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Daniel asks…

Is it possible to get into the finance sector(like financial analyst at HSBC) just after B.Tech. without MBA??

I don’t want to do MBA .. though I can … coz i can’t give 2 more year of my life due to some personal problem .. but I want to get in to the finance stream … there could be lots of courses.. which can help me in this concern.. I want to work for Big banks … Big company .. like meakensy …what should I do?? right now I m working in a big Multinational company as a software engineer after completing my B.Tech. from a very very good institute of our country… I m having one year experience.
any one can help me in this concern….

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Firstly, I have never heard of any “Meakensy” in the Financial Services industry — I assume that you meant the (strategy) Management Consulting firm “McKinsey.” McKinsey is the premier MC firm in the world, and if I may be blunt, your profile doesn’t even come close to getting you in the door there. (If all you have is a bachelor’s degree, you’re incredibly lucky if they even consider you if you’re not the top of your class from Harvard, and even if you do have a MBA, you’d better be from a top 20 program, and have stellar grades or a GND policy working for you.)

Secondly, if all you want to do is work for a “big bank,” I suppose you could always try to get a job as a teller. But it sounds like you want to be at a Bulge Bracket and have a title above Janitor, so again I have to be blunt and say that without prior experience or a Masters, you’re most likely out of luck.

Alright, so so far, I’ve been pretty mean (and realistic). But here’s what you do if you want to have a legitimate shot anywhere:
1. Get a MBA or a Master of Finance from a top school in the country that you want to work in, or the country that the company that you eventually want to work in is headquartered in. (e.g. If you want to work for Goldman Sachs, go to Harvard or Stanford or Wharton or U. Chicago; if you want to work for Barclays, go to LSE or Oxford or maybe even INSEAD.)
2. If you don’t get a Masters, at the very LEAST take the CFA exams. The Chartered Financial Analyst is really the only credential that will get you an interview at any investment bank if you don’t have a Masters degree.
3. Take any job that you can get in any bank and try to work your way up the ladder. If you work at a boutique bank, and climb the ladder high enough, you *might* be able to make a lateral transfer into the Bulge Bracket, and be rewarded with an entry level job, and get to work 100 hours a week for $60k per year.

That’s it. Those are basically your only options if you ever want to do anything real in finance, unless you win the lottery and use the money to start your own hedge fund.

Basically, if you really want to do this, suck it up and go back to school.

Steven asks…

Work for big 4 accounting firm or publicly traded company where I know top executive?

Would you guys work for a Big 4 accounting firm, entry level?


A publicly traded company, where i know one of the top executives. they just nearly doubled in size. and will pay for me to get my MBA. He will be retiring in circa 1.5-2 years. I have been here for a little over a year in an entry level position which I feel I excelling at.

I have my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Not sure if that’s what I want to do with my life though. My dad’s friend has a connect, and is interested in talking to me.
That’s too bad it didn’t work out for YOU. Sad to say you didn’t answer my question either. So I give you a failing grade. Just like you got at your previous jobs.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

This really depends on where you actually want to be in the mid to long term.

No one joins a big 4 with a view to doing accounting. The rocket science (and the bit the big 4 do better than anyone else) is large-scale complex, cross border taxation structures. Everything else they do is a compromise. But to be a B4 “rocket scientist” you need a law degree with international tax focus.

The other types of people who join big 4s are:

a) People who are not good enough to make it somewhere better – eg: Wall St / some expert consulting firm, their own boutique or a top tier mgmt consultancy. OR;

b) People who are not willing to work the extra maybe 10 or 15 hours per week that a top specialist firm demands and instead want something with an ever so slightly better “work / life” balance.

From what you have written the Big 4 is most likely not for you in the long run. I.e. If it were you would not be thinking MBA but a JD or some PhD in mathematics or some esoteric valuation course. An MBA is of limited value as a B4 accountant- presumably you would be at “manager” level at the end of your MBA.

The other thing that many, many people do is join a B4 then get their MBA from Wharton or Harvard (and yes it absolutely does need to be a top tier ivy league firm); AND get near to the top marks (i.e. Somewhere within the top 3% to 5% of your class) and then apply for a job on Wall St or in one of the Management consulting firms. If this is your strategy you need to think really hard – are you that good? By the time you work 2 years in a B4 and spend 1 year at Wharton the IBs should be recuriting again.

