State And Federal Jobs In Austin Texas

Ruth asks…

Nice areas to live in ATX metro?

These are my criteria:
1. Decent prices for rent ($600/month or less) and/or housing
2. Safe, clean neighborhood
3. No more than 10 miles from Downtown ATX and UT.
4. No more than a 35 minute commute into and from Downtown.
5. I don’t care what kind of retail and shopping opportunities I have as long as I’m close to reasonably priced clothing, groceries, auto service, etc.

I’ve looked at areas around Buda, far south Travis Co., and far north Hays Co., as well as southwest along US 290 b/t I-35 and Capitol of Texas Hwy.

I’m applying for federal and state jobs in Texas–namely Austin, my first pick, but also Ft. Worth, Tyler, College Station, Houston, Galveston, and San Antonio. I really want to leave my current home, Kentucky, and become member of the “Republic” of Texas!

Thank you!
I threw in the 35 minutes to/from work because I know traffic in ATX can be a bear. I know I couldn’t feasibly make it into central ATX from Research Blvd., Round Rock, and San Marcos in 35 min. on a weekday morning. (I’ve been to Austin, so I know just a little.)

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Uh-huh…you and everybody else wants that dream place to live!

I have a simple 1 BR apt. In a safe but unfancy neighborhood about 20 minutes from downtown. I’ve been here for 5 years and because of this pay $565/month. Rates for this place for new folks start around $750. Housing really is ridiculous here.

If you’re looking for apartments, here’s a good place to start: Otherwise, maybe try to rent a room in a house? I go to a big church and homeowners there are always looking for roomies.

Some of the areas you mention (Buda, northern Hays Co.) may be cheaper than Austin proper, but SOME (not all) of those areas are not particularly safe–please check into this before getting a place there. You also realize that none of them are within 10 miles of downtown and that rush hour commutes will be more than 35 minutes? However, that’s true of most places that real people can afford to live here. Traffic is a fact of Austin life. We just smile and remember how nice it is not to live in Houston!

Mary asks…

moving from miami to texas….help!?

can you tell me a little about texas. what if i dont fit in texas
oh and it snow there

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

I’m from Texas. You didn’t say what part of Texas you are moving to. Hopefully it’s Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or Austin. Otherwise the other cities are just a shadow of everything else. The place is hot as hell but you don’t have to pay state income tax only federal. Job market is supposed to be better and standard of living is cheaper as well. Go out to clubs/bars/restaurants to meet people. Just be yourself and they’ll like you.

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Business Growth Consulting Seattle

William asks…

How did John D. Rockefeller get involved in the oil industry?

I am making a booklet for an Honors History class, and it asked me this question. I looked it up in my history book and couldn’t find it and searched for it on google. but also couldn’t find it. Can anyone help me????

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

After 1857 he lived in Seattle, WA, where he had begun to work as a bookkeeper in 1855. In 1858 he went into the produce commission business. His firm, Clark & Rockefeller, invested in an oil refinery in 1862, and in 1865 Rockefeller sold out his share to his partner Clark, paid $72,500 for a larger share in another refinery, and formed the partnership of Rockefeller & Andrews.

At about the same time Rockefeller’s brother, William, started another refinery. In 1867 Rockefeller & Andrews absorbed this business, and Henry M. Flagler joined the partnership. In 1870 the two Rockefellers, Flagler, Andrews and a refiner named Stephen V. Harkness formed the Standard Oil Company, with John D. Rockefeller as president.

In the early 1870s, Charles Pratt and Henry H. Rogers, two of the early pioneers of the emerging U.S. Petroleum industry, became involved in conflicts with Rockefeller’s infamous South Improvement Company, which was basically a scheme to obtain favorable net rates from the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) and other railroads through a secret system of rebates. Rockefeller and the South Improvement Company scheme outraged independent oil producers in western Pennsylvania and refineries there and afar alike.

