youtube but that done in a joking way, about improving speed of a business, could be a great viral idea that could drive many visitors to her website and to get to contact her.

You basically have to think like a business owner, put yourself int his mindset and think where would you be caught into employing a person like her.

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Internet Marketing Austin

Michael asks…

Are you a ‘geek mum’….?

A growing number of mothers are forming social communities online.

At the recent SXSW Festival in the American city of Austin, Texas, one of the discussions centred on the surge in growth in “geek moms” – mothers who spend a large amount of time online.

Women clearly power a large segment of the technology market. In 2007 they spent $90 billion on gadgets, and influenced 61% of all consumer electronics purchases.

According to Ms Blecherman, “Moms are natural communicators, and they are taking that natural, savvy communication online and building communities,” she said.

“Those powerful communities are influencing mums’ purchasing decisions. So I thought this was a really important conversation to have.”

She said that stuck at home with the children is something that many mothers had found led to feelings of loneliness – but that they were now able to find support and friendship online.

Often, these virtual networks then become friendships in the real world.

Well it’s offical…..I’m a ‘geek mum’ lol

..Are YOU??

lol Haz…these boots could do serious damage to sensitive parts!!
Oporus lol………oooh you dare devil you!!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

No but I communicate with a few, lol,
I have an evil sense of humor and get philosophical after a few tipples,
I used to put people in funny brackets,
older woman, divorced couple of kids, will cook a meal for cans,
that type of thing, no expensive night out, just happy for the company,
now, well,
Older woman, internet, online predator lol,
it is fun though isn’t it,
and yes those friendships can cross to the real world, wink.

Joseph asks…

What should be do about the Kerplakistan cyber spies?

Kerplakistan is a small European nation, formally part of the Soviet Union. The Kerplakistan Goverment has commisioned a large team of cyber spies in order to engage in cyber warfare.

They are currently active on the Internet hacking into people’s computers to insert subliminal messages.

And what are those messages? They are advertisements for the official soft drink of the Kerplakistan Government, called “Kerplak Kola”. Your computer has most likely been affected.

In order to save their ailing economy, Kerplakistan is attempting to launch Kerplak Kola into the world market and has an ambitious plan for Kerplak Kola to become the word’s best selling soft drink replacing Coca Cola in this position, and thus save the Kerplakistan economy. This bold plan includes the initial launch of Kerplak Kola, the release of Kerplak Kalorieless (a low calorie version of Kerplak Kola) in November, and providing things go well the Kerplakistan will launch Klear Cherry Kerplak next March. There are even plans to launch their own alternative to Red Bull, known as Kickstart Kerplak.

So in order to brainwash us into buying their drinks, Kerplakistan cyber-spies are highjacking computers and inserting subliminal messages.The makers of Coke, The Coca Cola Bottlers is working on a anti-trojan software package to remove these messages. More information about their software will be released by Coca Cola Bottlers soon and will be available on their website.

However until the anti-Trojan software is available we are all vulnerable to the cyber attacks of the Kerplakistan Goverment. What should we do in the meantime to protect ourselves?
Well spotted. I watched Austin Powers last and that’s why I thought of this.


And I don’t really like Marmite, it’s a bit too sweet.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You’ve been eating too much vegemite – Kerplakistan is a made-up name that was used in an Austin Powers movie. Stick to Marmite from across the Tasman, much better for you.

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Companies Hiring In Austin Tx

Steven asks…

Where can I hire a day laborer in Austin TX.?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Easiest thing to do is check the Yellow Pages under Temporary Workers. Most cities a served by a company named Manpower. If they are not in Austin I’m sure there are several local companies.

James asks…

Jobs in Austin, TX?

I am new to Austin and am having a hard time finding a job here. I have a felony conviction from three years ago but have never been to jail for it. I got probation and even paid it off early and am now no longer on the five year probational sentence. I have applied at companies such as Dell, IBM, HEB, Wal-Mart, Sears Holding, and a number of temporary agencies all with no avail. I finally got a lead that the City of Austin hires for some positions with no criminal background checks but during the application process, they ask if you have a felony and to describe it in detail. I’m running low on my savings and am in need of a job ASAP. I children to care for and am still in college and have other bills to keep up with.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If you have a car try delivering pizza. The demand is high and usually with tips make around $15 hr. The hours are also flexible and you will take home money your first day. They do background checks but will only not hire if you have a DWI. It’s fun too. I’ve seen a lot of hiring drivers signs around. Pizza Hut seems like the best from what I’ve heard.

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