If this is something you might want to do, then Wall St will think your accounting training at the B4 is a good start before you move on and do “real work” – i.e. Be an investment banker. In strategy land, Bain in particular will regard the B4 highly due to its focus on numerical analysis (which actually is not all that great in the grand scheme of numbers); McK, BCG and Booz will all regard B4 work as good because it will expose you to the activities of their clients.

On the other hand if your friendly CEO runs a >$1bn company and you will get direct access to him (and not be buried under 4 levels of finance management) then that training and “industry experience” will be well regarded. The jobs that are most prized there will be in the corporate development teams (code for Strategy + M&A). If on the other hand the company is a small listed dog then that is not the “industry experience” they want because those firms do not advise companies in the “small dogs” industry.

Regardless of what size the company, if you decide to stay and get an MBA and get a job in corp dev, [a lot of ifs there] then that could be a happy time.

Of course I am colouring this answer with my perspective as an M&A banker.

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Entry Level Business Consulting Jobs

James asks…

How do i change careers and become a manager?

I’m 24 and graduated with a BS degree as an applied mathematics major and had a really good GPA. I work for a financial actuarial consulting firm and have been there 2 years and don’t like it, although I feel like I’ve done well. I’m really interested in management and would be willing to take a step down in pay to take that route and climb the ranks from there. Where do I go from here?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You need to apply for openings with company that have management positions to fill. There should be companies that have entry level management trainee positions open. Read the classifies (paper and electronic). Contact placement agencies (ones that do not charge fees). Your college should have a job placement office. Consider going back to college part time to get a degree in business management. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

What would be my career options for a degree in Business with a finance concentration?

I am starting back to school to get a Bachelor of Science Business Administration (BSBA) with a concentration in Finance. What would be my career options once I graduate?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Corporate consulting. At least once you have some real and successful on the job experiences to consult about!

Other than that, an entry level position with most companies that could lead to a climb up the corporate ladder to C.E.O.
Since it is a glass ceiling BREAK IT!

Good luck.

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Management Consulting Recruiters

Lizzie asks…

do I need to take the gmat for entry level management consulting positions in the usa?

Hey, I’m planning on making applications to various different firms in the USA for an entry level position in management consulting, and I’m wondering whether it was routine for the recruiters to ask for applicants to take the GMAT. thanks

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The GMAT is a standardized exam for graduate business schools in the US and abroad. If you attended school outside of the US or a non-accredited undergrad business school, the firm in question may seek to identify your existing skill set with the GMAT in addition to other survey methods. They may also seek an example of your presentation skills to demonstrate your English language skill.

David asks…

Is economics a good major to enter management consulting or private equity?

I’m planning on majoring in economics, but considering business, for my bachelors degree. Is econ good for a top consulting firm? What about something in private equity, venture capitalist?
It has to be Ivy league? So ALL consulting and private equity firms ONLY recruit from ivy league? How about Georgetown or Northwestern, that’s not good enough? My friend goes to Emory, is that good enough? Strictly Ivy?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Yes if you are ivy league and plan on getting a further degree. Most recruiters for top financial firms only hire from ivy league schools and this makes everything in this field very hard to get into.

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Business Consulting Websites

Mary asks…

How can I make my business website come up when people search my name?

I would like to make it so if people google my name they would find my personal consulting website, currently the company I am working with is coming up instead. How can i change this?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If your web site (domain) does not have your name in it, get the domain name, if it is still available. If it is not available anymore, look for derivatives like “” etc.

Include your name in the “Title” tag (HTML) of your personal web site’s pages. Also use it in the HTML content as well, including header tags (H1..Hx) and normal paragraphs. Use your name in the anchor text of the links to your web site home page whenever possible, on your own site and on other web sites (LinkedIn, forums, social media web sites etc.).

Include a link to your personal web site whenever possible and appropriate, such as your profile page on other web sites.

If companies that you work/worked for mentioned your name on their own web site, make sure that they make the name to a link to your personal consulting web site. If they did not do that already, ask them to change this for you.

If your name is in the domain name itself, its easier to make sure that your name is in the anchor text of links to your web site, because people often use the URL to a site also as the anchor text of the link (especially, if a CMS converts URL’s automatically to click-able links).