The opposition to the South Improvement Company scheme among the New York refiners was led by Rogers. The New York interests formed an association, and about the middle of March, 1872, sent a committee of three, with Rogers, of Charles Pratt and Company, as head, to Oil City to consult with the Oil Producers’ Union there. Their arrival in the oil regions was a matter of great satisfaction. Working with the Pennsylvania independents, they managed to forge an agreement with the PRR and other railroads whose leaders eventually agreed to open rates to all and promised to end their shady dealings with South Improvement. The oil men were most exultant, but their joy was to be short-lived, for Rockefeller had already begun forming his Standard Oil organization and was busy trying another approach, which included frequently buying-up opposing interests.

Rockefeller approached Charles Pratt with his plans of cooperation and consolidation. Pratt talked it over with Rogers, and they decided that the combination would benefit them. Rogers formulated terms, which guaranteed financial security and jobs for Pratt and himself. John D. Rockefeller quietly accepted the offer on Rogers’ exact terms. Charles Pratt and Company (including Astral Oil) became one of the important formerly independent refiners to join Rockefeller’s organization in 1874. Pratt’s son, Charles Millard Pratt (1858-1913) became Secretary of Standard Oil. Henry H. Rogers became one of Rockefeller’s key men.

Standard Oil gradually gained virtual control of oil production in America. Its business methods, which brought immense wealth to the ownership and lower prices for consumers, were widely and severely criticized. Its growth increased further in 1882, when separate companies were organized in each state; and in later years, as the first great American trust, the Standard Oil Company was hotly attacked during the anti-trust movement, especially after the publication of the 1904 book The History of the Standard Oil Company, by Ida Tarbell, whose father had been driven out of business by Rockefeller’s business arrangement with the South Improvement Company. Standard Oil’s economies of scale lowered the cost of oil based products so that almost everyone could afford them.

Nancy asks…

How to become business analyst with having work experience 4.5 yrs in IT industry?


I’ve 4.5 yrs of work experience in IT, after working as Systems Engineer, SQL DBA and little programming skills for all these years i would like to start my new career with Business Analyst. Can you guys let me know what all i need to do to achieve this ?

Like – Are there any courses available in and around Seattle (i live in Redmond) ?
what’s the process for certifications.

Regarding the courses or cetifications i would like to do is .. after completing the course or/and certification, i should get a job as BA, that’s my goal. Any information would be really helpful. Thanks

Have a great day !

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Hello. I assume by business analyst, you mean in the Investment Banking industry. Honestly, I think you are making a great decision since this career, like management consulting, can really make you rich and have financial freedom, and I mean really really rich.

To start off, I would recommend interning at a bank just to see if this is something you really would like to pursue. If it is, you have two choices. 1. You can become a business analyst, however not have much room for growth and salary. Or 2. You could get an MBA from a nice school, apply as a business associate, and make a lot more money

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Job Listings Austin Tx

Sharon asks…

which us cities are good to find jobs for new college graduates?

In terms of job opportunities, living expenses, etc.


AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Below is a link about this topic. It says D.C., Denver, Austin, TX, Raliegh, NC and Lexington, KY.

Keep in mind cost of living also. If your interested in moving to a different city check out sites like to see how much it would cost to rent a place to start out and also real estate listings to get an idea on how much houses are if you plan on staying in the city for awhile.


Ken asks…

Need help finding a job in Austin, TX but I have a felony?

I’m a bright, fit and well mannered 26 yr. old male, just transferred from MI. to Austin, TX
I admit I’ve made some mistakes (addiction, drugs, have a felony)in my past however, I’m trying to start my life over and live a healthy lifestyle. I’m having such a hard time finding a job here in Austin.
I will work anywhere, if someone would just give me a chance, they will see, I’m a very loyal hard working man. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

If it’s any comfort, a lot of people here are having a hard time finding work, so don’t think your history is the sole preventing element. It’s just a very tough environment, and even though people on tv keep talking about the circumstances changing, things haven’t turned around quite as quickly as we would have liked. Your record is drug-related, so that would not necessarily bar you from work the way a violent or financial crime might, which is good. The key thing to stress when it comes up is that those issues are in your past, and that you’ve been clean for x number of years.