Ruth asks…

I want to learn how to start a business and run a business in the philippines. anyone know anything online?

usually when i google it, all i get is consulting websites that don’t offer all the info i need.

I need an ultimate guide. something online, or maybe a store i can purchase it from.

I need it for both starting/registering and also how to run a business.


AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

95% of the 250,000 expats would also like to learn how to start a business in the Philippines (and make a profit).

The other 5% has found a pretty good business in selling “How to Books” to expats who want to learn how to start a business and run a business in the Philippines…..

Even Filipinos are trying to figure out how to start a successful business here in the Philippines.

As the old saying goes “If You Want To Make a Small Fortune In The Philippines, You Have To Start Off With A Large Fortune.”

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Business Consulting Solutions Inc

Sandra asks…

What are some typical expenditures for a small business?

I need help with a project for my business class. we have to make up a business and one of the components is to make a cash flow statement but i am not sure what the cash inflows and and outflows of a normal small business would be….so if you can please help, i need some examples of inflows and outflows of a small business. Thanks
Would rent and the loan payment be included in the expenditures too?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Try Manage Aid Inc.

I have been using Manage Aid Inc. For many years. Try their Soft Business Loan Scheme. Manage Aid Inc. Is a leader in professional business & legal consulting. Manage Aid Incorporated is a Total Business and Legal solution for the Business Person. All our clients benefit from over 25 years experience of Management and Legal Consulting. Featured products: Management consulting, project management, business planning, company formation and many more.

Helen asks…

How many store/ offices does Canada Post have? How many employees do they have? Where are the posts in Canada?

Need for business class quickly!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

This is a quick set of facts:

Canada Post Corporation is the nation’s official mail service, providing letter and parcel delivery to over 14 million addresses across the country. With roots dating back to before Confederation, Canada Post maintains the country’s most extensive distribution network with 6,600 postal outlets, stamp retailers, 20 sorting plants, 500 letter carrier depots and a fleet of approximately 6,800 vehicles.

In addition to providing mail and parcel delivery services as well as a specialized business products and services, the Crown corporation provides overnight and international delivery services (reaching over 220 countries) via its Purolator Courier Ltd. Subsidiary, shipping and logistics services through its Progistix-Solutions Inc. Subsidiary, and information technology consulting services through its Innovapost Inc. Subsidiary (which is jointly owed by Canada Post and Montreal-based CGI Group Inc.).

After over 150 years, Canada Post continues to adapt to the needs of its individual and business customers. Impressively, the for-profit Crown corporation has enjoyed 13 consecutively profitable years in a decade of increasing competition and rapidly changing communications technology. Canada Post is one of the country’s largest and most recognizable employers, with over 77,000 full- and part-time employees in cities and towns across the country.

Industry: Postal Service. Established: 1851. Major Canadian Hiring Locations: Halifax NS, Montreal QC, St-Laurent QC, Ottawa ON, Toronto ON, Mississauga ON, Stoney Creek ON, London ON, Winnipeg MB, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, Vancouver BC, Victoria BC. Revenues: $7,500 million. Full-Time Employees: 62,610. At this location: 2,317. Part-Time employees: 14,148. New jobs created in Canada last year: 754. Voluntary employee turnover last year: 1.1%. Longest serving employee: 55 years. Workforce engaged on a contract basis: 7.1%. Number of applications received last year: 10,272. Percentage of employees who are women: 49%. Of managers: 70%. Percentage of employees who are visible minorities: 10%. Of managers: 6%. Average age of all employees: 43.

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Small Business Consulting Firms Atlanta

Ruth asks…

How to start a business in Atlanta Ga?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:



Write a business plan. Include a description of your business and explain how you intend to market, finance and manage it. Consider contacting the Georgia chapter of the Small Business Association (SBA), located in Atlanta, for help in writing your plan and getting started with a business. Small business consulting firm SCORE Atlanta also offers free counseling and low-cost classes for small business owners.

Determine the area of town that will be the best fit for your business. Atlanta neighborhoods such as the Virginia-Highlands, Little Five Points, Buckhead, East Atlanta, Downtown, Midtown and Morningside have distinct characteristics and appeal to different consumer groups. Also consider your home location, varying rents and available properties when choosing a location. Consider purchasing an existing business similar to the one you wish to start.

Verify that all local ordinances in your chosen area allow for your type of business. Some businesses, such as consultants and photographers, often work out of their homes. If this applies to you, be sure that no neighborhood or homeowner organizations forbid such businesses. If you intend to see customers in your home, verify that local zoning allows for this activity.

Arrange for financing. This may be as simple as setting aside a percentage of your personal savings or as complex as applying for and obtaining an SBA loan from your bank. You may need to arrange for private financing, recruit backers or even take a partner in order to finance your business.

Determine how you wish to structure your company and file all required paperwork with the state. In Georgia, you may form a sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a general partnership, a non-profit corporation, an S Corporation or a C Corporation. You may wish to hire an attorney and/or a certified public accountant to help you choose the structure that’s right for you and to assist you in filing the required paperwork.

Name your new Atlanta business. Choose a unique name by searching the Georgia Secretary of State’s corporation registry. This is a free service. If you intend to do business outside of Georgia, you may also wish to use the United States Patent and Trademark Office website to search nationally for business names and trademarks. This service is fee-based on a sliding scale. In Georgia, if you have incorporated as an LLC, you will need to place the letters “LLC” after the name of your business.

Find a property, if you need one, and arrange a lease or purchase agreement. Both the City of Atlanta and Fulton County will require a place-of-business address for your required paperwork.

File for all permits, licenses and certificates required by the State of Georgia, City of Atlanta, Fulton County and your neighborhood municipality. You will need an Atlanta or Fulton County Business Tax Certificate (business license). You may apply for this certificate through the City of Atlanta Business Tax Division or the Fulton County Occupational Tax Division, depending on your location. You will also need federal and state employer identification numbers, a local health permit and an occupation permit. You may also need a signage permit and/or an alarm permit.

Prepare your selling space. Paint your walls, bring in office furniture and supplies and hire employees, if necessary. If you are operating a retail business, bring in displays and stock your shelves with merchandise.

Advertise in advance. Consider advertising in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or one of the many small publications specific to neighborhoods within Atlanta. Hold a grand opening or a neighborhood preview to attract customers. Consider joining the Atlanta, Metro Atlanta, Greater North Fulton or South Fulton Chambers of Commerce as appropriate to your location.

Richard asks…

Is my current salary reasonable, and what should I negotiate towards with my employer?

I am an analyst with a small consulting firm. I am coming up on being there for one year. I got a raise after only a few months, and if I make my maximum bonus currently make $37000 + health insurance. They suggested we might revisit the salary conversation next month at the time of my 1 year anniversary of being hired. I am 1 year out of college living in Atlanta, majored in Psych with minors in Marketing and Economics and 4 time Dean’s List Honoree. I do work lots of hours….. probably 55-60 hours per week. What is a reasonable salary expectation?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

This is a little weird because if you were working 55-60 hours and on salary then you would get $37,000 and no overtime and that’s what you agreed to in your contract. But in your verbage you said it’s $37,000 in bonus and not salary, so that’s weird. Only if you were an hourly employee were you supposed to get a raise after a few months. So which is it, are you hourly or are you salaried. If you are salaried then probably your contract would last for one year and is now probably up for renewal and at that time you could ask for what you need to live on. The social majors don’t earn a lot in the public sector unless you have your own business. It’s your “minors” that are pulling you thru this job. To me $37,000 sounds like a good income for an analyst position. If you look online you probably would find a list of salaries and you can see how high it tops off at, so that that top off point you’d know you should look to a different kind of position to increase your salary.

Right now it’s a tough time for business owners and the public because of poor economic times, and it’s still tough to get a job. So if you ask all they can say is no, but remember if you sign that contract then you will have to wait a year before you ask again.

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Austin Tx Hotels

George asks…

How much should i ask to be paid working front desk at a hotel?

It is a hampton inn hotel in austin tx, pretty nice hotel in a nice area of town. I have never worked at a hotel before but lots of customer service experiance, my last job was at a bank with ending salary of $13.77, i’m sure they’re not gonna offer that much, but does it look bad if i ask for less than i was making at my last job? Thanks

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I think you can ask for $13.77, mentioning that that is the level you were promoted to at your last job (even though you are pretty sure they will not accept the offer. All they can do is say no, and make you a lower counter-offer. At least you tried.