You didn’t mention what your skills, experience or interests are, but one good place to start is, which I think is is run by the Texas Workforce Commission. Once you fill out their profile and application, you can do searches for all sorts of opportunities, and in most cases, apply directly online. TWC centers are also very helpful – go to this link: – to learn more about what they offer and where they’re located. They have all sorts of free services to jobseekers, and a lot of experience helping people in tough spots. Finally, you could check the job listings on as well – if necessary, consider working two part-time jobs to cobble together a full-time income. When your employer sees you in action and realizes you’re reliable and a good worker, you may be able to increase your hours or transition into a different (and full-time) job with the same company.

Good luck!

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Top Business Strategy Consulting Firms

John asks…

Can I become an Investment Banker graduating from a top tier B-school with NO relevant experience in finance?

I have a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and currently working as a Supply Chain Management Consultant at a reputable consulting firm. My plan is to get an MBA in finance and corporate strategy, to acquire solid finance education, but my experience is mostly in Supply Chain. I want to break into banking Post-MBA, and would like to know if I have a legitimate shot at doing so, even without finance experience. I might be able to gain 3-4 months of finance experience at an internship-which is required at most top-tier business schools. Please help.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Yes, provided you do your summer internship at a bank. Make sure you show a lot of interest in i-banking as soon as you enter school. It’s all about schmoozing and networking honestly.

Lizzie asks…

What types of jobs can I get with a degree in Business Management-and will it be a high paying job?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

A degree in business management can get you jobs in many areas.

The most popular areas in terms of pay and prestige are
1. Investment Banking (rasing capital for companies through the capital and securites market)
2. Consulting (advising companies on strategy, technology, and other issues).

They are very competitive industries to get into, specially if you want to get into top firms like McKinsey or UBS. Expect long working hours and great financial return.

Consulting requires a great deal of travel (usually) as you have to visit your clients wherever they are. This is a very varied and interesting industry to work in, but once again difficult to get into… But well worth the effort.

A third option could be Accounting, for prestigious firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers or Ernst & Young. The industry is not as prestigious but pays well.

Check out the website and read through the job descriptions. They are very quick reads and tell you everything you need to know about specific industries.

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Austin Texas Newspaper

James asks…

How do I get buyers name from public storage auction?

I lost everything I own at a public storage auction in Austin Texas on August 7 2008 at 1033 east 41st st .Does anyone know besides calling the property manager which has not worked how I can get the buyers name.I have tried to contact Public Storage but they do nothing to help .Is there somewhere in the newspaper I could check?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

You’re out of luck, my friend. That information would be protected by the Privacy Act of 1974. Besides, the person who won the auction legally owns the property now, even if you found them, you could only offer to buy it back from them. However…

The Storage lot was required by law to announce the auction by space # in the “Public Notices” or “Legal Notices” section of the local newspaper before they could auction your property off. You should be able to get archived copies of the local newspaper from either your local library or the newspaper itself. I’m not sure how long they had to run the notice before they could auction it… Laws vary in different areas, but it’s usually at least 2 weeks. If you can prove they didn’t properly post the auction notice (listing your storage room by #) then you can take them to small claims court and sue them for the value of the property that was sold.

You can find the actual law in the law library of your local courthouse (the law library is free to everyone). The county clerk can point you in the right direction for the forms you have to fill-out. There’s usually a filing fee, but nothing major… Like $30 or something. You can do all this, including going to small claims court, without the assistance of a lawyer.

Charles asks…

Is there anything wrong with the punctuation or grammar in this passage?

Gregory Brandt is a self-made man. He’s a writer in Austin Texas who dropped out of High School in 9th grade to pursue his job as a door-to-door newspaper salesman. With hard work and determination Greg pulled himself up by his boot straps and managed to graduate from the University of Texas School of Journalism. His first nonfiction book will be available later this year. Currently, Gregory is a premiere storyteller who makes clever and creative Youtube videos.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Some corrections:

Gregory Brandt is a self-made man. He’s a writer in Austin, Texas who dropped out of high school in 9th grade to pursue his job as a door-to-door newspaper salesman. With hard work and determination, Greg pulled himself up by his boot straps and managed to graduate from the University of Texas School of Journalism. His first non-fiction book will be available later this year. Currently, Gregory is a premier storyteller who makes clever and creative YouTube videos.

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Management Jobs In Austin Texas Area

Michael asks…

Austin or Tallahassee – which one should i pick?

I am a Chinese student. I have no idea on American cities. I have recieved two offers from Uni of Texas at Austin and Florida State Uni at Tallahassee ( The major is sport management). Except considering their rankings or levels, I wanna know something about these two cities-Austin and Tallahasse. Which one is nearly a metropolis and is more modern? In which one there are more opportunities to hunt jobs? And any other information about them can help me make the final decision. Thank u!!

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Austin, TX has a lot more to offer. It’s larger and UT is humongous. San Antonio, TX is only 30 minutes away and it’s a huge city that has everything from Concerts to Clubs.
There’s a huge party atmosphere in Austin just hit up any of the numerous Night Clubs on 6th street in Austin.
Austin is very very big on Music, especially if you’re into Rock or Heavy Metal. San Antonio and Austin are big on their Rock Music. I wouldn’t worry about anyone messing with you because of your Asian background, it’s very laid back, no one will mess with you. The parts you have to worry about are well within East Texas pass Houston towards Louisiana you will find a lot of Racist people in those areas.

Tallahassee I can’t really say if there’s anything worth mentioning, I’ve past through there many times and it seemed like a very tiny town with absolutely nothing to do.

Lisa asks…

Did Dallas Dart police use excessive force with teenager Bobby Walker?

I would like to know how many people think these guards went too far. I do not know why they call them police, since I think they are better described as security guards or peace officers.
My own opinion is they did their job. If I were on patrol with a coworker at 2 am, and someone jumped out from the Bushes, I would think about not shooting to kill. If the teenager grabbed my fellow employee by the arm and neck, tried to get her gun, and threatened to kill her, I think I would shoot to kill at that point. I understand her partner yelled at him repeatively to stop. When he did not stop, her partner fatally shot him. I know for the mother, there is nothing worse than losing a son or daughter. My sympathies go out to his family. But why was a 15 year old out on the street at 2am? Why would he attack one of two armed guards in a bus parking lot? For some reason, this tragic child was not in his right mind. If they shot his leg,it might only make him mad. Just my humble opinion. Yours?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Personally I think that you do not know what you are talking about. As for the “guard” statement, what in your mind does it take to be a police officer? Is the officer that patrols a small town, such as Anna, a police officer or is he a guard? Does it require that your area have a certain number of citizens, or is based on your area of responsibility? Do you say “hey if they do not work for a city, or do all the things that a city officer does, then they are not real cops”. Well that would leave alot of officers under the title “guard”, such as Game Wardens, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, and even DPS. Or maybe it is based on education and training? Well then how would you know if they are “real cops” or “guards”, unless you asked for a resume? Well first as one of the so called”guards” I’d like to address you slur. I have 26 years experience with two different agencies, and hold a B.S. Degree for Texas A&M University. In addition, I have completed over 1800 hours of advanced police training, with the majority of the training attended at DPS Austin. I hold two certifications for Police Management Training for two state accredited training organizations, which officers from all over the United States attend. So I guess it is not based on education. Well look at DART jurisdiction. We enforce laws in 13 cities, and 6 counties. The population in our jurisdiction is second only to DPS. Well I guess it doesn’t depend on population. Maybe it is responsibility? But that couldn’t be it, because we enforce all the same laws as any other police officer, all agency focus are different. Dallas does not patrol Garland…..DPS does not enforce the game laws, and Fire Marshalls do not patrol the highways. So basically for your comment of the DART Police Officer being a ‘guard”, I think your an idiot. As for the shooting. We make judgements on what is reported in the news, but every news story is different. It did not occur at 2 am, as you state, it was after 3 am. The public looks at what is in the news, and then makes comments “well I would have done this”, or “why didn’t they just do that”. It seems that everyone else always knows best what should have been done. But then again we do the same thing when we watch a game show. It is always asked “why didn’t the officer just shot him in the leg?” That is until an officer tries to take a non-fatal shot, and the round either goes through the person or misses, and hits an innocent person. Taking a life is a tragic situation for all involved, including the police officer that has to make that final choice, and it is always taken when there is no other option. For those people out there that think that they could do a better job, or know exactly what should have been done, please come apply…..we could always use more officers. But then again you will have to put your life on the line daily, going into situations with very little information, taking care of problems created by someone else, going up against people that have no problem hurting you and do not follow any rules, only to be critized for the way you do your job by people that do not know the first thing about your job or have all the necessary information about the situation to make a realistic decision. But then again, that is just my opinion, but I do know what I’m talking about.