Donald asks…

Are there any hotels that you don’t have to be 21 to check in?

Some friends and I are planning on going on a trip to Austin tx, but most hotels only check in 21 and up.

Any suggestions?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Are you sure? I thought it was 18 upwards!

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Internet Marketing Austin Texas

Mandy asks…

Anyone know anything about The ID Shop in austin, texas?

An internet company located out of austin, texas.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Down town close to congress on San Jansinto street or go to the big flea market on 290 on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Carol asks…

i want to get internet at my apartment, but i have no phone service?

what kind of service should i get for my laptop/ipod? something with wifi? i don’t want to buy a landline phone service if i don’t plan on using it. who has good offers? (i’m in houston, tx)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Supposing Time-Warner in Houston has similar pricing to their Central Texas (I live an hour north of Austin) market, I would suggest getting Road Runner cable internet from Time-Warner.

I have the fastest residential connection they offer and it costs me $55/month. I believe a standard residential connection is $40 or $45 a month.

You do no have to get any other services from Time-Warner. They will happily let you pay for just a cable modem.

Alternatively, if you want internet on the go, I would check out Clear (formerly Clear Wire). They offer unlimited usage plans for $40/month.

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Global Strategic Business Consultancy

Laura asks…

list of electronics and communication companies in india .?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Basic listings
Aar em Electronics
Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (India) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Aar-em’s endeavor in the years to come is to maintain the excellent standards already set and create global solutions to make the customers businesses even more productive. One of the fastest growing power electronics company in India.
Web site url :
Andhra Electronics
Andhra Electronics Limited manufactures and markets high precision quartz crystals and a variety of crystal oscillators for telecom, space and Military applications.
Web site url :
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
BEL manufactures a wide range of products in areas like Defence Communications, Radars, Telecommunications, SATCOM, Sound and Vision Broadcasting, Opto & Medical Electronics and Electronic Components. Services offered by BEL include contract manufacturing, telecom consultancy and semiconductor device packaging.
Web site url :
Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL)
ECIL is a multi-product and multi-disciplinary organisation providing key technology inputs, system integration and system solutions in the areas of Information Technology, Strategic Electronics, Communications, Control and Automation, Instrumentation and Components.
Web site url :
Hightension Electrical
Hightension Electrical Industries has made a name for itself in the field of manufacture of High Tension and Low Tension Transmission and Power Distribution Line Materials. Its products are of high standard and are certified by reputed institutes of India. Amongst others, the Company imports and exports products like Earth Rod, HT Stay Set, LT Stay Set, GI Pins, Post Insulator, Pin Insulator, Discharging Rod, Operating Rod, Hardware filling for dish insulator and so on.
Web site url :
Holoflex Limited
HOLOFLEX LIMITED was incorporated in 1991 and has since then been in the business of holograms and allied holographic products. Today Holoflex ranks as one of the frontrunners in the business of security hologram. We are a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers’ Association and a founder member of the Hologram Manufacturers Association of India.
Web site url :
O.E.N India
Established in 1968, O.E.N is the market leader for Electromechanical Components. Manufacturing plants are located in the suburbs of Cochin and Bangalore with over 11,000 square meters of factory space. We offer a comprehensive range of products with applications in most segments of Electronic Industry including Communications, Automotive, Strategic Industrial Controls, Instrumentation and Consumer Electronics.
Web site url :
Semiconductor Complex Limited (SCL)
SCL’s vertically integrated semiconductor operations offer design, wafer fabrication, testing, packaging, Quality Assurance and reliability testing, VLSI based system manufacturing and applications support all under one roof.
Web site url :
Supertron Electronics
Supertron Electronics Limited is one of the top 25 channel partners in Indian computer industry and largest among them in the eastern India. Broad range of offerings including computer systems, parts, peripherals, consumables and networking products, with effective support services have helped Supertron in emerging as the leader.
Web site url :
The Videocon Group
Manufacturer of Televisions, VCRs, VCPs, Audio Systems, Home Appliances and Business Electronics. Manufactures Televisions and VCRs in technical tie-up with Toshiba Corporation of Japan. Videocon today, is a multi-faceted group, with 9 state -of-the-art manufacturing facilities all over India.