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Website Design Austin Tx

Lizzie asks…

Where can i get a customized bass guitar neck?

Websites, or a place that i can go to?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Warmoth will let you design a semi-custom neck.


You can pick your woods, headstock, profile, inlays, frets, etc.

Anything beyond that, you would have to work directly with a luthier. You didn’t indicate where you’re at, so I can’t really give any specific recommendations.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, TX

Mark asks…

I want to grow a vegetables garden Austin, TX. What would be the best vegetables?

I have a small yard and want to grow vegatables. What are good vegetables i can grow that will be condusive to the warm dry climate.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Here is a list of recommended vegetable varieties in your area:

And here is a website that is especially designed for gardeners in the Austin area:

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Austin Texas Apartments

Betty asks…

where can i get good furniture in Austin Texas?

i just moved to Austin, texas, need to het some new furniture, where is a good place i can get them?

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

Austin has one of the largest Craigslist communities and one of the largest Freecycle communities online. You might want to check out those websites first. You can furnish your whole apartment for less than $200. Just don’t buy a mattress – buy an air mattress at Target instead.

If your budget is much higher than that, try Furniture Row on the corner of 183 and Burnet Rd.

John asks…

Those who lived in Austin Texas, how much on average is a 3 Bedroom Rent ?

we are 3 adults, needing a 3 Bedroom apartment or house in Austin Texas

What is the actual average rent for a 3 bedroom (decent one) in Austin Texas?
i need real life experience please ! Thanks !

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

== Minimum average cost is a 3 Bedroom Rent as a 509$$……..

= Lakes at Renaissance Park Apartments
Austin, TX 78728
Neighborhood: Wells Branch
3 bedroom apartment for $975
Call: (512) 670-8612

= The Outpost Apartments
San Marcos , TX 78666
Fall 2011-12 spaces are filling fast! .
3 bedroom apartment for $509
Call: (888) 775-1393

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Product Marketing Consultants India

Lisa asks…

Does anyone know of a good manufacturer rep?

Need to know costs of importing product into India for a marketing class. Don’t need to have exact figures just an estimate of how much it costs to employ a manufacturer rep to get product distributed. The product we are trying to market is a cereal bar – food item.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

We are Dubai based business development consultant…we generally charge Rs 30,000 – pm …if interested let us know

Chris asks…

how can i start my own e-waste recycling business?

I want to start my own commercial E-waste recycle business in India.Can anyone please guide me.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

1. Purchase the best data-security tools on the market to reassure customers that files and personal information are completely wiped out. Research hard drive wiping tools that eliminate files containing account numbers, passwords and confidential files. Create a template for a certification of data security that acts as a receipt for your data-wiping services.
2. Obtain certification for e-waste recycling, hazardous waste handling and standard business operations from appropriate agencies. Contact your city’s Public Works Department to learn about disposal methods and zoning requirements that must be met before opening for business.
3. Map out a disassembly line in your recycling facility as the first step in the e-waste handling process. Use a conveyor belt to move PCUs, monitors and TVs from the unloading area to the CRT crusher. Your assembly line will be tasked with removing plastic covers, metal bodies and wood paneling to break down e-waste to its internal elements.
4. Purchase a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) crusher to handle glass and metal inside of computers and TVs. The CRT crusher implodes the tube, filters out broken glass and separates metals from glass into individual containers. Your business will need to find recyclers to take these materials to avoid keeping hazardous waste in your facility.
5. Apply higher fees for recycling e-waste that is oversized or shaped awkwardly. Write out a menu of e-waste products that you will accept from customers. Include a provision in your e-waste recycling pricing that says you reserve the right to charge more based on an onsite inspection.
6. Call local recyclers, computer refurbishers and other companies that may be interested in purchasing processed e-waste materials. Work out weekly and monthly deliveries to your contacts to earn some revenue while moving e-waste out of your facility. Target computer consultants and refurbishers who use PCU covers and cords to rebuild computers.
7. Sell USB cords, power cords, speakers and other accessories attached to e-waste that can be salvaged. Maintain a small space in your facility to handle orders from individuals and businesses in need of inexpensive supplies. Ask permission to resell these accessories from your customers without need for compensation.

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Boutique Strategy Consulting Firms

Steven asks…

What do you all make of this then, 1 year on and things have got worse.?

Britons have worst state pension in EUBy SEAN POULTER
Last updated at 22:08 12 November 2007 ( Daily Mail )

Millions of Britons are being condemned to poverty in old age by the worst state pension in the EU, a study shows.

The basic state pension of £90 a week is equivalent to just 16 per cent of the average wage, it found.

This figure rises to 30 per cent once pension payments related to earnings are taken into account.

But this is still only half the EU average of 60 per cent, the financial firm Aon Consulting said. Its study concluded: “The inadequacy of the state system is beyond question.”

Charities including Help the Aged warn the problem has been made worse because the state pension has failed to keep pace with increases in the cost of essentials such as heating, water, and council tax.

A recent study found a quarter of pensioners are having to cut back on basics to survive. Until recently many British workers could rely on private pensions such as final salary schemes.

However, many of the most generous schemes have been replaced by deals requiring higher monthly payments in return for a smaller pension.

In addition, the study said a “spate” of banking scandals and crises had damaged confidence in the private pension system.

As a result, Britons are not investing in private pensions on the scale needed to make up for the state system’s failings.

The average age of retirement in Britain – 62.6 – is also above the EU average of 61. Some 57 per cent of Britons aged between 55 and 64 are in paid employment.

Aon found the value of Britain’s state pension for a single person is 30.8 per cent of the average wage. This figure is 32.5 per cent in Ireland, 39.9 per cent in Germany and 51.2 per cent in France.
The most generous state pension is offered by Greece, where the figure is 95.7 per cent.

Aon said Britain’s ageing population is reliant on young immigrants to boost the number of workers, generating taxes to fund pensions.

But it stressed this was not a longterm solution to the pensions crisis.
The firm’s chief actuary, Donald Duval, said: “Migrant workers have helped boost the pension pot in the UK to mitigate against its demomeal-graphic problems but this is not a sustainable measure.

It is a smokescreen hiding deeper issues facing the pension system.

“More needs to be done to restore confidence in private schemes so as to drive an increased level of contributions. People cannot afford to rely on the state pension, which remains the lowest in Europe.

“The 2005 Turner Report on the future of pensions concluded that the ageing population left the UK with four choices: lower pensions, higher retirement ages, higher member contributions or higher taxes.

“Assuming that the first is unacceptable, some combination of the latter three needs to be encouraged.”

A spokesman for Help the Aged said: “Pensioners are resorting to strategies such as buying cut-price food that is nearly out of date.