Mark asks…

6 Months Certified Embedded Systems-VLSI Design Training?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is an efficient Electronics Training and Development company, working towards the best career prospect of the growing engineers.

Priganik provides 3/6 Months/6 Weeks Project Based Industrial Training to All B.E/B.Tech students on self support basis. We have tide- up with various Engineering colleges in the form of Project/Industrial/In-House Training to provide the high-end training and development program

PRIGANIK’s services:
PRIGANIK is into three major segments:
Project Based: – We provide project based training on various latest and upcoming technologies like Embedded System, Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR), VLSI-Design & Verification, Robotics, VHDL, Verilog-HDL, Systems Verilog (HVL), Analog Circuit Designing(Spice Simulation), MSP430, PCB Designing, Ethical Hacking, Lab-View, MATLAB, Cyber Security, etc.
Corporate Training: – At PRIGANIK, we provide corporate education and custom-content training solutions to some of the India’s largest private and public sector organizations. We serve our clients in various sectors such as Embedded Systems, VLSI-Design & Verification, information technology, education, professional services etc.

We have created embedded based products and web based solutions for many different types of businesses. Some examples of the embedded based products developed by us are Dhanbad Instruments pvt. Ltd. (

PRIGANIK is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. Our consultancy and manpower supply services are an added advantage for our students.

PRIGANIK’s Training packages:
PRIGANIK is specialized in imparting different types of training according to the needs of the Institute and students, namely:
Students undergo training on latest technologies at college campus (onsite) or at PRIGANIK Campus (offsite). Students are given real time exposure on LIVE Project which helps them gain in-depth knowledge of the technology.
Students in final year are worried about placement during 6-months training. Our Project Based Training Program is a process which starts with training based on live project and moves along the path of preparing the trainees for Interviews with the help of Industry Experts (Technical Interviews).

The 6 Months Project Based Industrial Training is an exhaustive program on any of the chosen technology that equips the students with the in-depth knowledge of that technology with the hands on experience while working on the Live Projects. These programs are actually a golden opportunity for the students to learn some technologies which are not a part of their curriculum, which in turn catalyzes the smooth transition from college to workplace.
PRIGANIK specializes in providing training on various technologies namely:
•Embedded Systems
•Advance Embedded Systems (PIC, ARM, AVR)
•VLSI-Design & Verification
•Systems Verilog (HVL)
•Analog Circuit Designing (Spice Simulation)
•PCB Designing
•Ethical Hacking
•Cyber Security

The training has following distinctive features:
• Qualified & Certified Industry Professionals as Trainers/Faculty
• Industry Collaboration & Awareness
• Technical Panel from Industry in Different Domains
• Upgraded Course Curriculum
• Live Projects
• Training Certificates and Project Letter
• State of Art Infrastructure with well equipped labs
• One year membership card (for project and technical assistance)

In case of further queries please feel free to contact us:

Priganik Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
# 68/220, Pratap Nagar,
Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj.)-302033
PH: (+91)141-2792007
MOB: (+91)8058697556, (+91)9461982005/4/3

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Headhunters Austin

Susan asks…

Where are some good places to see punk shows in San Marcos Texas?

i will be attending texas state at San Marcos and would like to know where to go to see HC/anarcho punk shows, none of that emo shit. traveling to Austin or San Antonio will be fine. if you know of any others feel free to tell. ( i want to be prepared for college) :p

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You seem like a cool person.

Unfortunately, metal and folk indie seem to be the “scene” so it’s pretty hard to find a decent punk show. Headhunters houses a lot of punk shows, mostly local bands. Http:// That’s their website. Emo’s, Stubb’s, and Red7 all have the occasional punk show, you just need to keep checking their calanders online.

There’s a lot of other places around Austin to see live music, and a lot of them require you to be over 18 to get in. And if you’re an incoming college freshman like me, this really sucks.

Oh yeah, and all of the places I mentioned are in downtown Austin.
Good luck.

Robert asks…

Know of any good head hunters in Austin, TX?

I’m moving to Austin and I would like to solicit the help of a good head hunter (not interested in going through a temp agency). Any help would be appreciated!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Most people in Austin use employment agencies, but this site might be useful to you:

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