“Increasingly the poorest pensioners are turning to friends and family to help them out.

“Debt agencies are also reporting an increase in the number of older people who have borrowed money they can’t repay.

“Simple things like going out for a meal or inviting people to your home become impossible. Holidays are completely out of the question, while people have to cut back on hobbies and social events.”

The Government plans to restore a link between rises in earnings and rises in the basic pension by 2012.

However, this will be part of a package that will also raise the retirement age from 65 in 2024 to 68 by 2050.
Read more…

One million pensioners eating less to pay heating bills

The Government should ignore some of the money pensioners receive from private schemes to encourage more Britons to save towards their retirement, a report suggests.

The Pensions Policy Institute said many are afraid to invest in private schemes because they would lose means-tested state benefits.

The research charity suggested the Government should therefore disregard the first £12 a week someone receives from a private pension when calculating their state benefits.

This would allow someone to have a pension fund worth £6,000 before it affected their means-tested benefits.

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

The priority for the British is to featherbed the yuppies, especially if they are female. They are the wanted, the desirable. Brown’s tax cuts will be aimed at them. So will Cameron’s and Clegg’s. If they wanted to help the poor, they should cut Council Tax to a fifth of what it now is.

The success of celebrity culture, nightclubs, hairdressers, fashion boutiques and all the other trappings of Cool Britannia reflect the importance we put on these people.

The middle-aged and the elderly can go hang: “Ewwww, gross” is the correct response when contemplating anyone over 40. Middle aged men in the workplace have just one function, and that is fodder for redundancy, with the odd temporary maternity leave assignments with minimal training, pay, and nil prospects. Sacking men is one helpful way to show you are doing your bit for women’s emancipation.

The result is that most of the money is blown on stylish lifestyles for yuppies and aspirational wannabe celebrities, and those who would save for their old age are being prevented from doing so, because these are the folk being pushed out of the workplace.

I am now 52, so I am past it. I doubt I will ever work again. Rather than have me being a drain on the country’s finances for the next 40 years, would it not be more merciful just to give me, and those like me, a nice quick cyanide capsule, and make our benefit payments conditional on us taking it?

Paul asks…

Best place to start a career in business.?

I am a very ambitious person, did very well in the college years and I want to have a brilliant career in business. My long term target is to become the CEO of a company.
I am not saying that I want to become rich at alla costs and swim pools of money: I just genuinely believe to have the potential, the skills, the strenght, the will to achieve the highest targets.

I am so looking for career paths that fit with my goals.

I was recently given an offer by Procter and Gamble, which is a pretty good company, but I was wondering if entering management consulting would be better to launch my career.
If so, what do you think is better: top-tier firms (e.g. Mckinsey) or boutique firms?

Thank you

AustinBusinessConsulting answers:

A few suggestions:

1. Look at the career of CEOs you know about or admire. What are their career paths? What do they identify as important? Which disciplines did the CEO’s emerge from? You will see a clear pattern here of Sales/Marketing and Financial services. This is changing a bit though.

Note* Look at the careers of CEOs that have failed or those that have ended in disgrace as well. There are lessons to be learned there as well.

2. Look for companies with management training programs that will have you rotate through various functions before you settle into a path.

3. You should understand something about consulting – a lot of new professionals think they will be able to see multiple facets of a business with consulting. This is not necessarily the case. You will see a lot of the same function be it Accounting, HR or Marketing,but across different companies. Companies will rely on growing your expertise in a specific discipline.

4. Join professional associations and read business media. Read books about the future like “Whole New Mind”, “Blue Ocean Strategy” or “Winning” by Jack Welch.

5. Identify mentors and leadership programs within your company.

6. Put yourself in a learning mode. I know you did well in college and I can sense your confidence level. Understand however, that you have a LOT to learn and you need to put yourself in LEARN mode. People love to help new professionals who want to learn.

7. Subscribe to my blog to build good career habits habits.

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